Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Technology and Management Innovation

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Integration Methodology for Smart City Design ——Application of CHORA’s Urban Gallery in the Case of the SSD-Project ,EU.

Zesong Wei, Georg Hubmann, Shicun Sun
Factor 4 improvements represent a critical leap forward in district planning and management in the future. SSD is an innovation project comes from EU,and helds workshop in Technology University of Berlin,Germany. It is an innovation plan helps us achieve Factor 4 improvements in a range of climate change...
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TD-LTE Private Network Performance Analysis in Smart Grid

Ying Sun, Xuanni Lin, Yuqing Zhong
Smart Grid applications require an efficient, reliable and robust private communication network to achieve the ubiquitous and mutual transmission of power grid data such as distribution automation, smart metering and video surveillance. This paper investigates the wide-spread deployment of TD-LTE private...
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Investigating the Energy Efficiency of TD-LTE Private Network

Ying Sun, Yuqing Zhong, Xuanni Lin
TD-LTE private network is embracing unprecedented popularity due to its support of broadband services and ease deployment. However, due to the limited applications of power industry and the more urgent bandwidth requirements of telecommunication industries, the availabe bandwidth TD-LTE private network...
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EMF based Domain Specific Modeling for Distributed Simulation Systems: An Outline

Zhi Zhu, Haibing Li, Yonglin Lei, Yifan Zhu
The design and development of distributed simulation systems are a complex process, and the Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) methodology is progressively gaining popularity as it uses domain knowledge directly to specify systems in a higher level of abstraction. In this research plan an Eclipse Modeling...
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A Study on Formation of Rural Architectural Space Image Based on the Physical Environment

Changyou Wu, Xiaojun Zhang, Yan Chen
Rural architectural space image presents in the physical environment such as spatial form, characteristics of modeling, material texture, color and functional layout. Combining the examples presented in the physical environment, this paper summarizes the formation modes of rural architectural space image,...
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A Semantic Mapping Method based on Ontology Structure Graph

Chengzhu Sun, Weibin Chen, Bineng Zhong, Haibo Li
Efficient information sharing and exchanging are becoming increasingly important , but model heterogeneity hinder the communication and collaboration from different enterprises. To solve this problem, a semantic mapping method based on ontology structure graph is put forward in this paper. The requirement...
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Upper Bound of Primitive Exponent of a Class of Nonnegative Matrix Pairs

Meijin Luo, Xi Li, Sun Tao
There is a one-to-one relationship between nonnegative matrix pairs and two-colored digraph. With the knowledge of graph theory, by studying the associated directed digraph of a class of special nonnegative matrix pairs, that is a class of two-colored digraphs whose uncolored digraph have vertices and...
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Research on Wireless-Based Intrusion Detection in Mesh Network Security System

Kaifeng Wen
There are many issues concerning security in existing MESH network. In response to this phenomenon, this paper presents a research on wireless-based intrusion detection in mesh network security system. By combining the characteristics of intrusion detection, it rearranged the system architecture and...
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Novel Model of Security Region of Metering Networks and Its Application in Meters’ Status Estimation

Feng Zhou, Yingying Cheng, Huayong Zhou, Ji Xiao
With a large number of smart meters installation and application, the power companies can get a variety of information such as meter metering device via a communication network. Considering the needs of grid state estimation for metering device, we propose a new security domain model network metering...
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Research of FFT Improved Asynchronous Sample Arithmetic in Harmonic Component Detection

Xiaoling Yan, Liming Wang
Along with the diversification and complication development of electric equipment in warship, the harmonic pollution in power system is more and more seriously, and the harmonic detection technology increasingly turns into a very important subject. FFT arithmetic is an usual method to detect harmonic...
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Application scope of prediction model for interval grey number based on GM (1, 1)

Lianming Zhao
Prediction models have some modeling conditions and application scope, we can use them to simulate or predict only when the models are satisfies those conditions. In this paper, we study the application scope of prediction model for interval grey number based on GM (1, 1) through the mathematical derivation....
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A Study of the Relationship between the Urban Space of School District and Pupil’s Paths after School Using GPS Technology

Maosheng Ye, Zao Li, Rui Zeng
With the speeding up of China's social development process, the problems of the pupils' education and the construction of the primary school district have attracted people’s attention. This paper is mainly based on a typical primary school in Hefei, Anhui province of China, using GPS tracing to make...
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Scheduling Model and Algorithm for Collaborative Product Design Based on MD

Xiaolei Wang, Meiliang He, Quan Xu
In order to improve the efficiency of collaborative product design, project task and team should be allocated and scheduled reasonably. Firstly, the matching degree between task and team was defined. Then, trading-off project duration and cost, multi-objective scheduling model of collaborative product...
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Research on Center Village Location Based on AHP and GIS Spatial Analysis

