Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Humanity, Education and Social Science

Pragmatism in China - Chinese pragmatism

Tianci Li, Yulin Wu
Corresponding Author
Tianci Li
Available Online August 2016.
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Pragmatism, traditional thoughts, pragmatism with Chinese style
This paper is divided into 4 parts. 1. The embryo of “pragmatism” taking actual operation and practical as purpose formed under the Chinese traditional cultural thoughts. This paper gives examples to introduce the thinking model of pragmatic first in the ancient China and the impressive idea of “pragmatism”, which we temporarily call as “ancient China pragmatism thoughts”. 2. Development and dominant ideas of pragmatic philosophy in the west. Based on introduction of doctrines of Peirce, James, Dewey, et al, the process of the pragmatism in 20th century from sprout to being popular in the world is summarized. Discussion of the influence of James’s view on pragmatism on the society and the world is made to draw the content of part 3. 3. “Contemporary China Pragmatic Thought” that formed in the reform and opening period blending in pragmatic philosophy in the west based on the traditional culture is characterized by history and era. Under special era background and objective condition, the pragmatic thoughts set down roots and blend in the traditional thoughts to produce chemical reaction. Therefore the new thoughts different from western pragmatic philosophy has formed and rapidly swept across the country to greatly influence the world view, value and moral code in China. 4. A comparison between western pragmatic philosophy and contemporary pragmatism is carried out to explain that the thoughts only bring short-term benefit to people rather than long-term one. It will bring negative factors in the long run.
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