Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Natural Frequency Numerical Solution to an Axially Moving Timoshenko Beam on Fixed Supports

Zhigang Yang, Wanzhen Li, Zhenxing Yang, Jiguang Zhang
Corresponding author
Zhigang Yang
Timoshenko model; axially moving beams; natural frequencies; Galerkin method; differential quadrature method
In this paper, natural frequencies of axially moving beams on fixed supports are analyzed based on Timoshenko model by performing the Galerkin method and the differential quadrature method. Some numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the effects of related parameters on the frequencies, such as the axial speed and the stiffness. The results obtained by the differential quadrature method and the complex mode approach have a good agreement; while the results obtained with the Galerkin method are a little different.
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