Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Enhanced Phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated Soil with -Cyclodextrin

L.D. Gao, R.J. Zheng, T. An, S. Zhang, M.L. Pang
Corresponding author
L.D. Gao
Phytoremediation; -Cyclodextrin; Soil contamination; Lead; Braissca juncea
Phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated soil was studied with -cyclodextrin as enhancing agent using Brassica Juncea. Effects of the addition dosage and the addition time of -cyclodextrin, and Pb concentration in soil on the plant growth were investigated. Plants were cultivated in an environmental control system. Biomass of all plant was weighed, and Pb concentrations in shoot and root were determined using ICP-MS. The results show that -cyclodextrin enhance the phytoremediation effect of Pb-contaminated soil, the biomass of Brassica juncea is affected mainly by Pb concentration in soil and the addition time of -cyclodextrin, and the addition dosage of -cyclodextrin has the minimum effect.
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