Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Information Engineering and Education Science (ICAIEES 2013)

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The Research on Core Competence of Furniture Company

Liwen Liu
Chinese furniture industry has beco- me the world's furniture manufacturing center after a rapid period of development in the past 25 years. China also has become the world's largest furniture pr- oduction and export country. However, most of the furniture enterprise haven’t strong competitiveness. How...
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Analysis of the Mechanism of Longitudinal Flutter of Single Wheel-Set and Related Influence

Wengwu Fang, Shihui Luo, Weihua Ma, Zhenjun Li
The purpose of the study is to analyse the mechanism of longitudinal flutter and related influence by establishing a simplified single wheel-set dynamic model of locomotive. The phenomenon of wheel-set longitudinal flutter is observed at specific speed, after analyse the flutter frequency, found it is...
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Study on Interacting Multiple Model-Unscented Filter Algorithm for Airspace Maneuvering Target in Radar Networking

Wenbo Zhao, Hailong Ding, Jiyan Du
Using radar networking system (RNS) to track airspace target, the maneuvering target model is uncertain and the system is nonlinear. Constructed-parameter interacting mutiple model-unscented filter algorithm (IMM-UFA) proposed in this paper, by means of modeling initialization based on original points...
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The Blind Location Tracking System Based on ARM

Liqun Bao, Zhiwei Hou, Zhongdong Wu, Xianglin Li
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a blind location tracking system which can be used by the family to keep track of the blind. The whole system consists of three modules, ARM development board, 3G wireless communication module and a smart phone. The important steps in this study is to transfer...
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The Comet-Based Implementation of Real-Time Drawing Board

Rui Yang, Chongwen Wang
Comet technique can transfer web data from a client to another in real-time, with the comet server as the message freight station. Using this technology to transfer messages has real-time and efficient advantages. In this paper, a web version real-time share drawing system is designed and implemented,...
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The Education of Contemporary College Student on Technology and Policy Management of Low-carbon

Haiqin Yu, Rui Chen, Jin Li, Xiujun Tian
Higher education will provide a good platform for the goals of constructing the Resource-economized Society and sustaining economic growth and controlling greenhouse gas emissions. By initiating a new course of Technology and Policy Management of Low-carbon, the course content and the teaching way in...
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Boundary Localization of Non-ideal Iris Images Based on Nonlinear Gray-Level Transformation

Haitao Yu, Jimin Yang, Honglin Wan
Boundary localization is one of the key issues in iris recognition system. For non-ideal iris images, some frequently-occurred cases such as dominant texture patterns, eyelashes or eyelids occlusions, low contrast between iris and sclera, and pupil deviation, will lead to inaccurate boundary localization....
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Research on Teaching Pattern of Undergraduates Courses Based on Systemic Projects

BaoYuan Chen, ZhongMing Luo, LiHua Wu, Bo Liu, GuangYi Chen
Undergraduates’ innovation ability is formed and developed gradually in the basic of the general practice ability and special practice ability. The study on teaching practice found the following conclusions. The students’ general practice ability is the basis of the innovation ability. And the general...
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Low Complexity DOA Estimation Method for MIMO Radar based on MUSIC and Compressive Sensing

Huijun Zhao, Gong Zhang
This paper addresses the problem of two-dimensional (2D) DOA estimation in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar system. A dimensional reduction multiple signal classification algorithm is proposed to reduce the computational complexity. By introducing the compressive sensing (CS) theory, the high-dimensional...
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Brief Analysis on Reasons and Solutions of Excessive Neutral-Earth Voltage in Machine Room

Huijuan Liu, Yanfeng Tan
In practical power supply system, voltage always exists between neutral wire and earth wire. Excessive neutral-earth voltage in machine room will not only influence the communication and cause the increase of error rate of data transmission, but also damage network equipment. Some equipment (such as...
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On Dormitory Cultural Construction of Vocational Colleges

