Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Engineering and Management Innovation

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Investigation and Thinking on the Middle-elementary School Teachers-training with Case-study

Hong-Guang Ha, Xiao-Ping Xiang
To have a proper probe into the current situation of teachers training in Ankang, with the help of the theories of pedagogy in teaching, we made a research into the training process and had the statistics in the training. When the detailed analyses are done, we put forward the new ideas and some strategies...
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Multidimensional Transformation of Cyberspace Field Education Management

Dong Wang
Due to the rise of online education, cyberspace has become an important field of education management. Because of virtual property, openness, interaction and other features of cyberspace field, the cyberspace education management is different from the traditional fields. Specifically, it has realized...
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Literature Review on Corporate Social Responsibility

Rong-Jia Su, Xiao-Wen Jie
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has aroused increasing interests from academic field and corporations. While pursuing profits, corporations should also fulfill social responsibilities to advance social well-being, which can in turn contribute to the success of business. The purpose of this study...
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Research on the Renewable Energy Investment Performance and Influence Factors

Dong Sun, Xue-Ping Jiang
In this paper, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) will be used on the analysis of the development trend of China's renewable energy investment efficiency. We find that China's renewable energy investment efficiency overall well developed. We also find that international political and economic environment,...
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Factor Analysis on the Fluctuation of China’s Cotton Import-Based on the CMS Model

Tai-Xiang Wang, Si-Yu Zhang, Jie Zhang, Hong-Hui Zhu
This article analyses the causes of fluctuations of the cotton import trade in China, using the modified CMS model with the date between 1994 and 2012 from the datebase of UN Comtrade. The results show that the fluctuations of the import trade on cotton in china is effected by domestic imports of gravity...
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Financial Ecological Environment Situation Analysis and Optimization Strategies in Guangxi

Feng Wei, Jing-Yi Tan, Xiang Ren
The favorable financial ecological environment is the basis of promoting economic and social development. This study taking Liuzhou as an example establishes the financial ecological environment evaluation system based on DEA model. The assessment results of Guangxi financial ecological environment shows...
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The Research of Evaluation of the Utilization Efficiency about Agricultural Information Resources on Internet

Ning Zhang
With the development of information technology, there is the rapid growth trend of agricultural information resources on the Internet, which has great significance to evaluate the efficiency of utilization of agricultural information resources on internet. Take the 100 agricultural sites in Guizhou Province...
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Motivation, Economic Outcomes and Inspiration of "Financialization" in Non-financial Listed Companies

Xing-Yue Wang
Financialization is a process whereby financial markets, financial institutions, and financial elites gain greater influence over economic policy and economic outcomes. Financialization transforms the functioning of economic systems at both the macro and micro levels. Financialization operates through...
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The Differences in Online Advertising Acceptance in China and Slovakia

Radovan Madlenak, Lucia Madlenakova
Advertising, marketing and commercial activities on the Internet are the most recent trends of the last years. In most countries of the world, the Internet is operated on a fully commercial basis. More than a half of its users need it for commercial purposes. Marketing experts in businesses are the main...
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Behavior Based Safety (BBS) for Accident Prevention and Positive Study in Construction Enterprise

Da-Wei Chen, Dong Ren
Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is one effective method on accident prevention widely applied by Europe and American countries since1980s, however little research and application is carried out in China. The experiment course of BBS was designed in this paper for China construction enterprise based on BBS...
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How High Involvement Work Systems Influence R&D Professional's Innovative Performance: An Analysis of the Mediated Moderation Effect

Xiao-Mei Zhu, Ling-Wei Kong, Long-Fei Hao
In this study, a mediated moderation model has been constructed based on 356 R&D professionals’ survey to explain the influence of high involvement work systems on professional's innovative performance. The results show that: (1) high involvement work systems have significantly positive effect on professional's...
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Problems in Teaching Management of Joint Programmes in Universities and Suggested Solutions

Tao Zhou, Yu-Xi Yuan, Chun-Qing Wu
Joint programmes have many advantages. However, common problems do exist, such as irregularity in teaching management, lack of both Chinese and foreign teachers, and the enormous pressures that students have to face. Taking the joint programmes in North China Electric Power University as example, the...
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Peasant Workers Gender Income Gap In China

Yi-Xin Dong, Sheng-Ji Li
This paper takes the city of the Pearl River Delta region of peasant workers as the research object, using quantile regression method to analyze the influence of gender on peasant workers income gap and through the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition method to evaluate the degree of inequality income in discrimination...
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Research on Responsibilities of Human Resources Management for Non-human Resources Manager

