Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Engineering and Management Innovation

Research on Training Mode Based on Production, Education and Researching with Occupation Ability Promotion

Zhi-Yu Zhou, Di-Chong Wu, Feng Fu, Jing Sun
Corresponding author
Combination of production, Education and researching, Occupation ability, Professional degree of postgraduate, Training mode.
In order to make the professional degree postgraduate more adapted to the developments of economic and society, we make a research on the training mode of professional degree postgraduate based on combination of production, education & researching and occupation ability promotion. In the process of strengthening the professional degree graduate training, we proposed to strengthen substantive docking between enterprise teacher and college teacher, striving for support of government and enterprise. We should strengthen on the study of practice effects of education, construct the collaborative innovated postgraduate cultivating mechanism combined with producing, education and researching and improve the occupation oriented postgraduate cultivating mode, so that we can improve the professional degree postgraduate’s practice and application ability, as well as promote the innovation ability while solving the practical engineering problems.
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