Yaoqi Yang, Sucui Li, Zheng Wang, Yuanpei Yang
The purpose of this paper is to solve the key problem of the planning of new countryside how to select the central village location. The research methods: The paper takes study town as the experimental subject ,based on the second national land investigation. It determines each evaluating indicator’s...
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The Research on Data Center Energy Saving Technology based on DC Power Supply Technology

Zhiyuan Cai, Xin Tian
Data center energy consumption is increasing with the rapid development of data center in recent years. This paper firstly elaborated data center energy saving technologies from three aspects: the power supply system, the air conditioning system and the IT epuipments, then carried on the energy efficiency...
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Evaluation of turbulent parameters based on angle-of-arrival fluctuation

Yang Li, Chao Gao, Yi-Ming Li, Gang Yang, Xiao-Feng Li
This paper investigates the feasibility of adopting single quantified parameter of atmospheric turbulence effect to evaluate others. To enrich and expand the test method on the transmission characteristics of atmospheric turbulence, this method could greatly reduce both the workload and costs of synthetic...
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The gas sensing performances of gas sensors based on the dielectrophoretically manipulated multi-wall carbon nanotubes with various functionalized groups towards NH3

Hai-Bo Wang, Li-Li Feng, Hui-Ying Chen
Gas sensors based on raw multi-wall carbon nanotubes (raw MWNTs) and functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs-x) were fabricated on the chromium-silver-gold microelectrode chips by dielectrophoresis process. The positive dielectrophoresis was observed for the particles of carbon nanotubes. The...
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Industry Competitiveness Evaluation Index System of Regional E-commerce Based on AHP

Xinchun Wang, Yubo Jiang
This article analyzes the factors of industry competitiveness of regional e-commerce from the perspective of business ecosystem, builds the evaluation index system, and determines the weight coefficients of each index by using the method of analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The thesis could provide decision-making...
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Research and Application of Smart Operation Supporting System Based on Centralized Operation and Maintenance

Yang Bai, Yan-Sheng Lang, Yin Zhang, Ying Xing, Qiang Li, Cheng-Zhi Zhu, Cheng-Long Dou, Feng Han
The development and application of the SG-OSS (the Smart Grid Operation Supporting System) puts forward higher requirements towards the system operation and maintenance, and the operation model of SG-OSS has changed from traditional decentralized operation and maintenance mode to the centralized operation...
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Output Adjust Assignment Algorithms about Electric Power Unit Transmission Congestion

Huaren Zhou, Lili Wang
output, transmission power and direction of each line about a network with a plurality of generating units and a number of main lines depends on the power grid structure and each generation unit. we get the approximate expressions of the output of each generator. When the transmission congestion appear,...
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Monitoring and Discrimination of Plant Disease and Insect Pests based on agricultural IOT

X.F. Wang, Z. Wang, S.W. Zhang, Y. Shi
How to establish a monitoring and discriminant model based on agriculture Internet of things (IOT) for plant disease and insect pests is a main topic. In this paper, we study the establishment of monitoring discriminant model by data mining and information fusion algorithm. Focus on the application of...
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Refined Analysis of User Load Based on Weighted Fuzzy Clustering

J. Fan, X.L. Gao, X. Chen, K. Shi, P. Xu, H. Ye
As the development of intelligent power system, much importance and requirement have been attached to the load data analysis. In view of the current rough classification of load data, propose a weighted fuzzy clustering algorithm to detail the load classification dividing, which adds a weight distribution...
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Research on Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation Model of Electrical Energy Alternative With Development Mode of New-type Urbanization

Xiaoyan Zhang, Wen Yang, Zhe Li, Cheng Liu, Jianhua Zhou
In order to analyse feasibility of electrical energy alternative with development mode of new-type urbanization, a method based on net income - investment ratio for comprehensive benefit evaluation model of electrical energy alternative is proposed. The economic benefit, environmental benefit and comprehensive...
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Experimental study on parabolic through solar collector

X.L. Wang, H.S. Li, Y.W. Lian, Y. Yao, C.T. Ye
An experimental platform of parabolic through solar collector is established, and its thermal performance is evaluated. The results show that the receiver tube has an important effect on the system performance, and its performance deterioration will reduce the thermal efficiency. When the outlet temperature...
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Dynamic change of the Yellow River Delta Using Historical Data and Remote Sensing Imagery

X.Y. Yu, W.J. Zhao, T.T. Yan
Historical data since 1855 and Landsat remote sensing images for the year 2006, 2009 and 2013 were selected as the main data sources and RS/GIS spatial analysis tools were combined to investigate the mouth channel change of Yellow River and monitor the dynamic change of Yellow River Delta. The results...
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Comparative analysis of carbon emissions quota calculation and allocation method for coal-fired power plant in China

