Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

The procedures developed of automatic cascade non-azeotropic refrigerant selection and matching

Da-Yu Zheng, Qiu-Yan Chen, Li-Ping Gao, Lei Liu, Shuo Chen, Xiang Li, Hai-Feng Yu, Jie Li
Corresponding author
Da-Yu Zheng
automatic cascade, non-azeotropic refrigerant selection, matching
Draw the commonly refrigerants table for writing in the program selector working pair in tune content. Selection according to the evaporation temperature of low temperature refrigerant, based on traditional non-azeotropic refrigerant select automatic cascade principle, the preparation method of choice of refrigerant and written procedures, the use of the program to select the appropriate refrigerant refrigerant pair. Meanwhile calculated by the heat balance principle to draw a flow chart and write a program to calculate, using the program draw on the ratio of the refrigerants. VLE calculated using the number of moles of the components, the use of the program to optimize the ratio of the refrigerant. Making saving automatic cascade refrigerant selected time, choose refrigeration system is more efficient and more economic and environmental protection.Finally this paper analyzes the reason of the automatic cascade COP value is low, to improve after automatic cascade system scheme is put forward.
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