Proceedings of the International Conference on Health and Well-Being (ICHWB 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the International Conference on Health and Well-Being (ICHWB 2022)
Date: 5-6 December 2022
Location: Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

The International Conference on Health andWell-Being (ICHWB2022) has been hosted by three faculties: Faculty of Health Science, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. This conference was also a series of The International Summit on Science, Technology and Humanity (ISETH 2022) which is organized by UniversitasMuhammadiyah Surakarta. The students, researchers, and academicians were provided a place to discuss novel ideas and share their area of interest related to conference scope about improving the quality of life after a pandemic that includes a health literacy approach, nutrition, and a holistic approach. Therefore, the conference was themed “Health Recovery to Improve the Quality of Life After the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

The conference was held over two days, during December 05–06, 2022, via online mode and was hosted from Faculty of Health Science, campus 1, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. We receive about 115 submissions and 85 papers continuing to review. Sixty-two papers were selected for presentation after the review process. We still review the papers presented, and 46 papers selected were eligible to be continued processing in Atlantis Press and 16 papers to be decided publishing in conference proceedings under university.

The conference included altogether six speakers and six parallel sessions. We sincerely thank the trust members, presenters, committee members, reviewers, track directors, faculty members, and students in our faculties. We also thank the national and international institutions for which they contributed so magnificently to success of the conference.We are grateful to the presenters and participants for their thought-provoking contribution.

Noor Alis Setiyadi
On behalf of Organizing Committee,
Conference Chair