Li-Jing Wang
Human Resource Management of enterprise is a systematic engineering. In actual work, the Non-Human Resources department undertakes execution function of Human Resource Management to a certain extent. Therefore, clearing responsibilities of Human Resources Management for Non-Human Resources manager, and...
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Building a Brand in the Context of Sustainable Development

Anna Krizanova, Gabriela Masarova, Ubica Štefanikova, Martina Rypakova
The principles of sustainability are becoming to be a part of responsible behavior of the company in business activities and at the same time, it presents the opportunity how to raise competitiveness. The article presents summary of expert opinions on the green brand issue. In addition, the aim of this...
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The Establishment of Counterpart Selection Metrics for Supply Chain Finance Execution

Rui Zhang
This paper introduces the approaches for the establishment of counterpart selection metrics for supply chain finance execution. With frequency statistics and empirical analysis method, we raised 18 counterparts selection and evaluation metrics for supply chain finance execution, besides, it is established...
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The Research on Influence Facts of Supply Chain Finance Operation

Rui Zhang
This paper firstly raised four groups of hypothesis based on previous studies and practices, which are supply chain finance operation level, were influenced by external environment, the overall supply chain finance performance positive affect supply chain finance operation level, the input of financial...
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Research on the Network Public Opinion Crisis Management and Its Governance Principles in Universities

Ke Jiang
With network technology development, the network becomes the main tool for people to get information from outside and express opinions or suggestions. Network public opinion is an important matter on the response to social problems. Therefore, the primary task of maintaining social stability is managing...
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Approaches to Improve the Ability of Serving Local Economic and Social Development in Higher Vocational Colleges

Rong-Xiang Zhong, Hong Gan, Dan Pan
In this paper, three aspects on the development of higher vocational colleges, from the requirements of local economic and social development situation, Higher Vocational Colleges Serving Local Economic and social development of Higher Vocational Colleges Construction and expansion, emphatically discusses...
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Research on the Evaluation and Performance of Regional Tourism Industrial Agglomeration

Ting-Min Ke
With the development of China’s tourism economy, the tourism industry has gradually become a new growth point of national economy and promotes the development of the third industry an important focal point. At present, the 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China respectively positioned...
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Research on Training Mode Based on Production, Education and Researching with Occupation Ability Promotion

Zhi-Yu Zhou, Di-Chong Wu, Feng Fu, Jing Sun
In order to make the professional degree postgraduate more adapted to the developments of economic and society, we make a research on the training mode of professional degree postgraduate based on combination of production, education & researching and occupation ability promotion. In the process of strengthening...
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Research on Approaches of Cultivating Innovative Ability of Academic Postgraduate

Zhi-Yu Zhou, Di-Chong Wu, Feng Fu
The cultivation of high-quality talents of innovative spirit and innovation ability is not only an important issue that significant to theory study and practice exploration, but it is also an knotty problem need to be solved when college promotes the development of postgraduate. In this paper, we present...
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Research about the Advanced Manufacturing Services with Empirical and Development Status in Guangxi: Based on the Theory of Input-output

Zhi-Ping Lu, Yuan-Yuan Yan, Xiang Wu
This paper describes the introduction of advanced manufacturing and manufacturing services in China and the global. Basis on that, we analyze the development of the advanced manufacture services with models and indicators. By using the theory of input-output to analyze the coefficient proportion of investment...
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Evaluation and Election for Advanced Manufacturing Industry of Guangxi: Based on the Variation Coefficient Method

Zhi-Ping Lu, Xiang Wu, Yuan-Yuan Yang
In the process of economic globalization, domestic and foreign industry adjustments and technology transfer have brought new opportunities for economic development. It is significant to develop advanced manufacturing in Guangxi, which helps achieve the 12th five-year goal and promotes deeper cooperation...
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An Empirical Study on the Supportive Role of High-end Producer Services in Manufacturing Industry of Guangxi Based on Gray Correlation Theory

Zhi-Ping Lu, Yuan-Long Zhang
This paper uses the gray correlation theory to carry out a quantitative study on the supportive role of producer services in manufacturing industry of Guangxi province based on the statistics of Guangxi’s high-end producer services and manufacturing industry between 2008 and 2013. The study result shows...
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Market Profitability Factors Exploration after the Stock Holding Event of Listed Companies Executives-Evidence from China's Stock Market

Yan-Qing Liang, Shu-Lin Zhang, Yi Cui
There are fewer detailed studies and empirical research on the related profitability factors for executives increase shareholding event of listed companies in China. We find out the market has a significant positive average cumulative abnormal returns after the announcement of listed companies’ executive...
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Increasing Firm’s Innovation Performance through Formal and Informal Integrating Mechanisms

