Proceedings of the International Conference of Health Development. Covid-19 and the Role of Healthcare Workers in the Industrial Era (ICHD 2020)

We are deeply honored to have all of you in our Second International Webinar Conference on Health Development (ICHD). The second Second International Webinar Conference on Health Development (ICHD) is slightly different than the previous year's conference due to the current pandemic. Each year, Health Care Industry are facing some new challenges. Hence, this event is covering numerous subjects ranging from the broad health industry topics:

1. Role and Challenge (Covid-19) of Health Workers in 4.0 era
2. The Usage of Internet of Things to Tackle Covid-19
3. The Covid-19 Disaster: What Should We Learnt From It
4. Preserving Therapeutic Approach During Technology Infiltration
5. Harnessing Technology to Improve People’s Health and Patient’s Outcomes
6. The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Technology Adaptation through out the Healthcare Settings
7. Reaching out and Reaching Beyond: Overcome the Current Limittion of Healthcare throughthe Use of Technology

We also realize that a virtual setup of the symposium will not provide the same experience as an onsite conference. We decided to run this event virtually to reduce waste and greenhouse emissions and break barriers in information sharing and also to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

We invited some prominent speakers from many regions and beyond to provide, examine, and exchange a wide range of health industry issues and solutions. We invited world-class speakers and editors worldwide.

We would like to express my deep gratitude to all participants keynotes, committees, and reviewers for their time and hard work that have made this symposium a success, especially during this challenging time.