Bin Zhang, Qian Zhang, Xiuyong Liao
Dormitory cultural construction has been the focus and difficulty of campus cultural construction for colleges. The research group, based on the analysis of the status of dormitory cultural construction of the representative 10 vocational colleges in Sichuan province, investigates the connotation and...
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Nonlinear Dynamics Feature of Active Homing Echo Signal

Shen Shen, Hong Cheng, Mingzhou Wang
Based on the nonlinear dynamics theory, the feature of the sinusoidal signal, the active homing echo signal and the active homing echo signal after filtering and normalizing is presented detailedly in this paper. Through the analysis of the phase trajectory, the phase trajectory slope and the slope spectrum’s...
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A Novel Microstrip Antenna with Double Notches

Liqin Xu, Jin Zhong, Chonghua Wang
This paper study on the the novel octagonal UWB microstrip antenna and do double notches and optimization on it. The antenna covers the bandwidth from 3.1 GHz 10.6 GHz completely and has two band-notches in the frequency ranges of 3.4 GHz to 4.5 GHz and 5.15GHz to 5.75GHz respectively avoiding the interferences...
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A Fast Converging Biased NLMS Algorithm

YanLing Hao, Ying Cui, YongGang Zhang
It’s well known, biased estimation can effectively reduce the steady-state mean-square error (MSE), as for system identification with a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).A new biased normalized least-mean-squares (NLMS) algorithm is proposed in this paper. In the proposed algorithm the optimal solution...
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MIIR Teaching Model Construction under Information Technology Environment

Haiyun Zhang, Lu Zhao
To solve the problems of little vocabulary, lack of interest and no innovation in the primary Chinese writing teaching, attempting to design and build MIIR (Motivation, Inquiry, Reflection and Reflection) teaching model in this paper.
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An Investigation on the Integration of CC and IOT Education Resources in Military Academies

Chunmu Hou, Xiaocai Liu, Tieliang Zhang
Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things are both developing rapidly in recent years. The military academies should also seize this opportunity to realize the integration of education resources in the Cloud Computing and the Internet of things environment effectively. In this way, the integrated combat...
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Cultivating Innovative Consciousness of Graduate Students by Collective Classroom Observation and Assessment with Teacher ——Taking Inner Mongolia as an Example of Collective Classroom Observation and Assessment

Chunlan Li, Jiquan Zhang, Qige Guan, Bisigalatu Hao, Shan Yin, Richa Hu
Compared with the national collective classroom observation and assessment, the collective classroom observation and assessment together with teacher pay more attention to cultivating the innovative consciousness of graduate students, which can contribute to promote the growth of graduate students, and...
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Construction of Network Teaching Platform Based on Web Techniques

Yuanyuan Kou
The article discusses the design model, general construction and implement scheme of network teaching platform based on Web techniques, probes the application of education informationization in the teaching process. Combined modern teaching theory and multi-medium techniques, the article demonstrates...
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A Simple Tree Structure for Dynamic Programming Based on Real Scene

Xing Pang, Yi Zhang, Lianfa Bai, Jing Han
A new stereo matching approach based on first order invariant moment is proposed. First order invariant moment is utilized in our algorithm to transform the left and right images from the input space to the feature space, and the improved a simple tree structure dynamic programming ba-sed on adaptive...
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On Positioning of Internet of Things Engineering Specialty of Agriculture and Forestry Universities and Construction of the Characteristics

Naixiang Li, Zijuan Hu, Na Yu, Tonghai Liu, Peng Guo, Guoqiang Ma
This thesis analyzes the development status, characteristics, and target demand of internet of things engineering specialty, further explores the target positioning and characteristics of internet of things engineering specialty of agricultural and forestry universities combining with the demand for...
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Research on the Optimal Conditions of the Polysaccharide Extraction from Pholiota Nameko

YuHong Zang
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the optimal process of the polysaccharide extraction from Pholiota nameko. The pholiota nameko fruiting bodies was used as raw material to extract crude polysaccharide by water and ethyl alcohol. The extraction process of Pholiota nameko polysaccharide...
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Determining Key (Predictor) Course Modules for Early Identification of Students At-Risk

