Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Diction in Arab and Indonesian Proverb: a Comparative Study

Yaniah Wardani
Corresponding author
Yaniah Wardani
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Comparative Literary, Arab and Indonesian Proverb
This writing aim to know the characteristic of diction in two Arab and Indonesian proverb, also the extrinsic element that affected it, include the differentiation and equation between it. There are differentiations in the appearance of diction either in Arab or Indonesia. In Arab proverb, it must be a story or legend to explain the reason beyond the diction. As the opposite, it is does not have to be story or legend beyond the appearance of Indonesian proverb. However, both proverbs have same mission, called a harmony. This research used a literature review with two literature theory, Kathleen Morner&Ralph Rausch, NTC,S Dictionary of Literary Terms, 1998 and Ali Abu al- Khasyab, n.d.This research's result proved that each proverb, Arab and Indonesian, has their own characteristic that caused by the extrinsic unsure that affected it. For example like the used of animal names, universe phenomena, culture, plant and other. Moreover, there are dominant extrinsic unsure in each proverb as the influence from the geographical differentiation between it. The contribution of this writing, gives the lesson about the beauty of language in the shape of good advice for the observer of literature critical, in the study of diction's comparative.
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