Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Research of foundation engineering mechanics

Jie Yang, Dewen Liu, Yani He, Qingfeng Xiao, Zhongli Guo
Corresponding author
Jie Yang
Strength Deduction Method; Foundation Pit; Support of Foundation Pit; Continuous Wall; Finite Element; Estimation on Stability
This paper use Midas to build the three-dimensional research model on varied construction stages of foundation pit, in which the foundation pit applies the scheme of combing continous wall and inner support. In geotechnical engineering, the support pattern regularly applied is continuous wall, whose high security, strong adaptability, good stability and other characteristics have been widely appraised in engineering circles. Further more, this paper makes estimation on the machenical stability in varied construction stages of foundation pit and use strength deduction method to analyze the stress and strain conditions of foundation pit in different working states, the results acquired from which researches have certain reference to the engineers.
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