Daqing Chen, Geoffrey Elliott
This paper addresses the problem of early identification of at-risk students, and seeks to determine modules on a given course, referred to as predictor modules, in which a student’s performance is implicitly correlated to the end-of-the-first-year performance of the student. Such predictor modules may...
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Fast Rendering Method of Lots of Dynamic Trees Based on OSG

Qingxuan Jia, Zuxin Wang, Jingzhou Song
In virtual reality, the fast rendering of trees is always a difficult part of scene rendering, so it is a challenge to render a large scale of trees with rich geometric details. We present a new method to get fast and real rendering. The LOD technique and Billboard technique are both combined in applying...
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Rail Transport into the Network under Fault Propagation Delay Mechanism and Dissipative Control Method

YongHong Xu, ZhiGang Liu, YuanChun Huang
How quickly and accurately implement fault disposal to alleviate the impact of failures on the system when failure occurs in urban rail transit case; fast recovery system uptime and maintaining operational security for the duration of the event to the incident as possible to minimize losses limit has...
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Study on Manipulation of Cash Flow from Operation in IPO Company——Evidence from Chinese A-share Market

Zhaonian Chi, Shengdao Gan
This paper adopts Roychowdhury’s models of predicting the cash flow from operation(CFO), takes IPO Company in 2002-2011 year as the study sample, and carries out empirical study on the manipulation of CFO in IPO Company 1 year before issue year, issue year and 1 year after issue year. This paper finds...
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Improved Partial Least Squares Regression Recommendation Algorithm

Chunhua Liao, Jianqiang Du, Guohua Jin, Chunlei Chen
This paper aims to improve the performance of partial least squares regression, and then, improve efficiency of its implementation. In this paper we provide a novel derivation based on optimization for the partial least squares (PLS) algorithm. The derivation shows that only one of either the X- or the...
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Polish Vocational Competence Standards for the Needs of Adult Continuing Education and the European Labour Market

Dagmara Kowalik
The article presents the research on the development of Polish vocational competence standards. The author pays attention to the possibility of the use of standards for the needs of adult continuing education. After the consideration of the European and national qualification frameworks, the standards...
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Parallel Computing on the Preheating and Commissioning of Hot Oil Pipelines

Yutian Li, Changchun Wu, Yang Yu
In recent years, the numerical simulation method has been widely applied in hydraulic and thermal calculations for hot oil pipelines. Based on the governing equations of fluid flow in hot oil pipelines, a new parallel numerical simulation method for the preheating and commissioning of hot oil pipelines...
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Discussion of the Enhancing of Social Practice and Engineering Leadership: A case of the Activities of the “National Highway Traffic Safety Science and Technology Action Plan”

Chuan Chen, Shanshan Sun
Social practice is an important way for engineering students to improve their engineering leadership. This article takes engineering students’ participation in the “National Highway Traffic Safety Science and Technology Action Plan” as an example, focusing on its features and needs, to explore specific...
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Using Latent Semantic Indexing for an Online Research Interest Matching System

Chunli Yu
The exponentially increasing information online nowadays calls for efficient and effective information retrieval method. An example of online information retrieval is to retrieve and match research interests among researchers. This article presents a method for automatic textual information retrieval...
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Preliminary Inquiry for Mathematics Teaching of Fresh Undergraduates

Wenxi Duan
Higher mathematics is a required course for the undergraduates of the engineering and economic management departments. However, they generally can’t adapt to learning the mathematics. Therefore, the teachers should guide them to adapt to the learning environment of the university, improve the learning...
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Blocking Effects of CSF Spleen Vaccine on Vertical Transmission of CSFV and PRRSV Co-infection in Sows

XinPing Liu, JiuXiang Yuan, RongQing Hu, JianHuang Zou, FengMei Yang, LiHua Yao
To investigate the blocking effects of classical swine fever (CSF) spleen vaccine on vertical transmission of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) co-infection in sows. Sows infected CSFV+PRRSV were selected from three large-scale pig farms...
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Arts Education through Coordination with Community and Museum

