Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Technology and Management Innovation

Enabling Smart Home Networks with ZigBee Technology

Siquan Hu, He Zhou, Chundong She
Corresponding author
Siquan Hu
Smart Home Network, ZigBee, CC2530
ZigBee technology is a short range, low-cost, low power-consumption and low data rate wireless sensor network technology, which makes it a suitable technology for smart home networks. In this paper we present a systematic method to construct smart home networks with ZigBee chip. Both hardware design and software design are presented. The node hardware uses core ZigBee board to provide ZigBee communication support for the specific nodes. The designs of both a smart socket node and another central control and display node are presented. The association software flow of mapping from the control key on the control node to in-net smart socket power relay is also illustrated. Deployment test showed the validation of our design.
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