Libao Yin, Xinxin Meng, Zhengyang Gao, Shuo Ji
With the rapid development of economic globalization and the improvement of people's living standards, and the impact of global warming gradually strengthened. The emissions and trading scheme of carbon dioxide has been widespread concern at home and abroad. The establishment of carbon emissions system...
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The Design of Omni-directional Mobile Platform based on the Internet of Things Technology

Shan Gao, Dehui Fan, Lei Zhang
This paper provides a design of Omni-directional mobile platform based on Internet of things technology. The platform realized the all-round wheel structure designs, which can flexible complete mobile operation, and have good adaptability to the environment. At the same time, the platform combined the...
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Analysis on the Spatial Pattern Evolution of Chinese Provincial Environment-Energy Efficiency Based on ESDA-GIS

Xiaoting Liu, Wenjun Chen
By virtue of window analysis and by using DEAP2.1 software, this paper first calculates China’s provincial domain environment- energy efficiency.Then, by using the spatial statistical software ArcGIS9.3 and exerting the combined method of ESDA and Standard Deviational Ellipses, it analyzes Chinese provincial...
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Orderly power utilization oriented twice clustering load data analysis

X. Chen, K. Shi, G.J. Xu, D.Z. Li, P. Xu, H. Ye
As the requirement of smart grid increasing, a twice clustering algorithm is proposed here to extract the characteristic of load data curve. In addition, the calculating algorithm of load performance is also provided to analyze the curves, including seasonal maximum load curve, seasonal safe load curve,...
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Experimental study on air velocity uniformity of Equipment-Fan-Filter units

Qiuye Zhu, Xinnan Song, Jialuo Shao
This paper introduces the equipment-fan filter units (EFU) and analyzes the characteristics. Five modules samples of FFU and EFU are tested on the FFU performance test bench. Contrast shows that, there are significant variations of air velocity uniformity between the two, the central-regional velocity...
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Reason Analysis for the increase of single-phase short circuit current and its suppressing measure

Y. Li, H. Zhang, G. Chen
Aiming at the issue that the single-phase short circuit current at the 220 kV bus of Chengdu 500kV substation exceeds the three-phase short current or even exceeds the breaking capacity of breaker, the reason is analyzed and the measure that main transformer neutral grounding by small reactance is put...
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Sampling Data Identification In Smart Grid

W.B. Xuan, Bing. Zhang
The real-time identification of sampling data can avoid incorrect action of protection and monitoring device. It is difficult to distinguish abnormal sampling data and electric parameters in system failure for single sampling points. The existence of second derivative of electrical quantity in power...
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Analysis of impact of atmospheric refractive index and attenuation on laser energy transmission in near-Earth space

X. Jin, Y.J. Hong, D.P. Wang
Based on background of laser atmospheric energy transmission to the UAV application, the impacts of atmospheric refractive on beam deflection is analyzed, and further the attenuation effects of atmospheric molecules and aerosols are discussed. Based on diffraction, turbulence, thermal blooming, optical...
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Research on Unbalance Phase Current of 500kV AC Transmission Line in Yibin UHV Converter Station

M. Tang, C. Zhang, M. Li, L.J. Ding, H. Zhang, W. Wei, F. Tang
Unbalance phase current appeared in the 500kV overhead transmission line during the system commission of ± 800kV Binjin UHV DC transmission project. An inductor model of parallel lines on same tower was established for theoretical analysis. Electromagnetic transient model was also established in EMTDC/PSCAD....
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Cooperative Rotor Position Estimation of Active Magnetic Bearings in Flywheel energy storage system with Unsaturated Magnetic Bias

M. Tang, L.J. Ding, M. Li, H. Zhang, W. Wei, F. Tang, G. Chen
A strategy of cooperative position estimation is proposed based on the differential control mode of active magnetic bearing (AMB). Given unsaturated magnetic bias, one of the opposing pole pairs must be unsaturated. The unsaturated poles could be tracked by the control current polarity. The position...
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Research on Object Detection based on Mathematical Morphology

S. Qian, G.R. Weng
An approach for object detection based on mathematical morphology is proposed in this paper. The features of objects are extracted through the analysis of images, and structuring elements with different shapes and sizes are selected according to the aim of experiments. After the image preprocessing,...
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Application of Pixel-Oriented Visualization Technique in the Centralized Monitoring of Smart Grid Dispatching and Control System

