Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Information Engineering and Education Science (ICAIEES 2013)

Fast Searching for CT Windows based on Golden Segmentation Algorithm

Jing Hua, Ning Li, Ruilan Zhang, Yingjiu Liu, Jiguang Hu
Corresponding author
Golden segmentation algorithm, Window technologies, CT window techniques, CT double-Window technique
Aims: To introduce the application of golden segmentation algorithm in CT window searching. Methods: The relationship between the appropriateness of CT windows and the quality of the image is a unimodal problem in mathematics. It is crucial for best displaying the CT image to find out the best window of unknown values (CT) range of tissues and organs. The criterion of the window level and window width was introduced in this article, to search for the window level and window width of the corresponding blur CT images and digital images with low resolution to the original data of human body by using golden segmentation algorithm program operations. Results: To find out the best window level and window width by using golden segmentation algorithm is time-used less, fast and good. Conclusion: It has certain advantages compared to other mature window technologies (such as double-window technique and multiple-window technique). This technique can be complement of CT window techniques and can provide reference for CT suppliers.
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