Hang Wu
There is consensus in the knowledge management literature that knowledge integration mechanism is fundamental for firms to conduct innovation successfully. However, few studies examine the dimensions or characteristics of knowledge integration mechanism and how these mechanisms influence firms’ innovation...
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The Affection of Exponential Growth on Scale-free Network

Bei-You Li, Tian-Fan Song, Rui-Ling Bian
The combination of growth and preferential attachment is responsible for the power-law distribution of vertices’ degree in random networks; however there are many kinds of growing ways of real networks. Based on preferential attachment and exponential growth, the paper presents the analytical results...
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Discussion on Selection of Accounting Methods for University-affiliated Hospitals

Lu-Lu Ma
Most of affiliated hospitals to colleges and universities are subordinate to the financial departments. Cash basis of accounting is used in these hospitals. But with the introduction of the new Financial Regulations for Institutions of Higher Learning, more requirements are imposed on cost accounting...
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Strategic Analysis of Pacific Hydro Limited

Kang-Yin Lu, Jin-Xia Zhu
This report focuses on the critical strategic analysis of Pacific Hydro. With the purpose of analyzing Pacific Hydro and proposing its strategic issues objectively, secondary statistics are gathered. The key strategic issues are analyzed by SWOT. Finally, three major strategic issues related to Pacific...
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Research on International Management Reform and Practice in University Teaching

Tao Zhou, Xiao-Lu Fang, Juan Chen, Yu-Xi Yuan
The University Teaching Management internationalization is an important part of the university education internationalization, and is also an important way for university development. By analyzing the current internationalization situation of domestic and foreign universities, determine that the key...
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Reform and Application of Using Blended Learning in Teaching and Learning Systematic Anatomy

Jian-Guo Zhang
With the development of Internet, digital technology, anatomy teaching faces a new problem. In order to adapt to the development of medical education and the transformation of medical model, strengthen the cultivation of undergraduate students learning ability of human anatomy, we conducted a "blended...
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Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Xiong Xie, Mei-Yan Chen, Xiao-Wen Jie
The paper constructs an evolutionary game model of enterprise and public in the intervention of government, so as to discuss the strategy choice that is whether enterprise fulfills social responsibility or public conduct supervision. Through establishing replicated dynamic equation of the game between...
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HR Mobile Technology: Current Station, International Comparison and Trends

Qiu-Qiu Zhang, Yu Lu
To win the competitive advantage in market, more and more companies began to apply HR mobile technology. The paper from 7 dimension to design questionnaire, which include “administrative, workforce management, talent management, business intelligent, service delivery, workforce optimization and social...
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A Study on the Difference of Heterogeneous Firms in Productivity, Production Scale and Production Technology

Yang Liu
Lots of empirical researches using firm-level data from several countries have proved that there is substantial difference in productivity, production scale and production technology of firms which are classified into same industry. This document constructs a theoretical model to explain this phenomenon...
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A Case Study: An Analysis of Organizational Changes of Henan Machinery and Electric Import and Export Corporation

Bing Wang
This paper describes change events as a case study in a company called Henan Machinery and Electronic Import and Export Corporation, and analyzes the change events utilizing constructs of organizational environments, structure, leadership and culture, in order to get a better understanding of the change...
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A Research on the Influential Factors to Organizational Commitment in IT Industry

Xing-Yuan Huang, Qian Wang
How to deal with the relationship between the organization and employees is the core of Human Resource Management in today's society. In recent years employee dismission rate in IT industry in China is very high, one of the causes of which is their low organizational commitment. Therefore, it is of great...
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The Semiotic Significance of China Rich List in Transitional China-Based on Forbes Rich List and Hurun Rich List

Wen-Hua Chen, Li-Li Chen
Private enterprises are an important part of socialist market economy, playing a significant role in pushing economic development and social transition. Forbes China Rich List and Hurun Rich List are the miniature of Chinese economic and social development after reforming and opening. Based on the study...
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Financing the Counteraction of Natural Disasters’ Effects in Lower Silesian Voivodeship

Zbigniew Piepiora, Marian Kachniarz, Arkadiusz Babczuk
Authors present the financial aspects of the counteraction of the natural disasters’ effects. On the background of the conducted analysis in of Lower Silesian voivodeship (NUTS 2) in Poland, following conclusions can be drawn. Expenses for counteracting the natural disasters’ effects were co-financed...
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Evolution of Chinese Characters and Knowledge Management

Valerie (C.Y.) Zhu, Jun Wang, W.B. Lee
Language is part of national culture, which ingrains (embeds) values system and life style of the people in which it is applied. Retrospect to human history, we once has the most important and the most ancient civilizations----Egypt, ancient Babylon, India and China. As time went by, the other three...
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Research on the Influence of Real Estate Investment and Economic Growth in China

