Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Technologies and Applications

Session: Chapter 5: Intelligent Automation and Control Systems in Manufacturing Industry

20 articles
Lin Guo, Yang Bai, Jie Su, Wenlin Pan, Tianjun Zhang
There are two methods to cut large speech corpora, include traditional manual segmentation and machine automatic segmentation. The quality of segmentation can be controlled easily using traditional manual segmentation. However, the shortcomings of manual segmentation were also obviously such as inefficiency,...
Yufang Yue, Xiaogang Xie, Jianzhu An, Feizhou Zhang, Jianzhu Zhang
Pointing on a certain point of a dynamic target is demanded by beam director system. Compound-axis servo system must be adopted. A component-based compound axis servo system simulation method is proposed, denoted as the CCASS method. Compound-axis tracking system simulation is an effective expansion...
Baidong Yi
The concept and influence factors of missile system equipment operational reliability are analyzed, the missile system equipment operational reliability evaluation model is established, the missile system equipment operator’s operation reliability value and the equipment reliability value are assessed...