Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Utilization of the National Library Website in Southeast Asia

Evi Zakiyah
Corresponding author
Evi Zakiyah
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National Library; Library Website; Webometrics Method; Southeast Asian National Library; Information Needs
This study was to analyze the National Library websites in Southeast Asia based on population demography and performance of the National Library websites. The webometrics method applied to helps the author to examine the document recorded in the website. 11 countries were chosen, but not all of the National Library websites can be studied because of the lack of maximum development of the national library websites. The findings of this research are that the National Library of Singapore website is at the first rank in the utilization of websites based on population demography, then the second rank is Thailand National Library. Singapore's National Library Website is also tops according to Alexa compared to other National Library website in terms of number of visitors. By this research, it is seen that the utilization of National Library websites in Southeast Asia is still unnoticed and it is unfortunate considering the task and role of the National Library, which should be a role model for other libraries in a country and become a reference to maintain the library's existence in facing competitors in serving the information needs. The origin of this research will be useful for national library administrators as well as the development of library science especially in Webometric study.
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