Yin Zhang, Yansheng Lang, Yang Bai, Ying Xing, Qiang Li, Jie Xu, Sen Li, Qingshan Zhu
With the rapid development of smart grid dispatching and control system in State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), the complexity of system operation and maintenance increases sharply. In order to improve the maintenance efficiency, SGCC put forward the remote centralized maintenance mode. The centralized...
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Investment Risk Evaluation for Demand Side Management: Improved Bayesian Model

Changxin Yin, Ming Zeng, Xuefeng Ma, Lu Yin, Yang Lv, Bin Shu, Chunxue Li
The vigorous promotion of DSM is of great significance in improving energy conservation and power system reliability. At present, DSM technology of China has been developed, meanwhile, related projects will be carried out extensively. Therefore, investment risk evaluation for DSM projects of power enterprises...
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Online parameters identification on first order delay temperature model for industrial brazing furnaces

De-Xing Zheng, Zhenggang Wang, Hai Zhou
In the brazing operation, the brazing temperature control is also the difficulty for its time delay and parameter varying. In order to control the brazing temperature, the mathematical model of brazing temperature must be established first. Parameter identification is an effective way to obtain the temperature...
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Determination of bisphenol A in beer by immunoaffinity column tandem high-performance liquid chromatography

K.H. Li, L.X. Zhu, R.R. Liu, W. Meng
A rapid and sensitive method using immuno-affinity columns (IACs) as sample purification procedure and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) tandem fluorescence detector (FLD) for detection has been developed for the determination of bisphenol A (BPA) in beer. The limit of detection (LOD) is...
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Solution of Automatic Control System Based on PLC in Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

Yang Wang, Yumin Shi, Jianlong Zhu, Yilin Fan
Decentralized wastewater increasingly serious, remote control of small scale wastewater treatment station operation has become urgent technology problems. This paper mainly introduces the component and function of automation system used in decentralized wastewater treatment and how to use PLC to achieve...
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A design of pulse condition simulation device based on squeeze mode

H.D. Liu, D.S. Yan, Q.F. Deng, J.S. Lin, W.R. Sun
With a view to the fact that the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pulse diagnosis learning is difficult, which takes a lot of time as well, and the current pulse simulation device is expensive, it is hard to popularize the device to help the TCM teaching and learning. In this paper, bionics, mechanics,...
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Investigation of High Frequency Current Transformers Used for Partial Discharge Detection

S.H. He, Q.H. Zhan, S.B. Huang, J.B. Wang, Y.M. Zhang, Y.P. Xu
In the contribution, the equivalent circuit model of high frequency current transformers (HFCT), used for partial discharge online monitoring or onsite detecting, is established. Next, the major parameters of HFCT are derived and the influences on amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics...
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Design of Partial Discharge Detection System for XLPE Cable Based on Zigbee Technology

S.B. Huang, J.B. Wang, S.H. He, Q.H. Zhan, Y.M. Zhang, Y.P. Xu
The Internet of Things (IOT) oriented design of cable partial discharge detection system was proposed. In the novel system, the IOT module supporting ZigBee protocol is adopted and the Z-stack protocol stack is optimized. The system can on-line monitor partial discharge of 30 cables. Experimental results...
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Research of combination of electricity GM (1,1) and seasonal time series forecasting model

Yuping Wang, Fangpeng Zheng, Kelei He, Chunxue Li
Load forecasting is one of the important content of power system. Gray GM (1,1) model with seasonal time series was proposed by analyzing the development of the electricity load forecasting. This paper made an empirical analysis of the model with data specifically related to electricity in Guizhou region...
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Analysis on the reform of AutoCAD course in Higher Vocational interior design

Jia Luo
With the development of rapid expansion of the interior design industry, market demand of interior designers are greatly increased, causing the school running scale of Higher Vocational Colleges rapidly expanding in such a big environment, higher vocational colleges how to cultivate students professional...
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Research of the Trajectory Planning of Performance Test Manipulator

J. Liu, C.X. Wu, J. Qu, X.F. Wang
The trajectory of HY-3 manipulator is planned using the cubic spline function which is adopted for interpolation of the angle of manipulator’s joint. From simulation experiments, conclusion was drawn that the planned trajectory is smooth and continuous in order to ensure the manipulator running steadily...
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The Study of the Voltage Fluctuation of On-load Capacity Regulating Transformer while Switching Capacity

W.B. Luo, J.J. Luo, R.B. Pan, S.L. Liu, M.Y. Lai
In this paper, the working principle of capacity regulating transformer was analyzed firstly. Based on applying the idea of connecting with transition resistance, the mathematical simulation models were established in Matlab Simulink software. According to the simulation calculation under different resistance...
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Research of semi-integrated and fully coupled analysis methods of a fixed bottom OWT

