Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management Engineering and Management Innovation

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) for Accident Prevention and Positive Study in Construction Enterprise

Da-Wei Chen, Dong Ren
Corresponding author
Behavior based safety (BBS), Accident prevention, Safety index (SI), Construction enterprise.
Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is one effective method on accident prevention widely applied by Europe and American countries since1980s, however little research and application is carried out in China. The experiment course of BBS was designed in this paper for China construction enterprise based on BBS research situation. Safety Index (SI) change trend chart was established and SI was used to evaluate safety behavior and change trend. The experiment results showed that BBS made remarkable performance on accident prevention and the trial employee’s SI was enhanced 15% than base line during the experiment. The above results also showed that the BBS method designed in this paper was effective and adaptable to construction enterprise in China.
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