Proceedings of the International Conference on New Trends in Languages, Literature and Social Communications (ICNTLLSC 2021)

Session: Linguistic Studies

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Linguistic Diversity in the Urban Linguistic Landscape of Sibiu

Adeline-Alexandra Berdie
The aim of this paper is to present, categorize and describe the linguistic landscape of Sibiu, by capturing the visible presence of the languages in that area. It examines the use of different languages in the public space of Sibiu, comparing the use of the state language (Romanian) to the use of the...
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Slavic Paroemiology as a Linguistic Science: Traditional and Contemporary Trends

Natalia Sharmanova, Oksana Chaika, Natalia Berezovska-Savchuk, Vasyl Denysiuk
The present paper aims at revisiting the Slavic paroemiology as a linguistic science, from the perspective of new trends, generally accepted scientific and linguistic methods, and approaches to its interpretation in the language structure via the descriptive way of theoretical approaches. The challenges...
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Approaches to Design of the Linguocultural Type “Celebrities”

Halyna Melnychuk, Ryta Lopatych
This work is carried out in the framework of linguoculturology and the theory of linguocultural types as one of the current trends in modern linguistics. The article considers the linguocultural type “Prominente / Prominenter” as a special type of the concept. The choice of the object of study is dictated...
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Using English Borrowings in Modern Ukrainian Advertising

Liudmyla Bakhmat, Violetta Panchenko, Olha Bashkir
Due to globalization, the Ukrainian language is aggressively bombarded with internationalisms and foreign borrowings. Currently, anglicisms are being actively introduced. With a shift to market economy, advertising has turned into an important factor of social developments and recent trends. Thus, the...
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Linguo-Cognitive Nature of God Concept in B.-I. Antonych and J. Twardowski’s Poetics

Halyna Bachynska, Tetyana Vilchynska, Oksana Werbowetska, Veronika Chaikivska
The article is devoted to analyzing the linguo-cognitive nature of the concept of God in two national ethnolinguistic cultures – Ukrainian and Polish. The study is based on the best philosophical and religious texts represented by the works of B.-I. Antonych and J. Twardowski. Given the objective complexity...
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Examining the Context of E-Dictionary Use in Language Studies

Tetiana Vakaliuk, Oksana Chernysh, Karaferye Figen, Raul Ferrer-Conill
E-learning industry is constantly expanding, offering an increasing array of E-learning tools to meet learners’ needs and bridge the education gap. Convenience and accessibility make E-learning a significant global educating force. It is widely accepted that E-learning greatly contributes to life-long...
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Food (Glutonic) Linguocode in the Typology of Cultural Codes

Zhanna Koloiz
The article deals with the concept of “cultural code”, actual approaches to the classification of the codes within the cultural framework. This work also represents the general typology of cultural codes, which can be considered as verbal or nonverbal. The last includes visual, auditory, tactile, odorous...