B. Wang, W. H. Wang, X. Li, Y. Li
The semi-integrated analysis method was used extensively in the design of offshore wind turbine in China. Recent researches have proved that the wave loads and sub-structure responses have significant effects on the aerodynamic loads of the blades especially in the operation conditions. In order to take...
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A study on the performance of PV/T system based on windows

X.P. Huan, S.G. Zhu, H.L. Zhang, X.Z. Liu, A.Z. Sun
A PV/T system based on windows is designed and fabricated to investigate the performance of PV/T system and the influence on the energy saving effect in Nanjing. A water-cooling device is installed behind the PV cells to improve the power generation efficiency and its cooling effect is better than air-cooling....
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The application of power electronic transformer in distribution power system

J.Y. Bian, G.Y. Qiu
Transformer for electric energy conversion of the most basic components in power system, is also one of the most widely used electrical equipment, its operation stability, the quality of power supply and technical and economic indicators will be directly related to the working condition of electrical...
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The Research of Online Analysis Computing Mode Considering the Integrated and Cooperative Multi-Level Dispatching Systems

Jing Li, Yadi Luo, Yansheng Lang, Qiang Li, Jinghuan Lin, Zhengping Chen
According to the wide distribution and regional stratification features of China's power dispatching automated system, this paper presents a framework and its application processes of online distributed computing in integrated and cooperative multi-level dispatching systems, which is based on the smart...
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Filling Rate Analysis for EMC Module of Smartphone’s Battery Using Automated Design System

Joon-Seong Lee
Recently, the use of smartphones are growing rapidly and increasing discomfort due to shortages of the battery capacity. Also, consumers are often dissatisfied with the battery life from even the most advanced lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in mobile phone. This paper describes finite element analysis...
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Research on the investment information automation problem based on the clustering analysis method

Wei Gao, Ruzhen Yan
This paper develops a two-step clustering method, and uses the data of China securities market to analyze the factors influencing the portfolio selection, and constructing an investment portfolio based on this clustering method. The results show that the performance of this portfolio based on the two-step...
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Single-neuron Quasi-PID Control Method for Switching Power Amplifiers in Protective Relay Test Devices

X.M. Sun, Z.F. Cheng, S.L. Yang, D.B. Chen
Protective relay test devices (PRTDs) are indispensable tools for testing protective relays and other security and automatic equipment. To promote test qualities, it is required that modern PRTDs be able to adapt to different loads, time-variant system parameters, random disturbances and fault waveforms...
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High Reliability Electricity Pricing Method Research

H.L. Wang, W. Long, R. Liu
How to effectively coordinate the reliability and economy in the market environment is becoming a hot spot of today's power market research. Explore viable mechanism of supply and demand based on reliability under market conditions, establish a reasonable reliability service trade mode, the reliability...
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Analysis of power generation and ice making system based on pressure and cold energy using of pipeline natural gas

Jingjing Xu, Qifen Li, Zongqin Hou, Guihai Jiao, Lei Zhang, Jialin Zhao, Xiaoyu Liang, Junpeng Mao, Yuntao Zhu
Natural gas transported in pipeline is at high pressures. But the pressure of natural gas is needed to be dropped to consumption valves before entering the user side. Available energy from the pressure reduction process of pipeline natural gas has been analyzed in this paper. A power generation and ice...
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Hierarchy of Power System Computing Cloud and Its Application on On-line Parallel Analysis of Power Network

Yin Zhang, Jian Guo, Yupei Jia, Yansheng Lang, Jinghuai Lin, Zhengping Chen
In this paper, the online analysis framework based on cloud computing is presented, and the numerical calculation types of the power system is summarized. A collaborative computing model is presented on the basis of the analysis and comparison of parallel computing model and distributed computing model....
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Photovoltaic power maximum power point tracking technology based on the fractional-step perturbation observation method

Shu-Wei Xu, Yan Dong, Yiyang Zhang, Lian-Feng Li, Jing-Yu Zeng, Hong-Wang Cai
In order to obtain the maximum power output of the solar cell, the output power should be continuously monitored in real time. Based on the traditional perturbation and observation methods, we propose a new algorithm of maximum power point tracking. The method uses the slope of the P-V curve to determine...
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Protective strategy of Crowbar circuit when network voltage drop sharply

Shu-Wei Xu, Yan Dong, Yiyang Zhang, Yi-Bing Wang, Shou-Bin Yuan
When network voltage drop sharply, if rest energy of wind power system can’t be absorbed effectively, it will affect system security. This paper presents a new protection scheme of Crowbar circuit. Moreover, the effectiveness of realizing the high voltage ride through of DFIG is validated by simulation.
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Modeling and Simulation of the Influence of Intermittent Distributed Generators on Distribution System Transients

