Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022)
Date: 15-17 July 2022
Location: Chongqing, China (Online)

The 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022), a virtual conference, was successfully held in Chongqing, China on July 15-17, 2022. ICMSSE 2022 aimed to provide a platform for scholars, engineers and technicians in the field of management and software engineering to share research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, and to promote the institutionalization and standardization of management science through modern research.

We were greatly delighted and honored to have Prof. Quanxin Zhu from Hunan Normal University, China to serve as our Conference General Chair. There were about 200 individuals worldwide who attended the conference. Divided into three parts, the conference agenda included keynote speeches, oral presentations and online Q&A discussion. Primarily, the keynote speakers were each allocated 30-45 minutes to address their speeches. Then in the next part, oral presentations, the excellent papers we had selected were presented by their authors one by one.

Seven sophisticated professors were invited to hold their speeches during the conference. Among them, Assoc. Prof. Hongyi Sun from City University of Hong Kong, China performed a thought-provoking speech on The BMMB Model and 6Pi Framewrok for Innovation and Engineering Management. This presentation introduced a BMMB model (Body-Mind-Matter-BoK), which would be summerized in a U model of Chinese Wisdom and may explain the success of Asian economic miracles in Chinese culture circle, to explore the impact of Chinese culture on innovation and engineering management. And then Assoc. Prof. Hongbo Li from Shanghai University, China addressed a speech: An Effective Genetic Algorithm for the Resource Leveling Problem with Generalized Precedence Relations. A novel genetic algorithm (GA) for the resource leveling problem with generalized precedence relations (RLP-GPR) was put forward. What’s more, a twopass local search based improvement procedure was devised and integrated into the GA to enhance the algorithmic performance. Their dramatic keynote speeches had triggered heated discussion during the online Q&A discussion. And every participant praised this conference for disseminating useful and insightful knowledge.

We are glad to share with you that we received lots of submissions and we selected a bunch of high-quality papers and compiled them into the proceedings after rigorously reviewing them. These papers feature but are not limited to the following topics: ERP Systems, Decision Support Systems, Marketing Engineering and Management, Methods and Techniques for Software Development, Requirements Engineering, Modeldriven Architecture and Engineering, etc. All the papers have been checked through rigorous review and processes to meet the requirements of publication.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation all of those who supported ICMSSE 2022 and made it a great success. Especially, we would like to acknowledge the organizing committee, for its valuable inputs in shaping the conference program and reviewing the submitted papers. The help and contribution of each individual and institution was instrumental in the success of the conference.

Committee of ICMSSE 2022