Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ICSET 2017)

Curriculum Development Of Educational Technology Based On The Strengthening Of Courses Expertness Group

Sulthoni, Wedi Agus, Eka Pramono Adi
Corresponding author
curriculum, educational technology, courses' expertness group
This research is aimed to provide an in-depth study on the method of curriculum development based on strengthening the expertness in supporting the profession of educational technology. This study used a qualitative approach, and conducted at the Laboratory of Educational Technology State University of Malang. The data were searched through observation, interview, and documentation. Results showed that the curriculum has been constructed based on: (1) vision, mission, and its targets, competencies of the graduates, (3) reviews results delivered by the experts, practitioners, alumni, stake holders, and (4) graduate assessment needs. The profession of educational technology was developed scientifically. Educational technology is a study and ethically practiced to facilitate learning performance through creating, using, and managing adequately the resources of technological process. In Indonesia this area has a common paradigm generated from the science of education, not the design product.
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