Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Role of Pandji Masjarakat During the Guided Democracy Period

Teguh Prasetyo, Mr. M Yoesoev
Corresponding author
Teguh Prasetyo
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Democracy; Muhammadiyah; Pandji Masjarakat; Soekarno; Sociological Criticism
During the times of Guided Democracy, absolute power over the whole nation was held by Soekarno's hand. Consequently, Soekarno had total control of various government regulations, ncluding the ones pertaining to politics and culture. This provoked responses from different groups, organizations, and political parties. Particularly, these responses came in forms of affirmation, attempts of coalition, and criticisms. It was not uncommon then for the media to accommodate a certain group's diverse voices and responses towards the Guided Democracy. One of these media was Pandji Masjarakat magazine. Affiliating to Muhammadiyah movement, the magazine had a close relation to MASJUMI. It was within this context that Pandji Masjarakat published many writings responding to socio-political conditions, and such trait was also available in its published literary works. Using sociological criticism, this paper examines Pandji Masjarakat's 1959-1960 publications of literary works (poems and short stories) which contain voices responding to the Guided Democracy's socio-political conditions. The result of the research reveals that Pandji Masjarakat voiced out both criticisms and affirmations towards Soekarno's leadership during the Guided Democracy period. Furthermore, these criticisms and affirmations were determined by the magazine's interest and organizational affiliations.
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