Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Analysis Research of the IGBT’s radiator based on ICEPAK

Yuanchao Wang, Lushun Su, Yu Li
Corresponding author
Yuanchao Wang
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IGBT; ICEPAK; radiator; power loss; operating temperature
With the rapid development of power electronic devices, high-power IGBT is increasingly popular, It is used as a switching device in SVG static var generator. Due to the large switching losses, we need to design a suitable radiator, to maintain the highest temperature of 80 C in working condition, then we can ensure the performance of the circuit devices and materials don't influenced by the heat stress. In this paper, we take infineon FF450R17ME4-B11 as an example, the software of ANSYS ICEPAK is using to do thermal si-mulation of the heat source, Optimally design the size of the radiator, keeping it work under the temperature of 80 C.Then conclude some rules in the process of radiator design.
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