Proceedings of the International Conference on Ethics in Governance (ICONEG 2016)

The Development of State Civil Apparatus

Muhammad Eko Atmojo, Nur Khaerah, Dyah Mutiarin
Corresponding author
Muhammad Eko Atmojo
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Governance; human resources; public service; developing civil servants.
Human resources problems in Indonesia are: the distribution of civil servants who are has not been spread evenly based on competence, and there is still much accumulation of civil servants in areas city. This study attempts to describe and assess the role of regional employee agency special region of Yogyakarta in the implementation of the civil development servants. This research uses a qualitative methodology, by which objects of execution in this research is the regional employee agency particular region (Badan Kepegawaian Daerah) of Yogyakarta that is one best practices in developing civil servants. Therefore, can get civil servants who are competent and professional in carrying out their duties. Findings from the study show that local employee agency regional of Yogyakarta expand employees through some things of them are as follows: education and training (DIKLAT), rotation and position promotion.
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