Shuhua Lin
This study takes the Lanyang Museum as an example to explore its exhibition strategy and current practice, especially to examine how they operate community art education through the educational programmes. In this essay, method of semi-structure depth interview, literature review are applied to examine...
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Study on the Current Situation and Countermeasures for Agricultural Information Construction in China

Songlin Wang, Wengang Yu, Zhengqun Mo, Guohua Fu
Modern information technology today is penetrating into the line of agriculture and will play an important role in agricultural infomationization. As a symbol and key factor to modern agriculture, infomationization orients future agriculture and will sure to advance economy development and income in...
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Mobile Devices Security Management under the Framework of ISO27001

Lijun Zhao, Jun He
People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile devices in their work or life, and the security management issue of mobile devices is becoming much more serious than ever. ISO 27001 provides a practical framework for information security management which is based on risk assessment. However, it...
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A XML Document Coding Schema Based on Complete Binary Tree Traversal

Ying Chen, Liyong Wan, Cheng Luo
In order to resolve the inefficiency for XML data query and support dynamic updates, etc. This paper has proposed a XML document coding schema based of binary tree traversal (BBCTT). Firstly, the XML document tree has been converted into the binary tree of XML document. Secondly, all nodes of the binary...
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Development and Application of a Chinese Webpage Suicide Information Mining System (SIMS)

Penglai Chen, Jing Chai, Lu Zhang, Debin Wang
Background: Suicide is becoming a major public health issue worldwide and in China. With growing popularity of the internet as well as participation of ordinary people in posting and transmitting messages on the internet, webpage coverage and its impact of reported suicide events has been and will continue...
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An Evaluation of the Correlation between the Regional Economic Development Capability and the Human Resources Development ----A Case Study on Henan Province of China

Lu Chen, Chengbiao Li
In order to analyze the correlation between the regional economic development capability and the human resources development, the authors establish an evaluation index system of the correlation degree between a region’s economic development capability and its human resources development. With the application...
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The Strategy Analysis of the Integration of Modern Information Technology and Class Teaching

Yuheng Zhao
The integration of modern information technology and class teaching is the aim of the teaching reform of modern education. In this paper, the writer discusses the basic strategies of this integration from the perspective of the application of educational technology and the education culture development.
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Selection of Solar Cell based on TOPSIS Method

Zeyuan Yu
In this paper, various kinds of solar cell are compared and analyzed with TOPSIS method and sunny model by starting from three aspects, namely gross generation, unit cost of generated energy and return on investment. According to the results, when more attention is paid to environmental factors, the...
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The Innovative Models of C-trip’s E-commerce

Qilun Zhang, Yang Wang
In the market of the on-line travel agencies, many new concepts and even commercial models emerge these years. Facing the big challenging of the Qunar. Net & Baidu’s integration, the C-trip is quite hard to move forward. Yahoo, eBay, Google are on the multiple ways, but the C-trip is devoted herself...
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The Regulation of Simulation and Decision-making with Grey Systems Model in System Dynamics

Lilin Du, Jiajin Liu, Yi Li, Shijun You
The paper discusses the joint application in each link of system dynamics and grey theory by the similarities and differences in them. It probes emphasis into the regulation of the rate variables of system dynamics by GM (1, 1) model with example. This research has positive practical value with simulation...
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Design of Serial Communication in Special Circumstances

Peiyu Zhao
In recent decades, MCUs employing serial communication have been widely used in instrumentation industry. Many MCU systems need to disable interrupt when it operating some special function with its peripherals. On the other hand, they won’t want to lose any communication data with host computer or other...
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On the Construction of “Information Technology and Information Management” Network Course Platform

Dan Xu
Education informatization is the trend of education development, also necessary for the development of the diversification of education. The construction of network curriculum is the effective carrier of information technology in Education. This paper carries on the preliminary ideas and explores the...
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Application of Matlab/Simulink in Teaching Course of Communication Principle

