Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Technologies in Logistics and Infrastructure (ICDTLI 2019)

Digital transformation dramatically affects different industries, companies, processes, business models. It leads companies to relocate the production sites and goods flows, generates new investments in infrastructure projects, creates stronger focus on environmental protection and energy efficiency. It brings significant changes in supply chain management due to safety and security requirements in combination with process integration needs. Global supply chain management and logistics specifically are considered as an important area for digitalization, process optimization and improvement of stakeholders’ interaction via information technology in order to create a technologically-enhanced ecosystem.

The International Conference on Digital Transformation in Logistics and Infrastructure (ICDTLI 2019) is dedicated to the development of a dialogue between Russian and international representatives in the field of maritime, transport, warehouse logistics, as well as a digital transformation of logistics and port infrastructure, traffic management, efficient logistics models in a difficult economic situation, energy supply, etc.

The purpose of the conference is the exchange of experience of the academic community and the community of professional practitioners about the latest trends in the field of optimization and digital transformation of logistics business processes, as well as participants’ cooperation in the logistics chain from the shipping line to a specific consignee.

The Organizing Committee of ICDTLI 2019