Ke-Yan Liu, Dong-Li Jia, Qian-Yu Zhao
The transient models of wind power generation system and photovoltaic (PV) power generation system are established. The constant power control mode is used to control the photovoltaic system and wind system, which is achieved by controlling DC voltage. And a direct drive permanent magnet synchronous...
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Multi-layer Partition Method Combined with Multi-target Genetic Optimization for Urban Power Grid Structure Planning

Z.Q. Yao, C.W. Zhao, Y.C. Zong, F.J. Chi, J. Zhang, L.Y. Liu
The planning and designing of the power grid structure is most important in the planning and construction of power grid. With the development of urbanization and widespread insertion of distributed generations, the traditional planning method for urban power grid structure is facing new challenges and...
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Research of Equidistance Cylindrical Projection Applied in Polar Nautical Chart

Zhiheng Zhang, Rencan Peng, Jian Dong, Yonglei Chu
Aims at the problem that the current polar projections are not completely suitable for polar nautical chart plotting and using, and combines with the existing chart plotting and using methods, the paper proposes the idea of choosing Equidistance Cylindrical Projection as the projection of Polar Chart,...
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The Research Review on Monitoring of Foundation Pit

S.M Zhang, J. Qian, Y. Zhang, Y.S Huang, X.Q Wang
With the development of the city, the With the development of the city, the underground space are used in different ways at every city over the world, such us Multilayer basement of high-rise building, subway, underground market, as well as a variety of underground civil and industrial facilities. While...
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The Design of Beverage Vending Machines Based on PLC

Yadong Niu, Jian Chu
The vending machine is a kind of commercial automatic equipment that integrates light, machine and light. And it can finish to sell without vendors.Beverage vending machine can be 24 hours in the sale of beverage products without any limitation of place and time. Because it is very convenient and not...
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Research on Safety monitoring network of the city subway engineering

Tao Wang, Yipeng Zhao, Zhuo Wang, Lu Nan, Zhenjiang Yu, Zhanhua Zan
For the monitoring of subway construction and operation safety, early warning and emergency measures, this paper studies the Internet of things(IoT) on safety monitoring of city subway project. This study also include the active smart sensors of city subway IoT and the wireless network composited by...
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The Design and Implementation of A Vehicle Coaching Simulation System on the Ground Driving Subjects

Dong Fang, Li Guo, Xin Wang
The problems of current vehicle driving coaching work on the ground subjects is that, the teaching ability of some driving coaches cannot meet the needs of reality the coaching procedures of which are not standard, there is no corresponding coaching simulation system. In view of which, the design and...
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Based on grey model to predict the construction wastes

Shunxi Gao
With the rapid development of urbanization in our country, production of the construction waste is rapid growth. In this paper, through the production of construction waste is analyzed, we will establish GM (1, 1) model which will forecast the production of construction waste for the next few years....
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Traffic Safety Evaluation of Urban Road Intersection Based on Grey Clustering

Jingfei Yu, Li Wang
For problems on impacting urban road traffic in view of traffic safety conditions of the urban road intersections, the paper evaluated the intersection safety levels by the traffic conflict technique and grey cluster analysis method. The result of the case analysis shows that the evaluation results are...
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Research into Quantum Measurement and De-coherence

Zhiguo Wang
Measurement is a very important object of quantum information and quantum computation theory, and an important tool for obtaining quantum information. The development of quantum measurement theory not only plays a very important role in the field of quantum theory, but also gradually penetrates into...
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An improved compatible clustering algorithm

Renxia Wan, Duoqian Miao, Caixia Li
In this paper, we discuss the problem of compatible clustering, we propose a new compatible clustering algorithm based on pNCompClu[9]. The new algorithm adopts spherical space approximation technique to replace the point neighborhood mechanism of pNCompClu. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm...
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Application of Electrical Resistance Tomography

Chenhui Su, Jianyu Zhao, Hongwei Ren, Lei Qin, Kaige Tian
Electrical tomography technology is a kind of process tomography technology. It is accompanied by the development of computer technology and sensor technology. Electrical resistance tomography is a kind of mode of electrical tomography. It has some excellent characteristics that are non-invasive, portable,...
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3D numerical analysis of anti-slide pile resistance effect and coupling effect of soil-pile interaction

Baoqin Lian, Xingang Wang, Hui Zhong
The phenomenon of the soil arch effect of anti-slide pile be discussed. Anti-slide pile resistance effect and soil-pile interaction being analyzed by three-dimensional numerical software FLAC3D With engineering examples as the background to establish numerical model, and considering the pile soil contact...
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Studies on the Delay of Smoke Detector Alarm in Underground Engineering