Jing Chang, Xiaohui Li
This paper applies Matlab software as an auxiliary method in teaching course of communication principle. Considering variety of abstract concepts in this course, such as digital modulation and demodulation, channel-coding, random signal analysis, we select Matlab aid to provide dynamical simulation for...
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Research on Curriculum Guarantee System of Specialty Cultivation Platform

Xingjia Liu
According to the market demand of Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction(ESER) talent in the low carbon economy era, this paper analyzes the contradiction between development of higher education and talent market demand; discusses the necessity and difficulty to establish a talent cultivating platform...
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Quantitative Analysis of Video Cloud Interaction Used in HFC Network

Xiang Zheng, YaoNan Dai
Video cloud computing is based on the concept of cloud computing technology, it is a cloud processing scheme which takes the video from "cloud" to "terminal presentation”. This paper introduces the main technical characteristics of video cloud computing, the natural advantages and typical application...
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Research on the Spiritual Dimension of Culture in Industrial Design

Yan Gan
This paper analyzes the importance and the elements of Spiritual Dimension in industrial design culture. And summed up four forms of culture. Combining with the specific historical background and cultural soil, we can find out there are some methods to deepen the culture. Through this series of methods,...
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Construction and research of Energy Engineering key specialty of Interdisciplinary Talents Cultivation

Jiuru Li, Jiawei Sun, Huan Liu
Energy Engineering specialty of Harbin University of Science and Technology, in the process of construction of key specialty, formed a thick essential, wide platform and high quality with construction system is conducive to optimizing the structure of specialty disciplines, deepen the reform of promoting...
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‘Simple Accelerator’: Ideas, Serving Characteristics and Constructing Strategies

Li Li, Tianzhu Li
Aiming at the practical difficulty in the entrepreneurship accelerate services, this paper proposes an idea of ‘Simple Accelerator’. It starts with the concept of ‘Simple Accelerator’ and analyzes its feasibility. Then it follows with the research of ‘Simple Accelerator’s five serving characteristics:...
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Fast Searching for CT Windows based on Golden Segmentation Algorithm

Jing Hua, Ning Li, Ruilan Zhang, Yingjiu Liu, Jiguang Hu
Aims: To introduce the application of golden segmentation algorithm in CT window searching. Methods: The relationship between the appropriateness of CT windows and the quality of the image is a unimodal problem in mathematics. It is crucial for best displaying the CT image to find out the best window...
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Option Pricing in Incomplete Markets

Zhaohai Wang
If the market is incomplete, we have several choices of equivalent martingale measures to price contingent claims .Recall that we didn’t impose conditions on the preferences of the economic agents other than that they prefer more to less. So it is quite natural to specify the preferences further in order...
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Study on the Application of CLIL in English Teaching of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Cheng Liu, Xiaofang Wang
CLIL Content Language Integrated Learning is the organic combination of language skills and the specific content of knowledge. Through the use of the CLIL method in high grades English teaching, this paper proves that CLIL can improve learners' oral English proficiency in English teaching in high grades...
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An Integrated Resource Platform for Visual Basic Programming Language Course

Xiuying Wang, Fang Zhou
An integrated resource platform for visual basic programming language courses (VBPLC) was studied and developed to meet the needs of top quality course construction based on integrated method of Dreamweaver, ASP and fireworks. In this paper, we analysis firstly that the platform should has functions...
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The Research on Investment Countermeasure of National Social Security Fund

Zhiqin Xie
At present, there is a huge gap in our country between the social security fund and pension demand, how to safeguard the social security fund's ability to pay is the urgent problems at present in our country, in order to improve the degree of social security of retirees, countries have issued a series...
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On CDIO Teaching Mode Based on Computational Thinking----A Case Study of Basic Curriculum Reform of Computer Science in CTGU

