Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2017)

The Typology of Organizational Forms of Companies' Integration

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
Corresponding author
Victor S. Efremov
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organizational forms, integration of companies, taxonomic analysis, cooperative type of integration, corporate type of integration, combination type of integration
The objective of this work is to study the nature of economic and organizational processes that underlie the integration of companies. We believe that the lack of understanding of that nature can lead to surprising results as regards its purposes and in terms of costs and an expected effect of these. To achieve the purpose, a taxonomic analysis of 10 known organizational forms the companies' integration was conducted, for which at the beginning it was required to justify the characteristics that distinguish one form from another and set their domain of definition. The work provides an explanation of the characteristics chosen for taxonomic analysis as well as an interpretation of their values. The results show that despite its apparent diversity all know organizational forms of integration tend to be classified in three types: cooperative, corporate and combination types of companies' integration. In the basis of such types of forming there are processes of business collaboration, concentration and combination correspondently.
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