Di Zhang, Xiao-Ping Miao, Feng Jiang
Based on numerical simulation, the delay of smoke detector alarm was studied in this paper. The air velocity fields and smoke concentrations were introduced in to help to analyze the impact of detector location and air supply velocity on the detector alarm performance. The results revealed that the position...
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The application of DTM method in the earthwork calculation by partition

Yijie Wang, Hao Zhang
no matter which method chosen to calculate earthwork, it always needs to consider about describing the design surface as accurate as possible. However, in fact, each project has different construction from each other. And each construction has its different design elevation. Meanwhile, for a complete...
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The optimal path optimization choice and simulation based on the labeling algorithm

Di Liang, Bin Wang
This paper uses a university traffic path optimization choice as the research object to analysis the traffic situation. It use the labeling algorithm and the Dijkstra algorithm. The Matlab is used to programme and operate the results. It is mainly solved the problem of optimal route choices and several...
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The Research of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Based on the Shortest Machine-processing time

Li-Jun Zhong, Le Wang
A hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed based on the shortest machine-processing time. The searching direction is guided by the both global and local to improve the efficiency of the algorithm. It is applied to solve the engineering problems in a military enterprise, and the results are satisfied.
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Research on the Methods of Holding Control Strategy for Bus

Tingting Hu, Xiucheng Guo, Zhenping Xi, Jiabin Li
Research on the holding control methods for bus can improve the reliability of bus transfer and reduce travel delays of passengers effectively. What’s more, it can help to improve the quality and attractiveness of public transport service and promote the priority development of urban public transport....
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Numerical simulation of particle motion in the rotary flow in binoculars

Z.W. Wu, X.N. Zhang, Y.Y. Li
Using DPM model to simulate the particle with different size motion in the rotary flow in binoculars continuous, the sliding mesh used the concentric binoculars spiral flow simulation, and take the numerical simulation of the different particle motion in the flow to explore the motion characteristics...
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Study on Parameters Setting of Chan and Vese Model to Iris Segmentation

Ying Chen, Fengyu Yang
Iris recognition plays an important role in personal identification. The first and critical step in the process of an iris recognition system is iris segmentation. In this study, several aspects are done. Firstly, the fundamental of Chan-Vese level set is described. Secondly, the process of related parameters...
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Comprehensive costs and benefits evaluation of smart distribution network

Xi Yu, Jiayi Li, Shengfei Zhang, Jichun Liu, Yi Niu, Dong Wang
As an important carrier and effective way to achieve the third industrial revolution, the smart grid, with core features of digital grid, distributed energy systems, information interactive and electric vehicles, is more secure, efficient, economic, and environmental quality compared with the traditional...
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The Economic Dispatch of Power System Considering Wind Power Generation

Weiwei Yang, Pengfei Li, Wenjun Li, Chuanrong Li, Xiaoqian Gao
Currently many kinds of new energy power especially the wind power is developing fast. The wind power has significant advantages in terms of fuel costs and environmental benefits. However, the wind power do brought many difficulties to power system because its output varies from this moment to another,...
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Risk Assessment of Plan Schedule by Monte Carlo Simulation

Zhaoni Kong, Jianping Zhang, Chao Li, Xiaoying Zheng, Qingqing Guan
With an increasingly complex and rapidly changing construction circumstance, owners and their contractors are confronting challenges from risk management while maintaining control and improving performance. With great capabilities for project management solution, Monte Carlo simulation was used to forecast...
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BIM combined with the 3D laser scanning technology to lead the changes of the design industry in the future

Ying Fan, Yan Shi
With the advance of BIM technology and the burgeoning popularity of the process, the future of digital design will be gradually digitized by the CAD drawing gradually evolved into the BIM detailed model information system. Article introduced 3D laser scanning technology in this emerging technology, focus...
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The research of reasonable coastline length on fish pier based on Arena software

Zhichao Wen, Jinsong Gui, Enkai Bi
In this article, fish piers are divided into two categories, piers for unloading fish and providing ice. First of all, the number of berths and pier length are obtained on the condition of discharging quantity of products in the dock, in different years, according to the original standard formulas. Then,...
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Comprehensive Measurement Model for the Line Network Scale of Modern Trams in New Urban Districts

Junhong Hu, Haijun Zhang, Xiucheng Guo
This paper presents the measurement index system of tram-line network on the basis of the defining of its scale of modern trams. The author makes a comprehensive measurement for the line network scale of modern trams in new urban districts by using measurement theory. Based on the uncertainty mathematic...
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Discussion on the application of network technology in Construction Engineering Management