Xiaoyan Ren, Yunxia Fu
In light of the survey of basic computer courses’ characteristics and the modern educational philosophy, this paper proposes an improved teaching mode with the combination of CDIO Teaching mode and computational thinking, which emphasizes the equality of interactive teaching subjects, the importance...
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Research on Complicate Array Object via Region-Based Memory Model

Jing Wang, Yukun Dong, Dahai Jin, YunZhan Gong
Array is widely used in software development, but in static analysis, array cannot be perfectly processed. There exists a series of problems, such as incompletely representation of the associations of different memory units. In this paper, a memory model Symbolic Region Model (SRM) is proposed. It can...
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Comparison of Surface Reconstruction Method for CT based on VTK

Tingting Xu, Ning Wei, Tingyao Jiang
The technology of 3D reconstruction of medical images is an important application in computer graphics and image processing, especially in biomedical engineering. In this paper, two types of surface construction algorithms for medical sequences images are reviewed in this paper, including Marching Cubes...
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A Fast Retrieval Algorithm Based on Fibonacci Hashing for Audio Fingerprinting Systems

Mei Chen, Qingmei Xiao, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Minoru Yoshida, Xin Luo, Kenji Kita
In audio fingerprinting system, the database consists of hundreds of millions of sub-fingerprints. How to find out the most similar audio in the shortest time and use less memory in huge repository of sub-fingerprints is a hot topic of research. Recently, Philips introduced an effective search method...
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The Exploration and Practice of International Software Engineering Talent Training Mode----A Case Study of Software College of Northeastern University

Ruiyun Yu, Nan Yin, Yitong Wang, Zhiliang Zhu
In the process of fully integrating into the economic globalization, the shortage of international software personnel has become the important factor which restricts the development of domestic software industry, which requires the university to train software personnel with international competitiveness....
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A Study on the Application of Porcelain Painting in Furniture

Zhang Wei, YuShan Zhang
On the basis of concluding the definition of porcelain painting and its technique, this article analyzes the mode of combination of porcelain and furniture, and the possibility of applying porcelain painting in furniture, so as to extend the cultural connotation of modern inertial design by applying...
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Constructivist-based Instructional Design of Workshop and Discovery

Yanxi Zhu
Based on the analysis of workshops teaching mode, this article integrated the constructivist concept into workshops and elaborated the four elements which should be underlined in conduction of constructivism workshop. Three patterns of constructivist instructional design workshops were developed and...
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Development of a Constant Power AC/DC Converter for Point Heater Equipment

Il Hong Min,, Kwang Woo Chung
Turnout equipment plays a vital role in the safe operation of railroad systems. It is of great importance in ensuring safety and punctuality, and in the smooth operation of point switching mechanisms. Failure of switching gear due to climatic conditions at their site of installation is a frequent occurrence,...
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Research Initiative on Bilingual Teaching Mode of Sino-Foreign Project of International Hotel Management ——A Case Study of International Hotel Management Teaching in Yunnan Open University

Zeng Yan
This paper focuses on a sample of international hotel management class in Yunnan Open University, to analyze the essentialness and significance of initializing bilingual teaching there. This paper also tries to figure out the obstacles facing and effective modes can be used in teaching process, which...
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An Efficient Sub-graph Isomorphism Algorithm Based on Breadth First Strategy

Weixin Tian
Sub-graph isomorphism is an important elemental issue in graph theory. This paper aimed to cope with the fall in performance that the current algorithms meet when the edges of the source graph grow up, and proposed an algorithm based on breadth first strategy. The algorithm sorts the vertices of the...
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The Innovative Research from the Angle of Public Problem on Governance Mechanism of Flight Delays

Guangcai Liu, Jingjing Chen, Kexin Liu
Flight delay is a public problem in civil aviation industry, and resolving the disputes arising from flight delay has been beyond the control of airlines. To solve the problem, it needs the government and the private sector to work together. In this paper, by analyzing the theory of public issues, we...
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Developing Teachers’ Approaches to Language Learning Technologies in EFL Classroom

