Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Electrochemical DBS Wastewater Treatment Research

Changyong Jing, Shaohua Ling
Corresponding author
Changyong Jing
anion surfactants; DBS; electric catalysis oxidizes; electrolyse
The treatment of anion surfactants in wastewater with the electrochemical reactor is studied in this paper. Factors affecting the removal rate were investigated,such as anode material electric current density electrolyse time electrolyte and pH etc.At the optimal conditions of electric current density 30 mA/cm2,electrolyse time 45min, and pH 7-8,the removal rate of anion surfactants can be more than 97%. Infrared spectrum analysis results show that the activated carbon adsorption removal of no direct contribution to DBS.
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