Zhi.Neng Tong
Network planning method has been widely used in engineering construction, it is in accordance with the engineering construction management requirements, especially for the project implemen-tation process organization and management. At present, the application of project management, especially the supervision...
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Solving of the Transcendental Equations in Layered Media

Neng-Zhong Lei, Ie-Lung Chung
In this paper, we use an efficient method to solve the wave numbers of transient wave propagation in layered media. To solve those problems, the analytic solution for the interior domain is combined both a homogeneous solution and a particular solution, the exterior domain is described by a homogeneous...
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Automatic measurement of discontinuity spacing based on 3D digital traces model

Jian Zheng, Yangsong Zhang, Xiaozhao Li, Xingxi Shi
The common measurement of discontinuity spacing is to use scanline surveys in field, which is inefficient and fallible. This paper proposes an automatic method to acquire discontinuity spacing based on 3D digital traces model. The results obtained are used to generate a 3D fracture network model and...
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Electric Field Strength Calculation of Regression Model Based on Principal Component Analysis

Zhuoshi Li, Zenghui Wang, Tingting Zhang, Xiaoqi Ding
In light of the transmission line electromagnetic environment of the increasingly prominent problems, this paper mainly studies the related factors of the transmission lineman frequency electric and magnetic field, using the method of principal component analysis to extract the main factors influencing...
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Digital Image Watermarking Based on Normalization and Visual Feature

Chen Chen, Huimin Guo
In this paper, a Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain robust digital watermarking algorithm based on image normalization of invariant moment and the sense of visual feature of person is proposed. In order to boost up the safety and the solidity of the watermark, the watermark is scrambled and chaotically...
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Acoustic Imaging System Based on Digital MEMS Sensors

Linsong Chen, Wenyong Guo, Yueyun Cao
Developed an acoustic imaging system applied in acoustic test. The acoustic array is made up of 260 MEMS microphones and control by a FPGA, which also in charge of transferring data by optical fiber. The mainframe is control by a FPGA. A DSP is in charge of processing the data from acoustic array. Two...
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Forest-cover monitoring based on high resolution remote sensing image

Jiajie Cui, Shiming Li
The article put forward a method on forest-cover monitoring based on high resolution remote sensing data of adjacent two year and existing vector data of forest sub-compartment. With the GF- 2 remote sensing image and Rapid-Eye images as the data sources, multi-scale segmentation under the forest land...
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About the Component’s Offcenter in ISSS

Jin Duan, Xiao-Ming Chen, Hu Qi, Yun-Gui Li
In this paper, the problem of component’s offcenter, such as shear wall offcenter, beam offcenter, etc., would be discussed in detailbased on the ISSS which is developed by the authors [1-4] to satisfy the engineering requirement for high performance simulation (HPS). The computing results would be presented...
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WiFi Management for Dense Area

Xinyan Guo
WiFi is every where now. In many places such as: home, office and public areas, the user could easily access the network, surf the internet, view the online video clips, and download big data through WiFi. However, in current WiFi infrastructure, the devices within the vicinity have to share the channel...
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The Research on Smartphones reliability evaluation

Yuanxue Song, Xinxin Sha
With the popularization of smartphone, users are more dependent on it, so the study of reliability assessment of smartphone is becoming a hot spot at present. It makes the problem more noticeable that the development of mobile phone test is slower than its production. So the demand of a reasonable solution...
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An Complex Field Network Coding Scheme in Wireless Communication

Xiang Gao, Liming Wang
Complex field network coding (CFNC) is a new network coding approach proposed to improve network throughput and achieve full diversity gain in wireless networks. In this paper, a novel complex-field network coding scheme is developed based on cooperative communication. Different from traditional network...
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An IG-RS-SVM classifier for analyzing reviews of E-commerce product

Jiajun Ye, Huan Ren, Hangxia Zhou
Analyzing reviews of E-commerce product is a kind of text classification which belongs to supervised learning. Due to the huge number of words, high dimensional feature space is a serious problem in text classification. In order to solve it, a new algorithm, IG-RS-SVM, is proposed. Information Gain (IG)...
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The Design of OA System Border Security Architecture Based on Security Isolation and Information Exchange Technology

Jun Ji, Fei-Fei Xing, Yu-Qing Zang
According to the characteristics of OA system, the paper designs the protective system of network application boundary security isolation based on OA. The advanced security isolation exchange technology is applied to the OA system to protect the internal network security, and form full protection system...
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An intelligent transportation system for hazardous materials based on the Internet of Things

Liming Cai, Wu Xia, Peng Li, Long Zhang, Jing Liu
Aiming at the lack of supervision and effective techniques in hazardous materials (Hazmat) transportation, in this paper, we use wireless sensor network (WSN), radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS), global system for mobile communication (GSM), geographic information...