Lili Zhang
The mid- to late 1990s was an exciting time for those concerned with introducing new technology into their teaching of English as foreign language (EFL). Commonly referred to as Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), or sometimes with the broader term Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL),...
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The Analysis of Dalian Special Tourism Souvenirs

Zhu Ming
Dalian is an important coastal port city and also famous for tourist. It makes an analysis in this paper based on the current problems in design and openness of Dalian tourism souvenir market, and after discussing about the concept and resdisearch significance of souvenir, it reserches on the designing...
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Self-adaptive Algorithm SESP based on Energy Assessment of Wireless Sensor Network Node

Xuhong Huang
The energy of the nodes of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is finite. For the extension of the lifespan of the nodes, we propose a self-adaptive algorithm (SESP) based on energy assessment of WSN nodes with identical hardware model and same parameters. SESP is able to choose the cluster head without sending...
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Process Control: Higher Vocational College Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Analysis

Xiaoqing Wang
Higher vocational colleges and universities thought politics theory class practice teaching in the classroom practice teaching, campus practice teaching process, Should not only embody the characteristics of ideological and political theory course teaching in higher vocational colleges, And combined...
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The Design about Reactive Compensation Complete Equipment of Combining Voltage Regulator with Magnetic Controllable Reactor

D.-L. Song, M.-M. Huang
This paper analyzes the existing reactive compensation control devices, then it proposes a new type of dynamic reactive power compensation scheme which is based on pressure regulating reactive compensation and magnetic controllable reactor. It Introduces principles and characteristics of the pressure...
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Research on the New Generation of Storage Bus-SAS

Nan Yao, Junqin Huang
For more than twenty years, parallel SCSI technology has become one of the mainstream bus for enterprise server. With the parallel bus frequency increases, and the transmitted signal cycle time is shorter, the number of parallel data from the sending end to the receiving end synchronous has become a...
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Research of Mobile Real-Time Database

Nan Yao, Guangwei Shang, Shaoli Quan
This paper mainly introduces the concept of mobile real-time database, composites the mobile and real-time application environment, and analyse the functional requirement of the mobile real-time database. It states the typical application of mobile communication, manufacturing industry, financial industry...
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On the Status of Social Support System for Non-Local Families with Leukemia Children

Max Q.-Man Wang, Yan Ming
Leukemia is a costly serious illness. As for the families with Leukemia children, social support system plays a vital role to get successful cure. The author interviews 8 non-local families that are receiving treatment in a hospital in Beijing and uses qualitative analysis to study their social support...
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Research of the Affection of “Plate Feather Shuttlecock” on Physical Qualities of the Middle School Students

Dingfu Sun, Ling Luo, Yan Lu
In order to improve the system of research in the plate feather shuttlecock, discuss the influence on middle school students’ physical qualities, forty-five students from grade seven in the No.3 Middle School of Fuquan in Qiannan State were invited to participate in the 15 weeks’ study. The result of...
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The Influence of Higher Education Teachers’ Professional Self-efficacy and Emotion Regulation Method to the Subjective Emotional Experience

Yuan Zhang
Emotional regulation research is an important front hotspot of the emotional studies in recent years as well as the occupation self-efficacy of teachers. This research is a combination of these two aspects, which is from the different classification of emotion regulation method to the standard of self-efficiency...
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The Relationship between Teachers and Students from the Perspective of Geography

Chunlan Li, Qige Guan, L. Haobisigalatu, Jiquan Zhang, Shan Yin, Richa Hu, Ruixia Wang
On the geography teachers and students from the perspective of relationship were studied, the previous studies on the relationship between teachers and students lack of empirical and practical. This paper adopts empirical research method of questionnaire investigation and literature collection, research...
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On the Characteristics of Migrant Children's Class Network in Beijing

Yan Ming
This paper analyzes 2,054 migrant and 700 local children in 11 schools of Beijing to explore the basic features of social network structure of class network, and the roles and determinants of migrant children in the class. The main conclusions are: the schools recruiting both migrant and local children...