Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Multimedia Technology(ICMT-13)

726 authors
Zhijie, Lin
Immersive Virtual Tour using Multi-projection with Remote Cluster Rendering
Zhiqian, Chen
Logo Localization and Recognition Based on Spatial Pyramid Matching with Color Proportion
Zhiqiang, Gao
A Comparative Study on Statistical Classification Methods in Relation Extraction
Zhiqun, Li
Design of Low Power Low Phase Noise 5-GHz Frequency Synthesizer for WSN Applications
Zhiqun, Li
Design of Low Voltage Low Noise Amplifier for 800MHz WSN Applications
Zhiqun, Li
A Wideband Variable Gain Amplifier Design for 60GHz Millimeter-wave Receiver
Zhiqun, Li
A Fast AFC Loop with A Low Power Consumption, Low Phase Noise LC VCO
Zhiqun, Li
Design of 2-3.5GHz Transmitter Front-End
Zhiqun, Li
A 2.4 GHz 1V Low Power LNA in Subthreshold Region
Zhiqun, Li
Design of 500MHz Wideband RF Front-end
Zhiqun, Li
Design of Class-D Power Amplifier for WSN Applications
Zhiqun, Li
Design of 7-bit 16-MSample/s Low Supply Low Power Digital-to-Analog Converter
Zhiqun, Li
A Low Voltage Current-reuse Quadrature Down-conversion Mixer for WSN Application
Zhiqun, Li
Design of Low Voltage Up-conversion Mixer for WSN Applications
Zhiqun, Li
Design of Reconfigurable Low-pass Filter for 60GHz Wireless Communication
Zhiqun, Li
Design of a 24 GHz Programmable Frequency Divider in 65-nm CMOS Process
ZhongHua, Cao
Research on the realization of 3D urban traffic simulation system
Zhongzhi, Shi
A Robust and Discriminative Feature Representation based on Compact Coding
Zhou, Ying
RTP Encapsulation for Scalable Video Stream and its Application in NS-2 Simulation
Zhu, Xiuchang
Directional Bicubic Interpolation — A New Method of Image Super-Resolution
Zhu, Peiping
Phase contrast imaging (PCI) investigation for mouse kidney
Zhu, Juanjuan
Electronic Image Stabilization based on Motion Classification
Zong-Yi, Chen
Fast Inter Prediction for H.264 to HEVC Transcoding
Zongmin, Wang
Optimization of Content Placement Scheme for Social Media on Distributed Content Clouds
Zongming, Duan
Design of 2-3.5GHz Transmitter Front-End
Zuoqi, Hu
Construction of Irregular LDPC Codes by Row Partition