Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ICSET 2017)

Mapping of Learning Achievement and Profile of Graduates of Bachelor of Education Technology in Several Universities in Indonesia as an Effort to Strengthen Development Profession of Competitive Instuctional Technology

Agus Wedi, Ence Surahman
Corresponding author
competence, educational technology, profession
The diversity of learning achievements and the profile of graduates of educational technology programs in Indonesia has become an obstacle to the common interest in the existence and development of professions and science of Education Technology in Indonesia. The study in this paper reveals the mapping of learning achievements and the profile of educational technology graduates in several universities in Indonesia. From learning achievement mapping and graduate graduate profile, it is clear that the learning achievement has not been standardized all the Education Technology program. In addition, the core courses of educational technology can be developed in accordance with KKNI standards and basic task of functional position of technology learning developers. These are some perceptions about the profile of graduates of educational technology courses that can be referred to by stakholder not only for the internal educational technology community but for the external side of the educational technology community. The follow up of this descriptive analysis is the possibility to approve the number of core courses on a national scale as initiated through the Association of Indonesian Education Technology Studies Programs. It intends to prepare the technological workforce of reliable learning and open more space for the graduation of educational technology in order to improve the quality of education of Indonesia.
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