Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Shortcut nitrification-denitrification can be attributed to the operation pattern of intermittent aeration profile

C.D. Gao, S.S. Fan, E.L. Jiao, Y. Tian, R.F. Li
Corresponding author
C.D. Gao
Intermittent aeration profile; shortcut nitrification-denitrification; SBR; predenitrification
In this study, two lab-scale reactors were set up and operated in this study, include a sequencing batch reactor for batch tests and a continuous predenitrification bioreactor for regular operation. Batch tests fed by Synthetic wastewater (acetate) and operated in intermittent aeration profile, demonstrate that the alternating anoxic/aerobic condition can inhibit NOB and induce nitrite accumulation from vary first time, though the sludge is collected from a complete nitrification-denitrification process. Intermittent aeration profile applied on a continuous predenitrification reactor treating low-strengthen municipal wastewater and realized partial shortcut nitrification-denitrification without changing any other operation parameters, which increased TN re-moval rate from average 60% to 70% without add extra carbon resources.
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