Wen-Xian Huang, Hong-Yun Ma
Real estate investment has beeninfluncing economic growth and fluctuations more evidently recently. A preliminary analysis on the status of REI, economic growth and fixed investment will be carried out on the relationship between Real Estate Investment and Economic Growth which is based on input-output...
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The Influence of Task-based Metadiscourse Instruction on University Students’ Writing Quality

Li Chang
Recently, metadiscourse has been under study from a descriptive point of view and has been revealed to be a prominent characteristic of various types of academic text, which cover school textbooks, university textbooks, doctoral dissertations and pedagogical studies such as reading comprehension, listening...
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The Impact of Exports on Productivity: Evidence from China’s Machinery Manufacturing Firms

Ling-Ju Yan
The relationship between export and economic growth is one of the key problems in international trade research. The economists focus on how export impacts economic growth recently. Many developed and developing countries’ firms and plants have been most extensively studied. However, Chinese firms or...
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Study on the Model of Relationship between Manufacturing Green Supply Chain and Enterprise Green Behaviors

Zhi-Ping Lu, Lv Lv
This paper erected a model of relationship between manufacturing green supply chain and enterprise green behaviors by using the Analytic Network Process theory. We took Guangxi province as an example. With the help of Analytic Network Process and related software data statistics, we draw out the effect...
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Exploration of Higher Vocational Logistics Teaching Mode Based on the Modern Education Technology

Ya-Feng Guan
This paper explains the means and effects of teaching by modern educational technology in higher vocational logistics According to The characteristics of Logistics Course teaching, several information technology are used. Obviously, the ability to adapt of Graduates is more and more enhanced, and they...
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Investigation of Management Innovation Process Based on Conflict-solving Method by TRIZ Theory

Min Wang, Dong-Sheng Zhang, Li Zhang
TRIZ theory has been widely applied to the technical innovation. However it still lacks of efficient conflict-solving tools in the field of management innovation. In the study, we overview the use of tool in TRIZ for solving the technical and management innovation problem, such as the 40 Inventive Principles...
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Analysis of Military-civilian Integration Influence Factor for Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry

Liang Jiang
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) possesses the feature of multi-disciplinary synthesis. The technology development of UAV needs joint efforts come from military industrial enterprises, universities and private enterprise in all aspects. The widely application prospect in military-civilian makes the UAV...
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Intra-product Specialization, Technological Dependency and Organization Structure of Heterogeneous Firms

Yang Liu
This document integrates GHM model and Nash-bargain game into dynamic game of north-south framework with heterogeneous firms, and uses backward deduction method to resolve the equilibrium organization structure of heterogeneous firms. This document argues that the degree of technological dependency of...
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Exploration on Theory Framework of Business Model Design

Jian-Zhou Dai
The business model is at the heart of strategic design. A good business model design is the important guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises, being an important source of competitive advantage. Proceeding from the realization of customer value, based on value stream analysis, finding...
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The Research of Creative Problem Solving Mode Based on TRIZ

Guo-Bin Tao, Guang-Jie Fu, Bing-Kun Gao, Jian-Jun Xu, Yong Zhang
TRIZ theory is more universal, practical and feasible than other innovative theory. In this paper, it is discussed that TRIZ theory supports innovation activities by comparison with the traditional and innovative ways. TRIZ theory application framework for solving innovation problems is presented based...
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Innovation Mix of Development Model Transformation of Chinese Construction Enterprises

Xiao-Hong Xie, Yong Li
From the perspectives of partnership theory, value chain theory and knowledge-based economy theory, the present paper came up with three innovative models of development & transformation for Chinese Construction Enterprises, i.e. alliance, service-oriented construction, and knowledge-based economy; built...
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Future Directions for Smart Grid: A Conceptual Model

Ke-Zhou Li, Lai-Leng Lao, Yu-Qiang Guo
Although growth of renewables and other low-carbon energy sources is envisaged, there are many concerns about the flexibility, variability, non-controllability of the sources and the ability to maintain the balance between demands and supply. Then, what will be the future directions for intelligent power...
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An Improved Optimization Approach Based on Competitive Algorithm

Qi-Mei Wang, Shu-Hui Xu, Zhi-Hong Yang
In the paper, we developed an improved approach for the imperialist competitive algorithm to help the original algorithm escape from local optimal area and obtain better performance. The Nelder-Meand simplex method is also introduced to execute alternately with the original procedures of the algorithm....
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A Study on Industry Inosculated Development and Integrated Innovation Based on Modularity Theory

Gang Kong, Qian Li
The paper re-constructs modularly Chinese telecommunication industry according to the visible rules (structure, interface, and standard) and invisible rules of Modularity Theory. Based on them, the paper advances the paths of integrated innovation which consider “integrated learning of competition and...