Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Technology and Management Innovation

A Unified Handheld Terminal for WSN Data Gathering

Siquan Hu, Juan Hu, Chundong She
Corresponding author
Siquan Hu
Handheld Terminal, WSN, Android, XML
With the rapid development of wireless sensor network (WSN), the WSN data gathering is attracting more interests over the years. Due to the high cost of specialized handheld terminals, Android tablets are chosen to design a unified handheld terminal for WSN data gathering. Data are transmitted from WSN sink node to the Android terminal via Bluetooth. An Android application parses WSN data through XML file defined by users, and then stores the parsed WSN data into SQLite database, finally three functions are provided to observe the WSN data in real time. With XML technology, the system can separate data parsing from the application logic, thus can parse data for different data formats or WSN platforms with high flexibility.
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