Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Sensors, Mechatronics and Automation (ICSMA 2016)

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A Novel Identification Approach to Encryption Mode of Block Cipher

Cheng Tan, Yifu Li, Shan Yao
Encryption mode describes how a block cipher operates in a cryptosystem and the implementation detail of cryptographic algorithm. In general, the encryption mode of a block cipher is unknown to a cryptanalyst. It plays a significant role in cryptanalysis work on block cipher to identify the encryption...
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New Lyapunov-Krasovskii stability condition for uncertain linear systems with interval time-varying delay

Weifeng Zhang, Junjun Hui, Wenqi Gao
This paper investigates the robust delay-dependent stability problem of a class of linear uncertain system with interval time-varying delay. Based on delay-central point method, the whole delay interval is divided into two equidistant subintervals at its central point and a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii (L-K)...
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The Modes of Future China Electricity Markets and Its Impacts on IT Systems of System Operator

Yuandong Ma, Zhenglin Yang
The issue of Order No. [2015]9 by CPC Central Committee and State Council, Opinions on Further Deepening Electric Power System Reform, and its supporting documents launch new round of deregulation of electric power industry. According to analysis of the most likely three modes of future China electricity...
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Empirical Research on Vulnerability Assessment of Supply Chain Network Based on Cascading Effect[ This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (71401156) and Zhejiang Xinmiao Talents Scheme(2015R408037). Tinggui Chen is the corresponding autor.]

Qingte Zhou, Liuxiao Yang, Yiyi Shi, Tinggui Chen
The growing complexity of the supply chain brings benefits as well as vulnerability. The research on the reasons of vulnerability of the supply chain and the evaluation method is the premise of implementing effective management measures. Based on cascading effect, complex network theory is applied to...
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Experimental Verification of The Spot of Near-field Fresnel Zone Plate With Sweeping Frequency

Jian Zhao, Honghao Wei
The spot of near-field Fresnel zone plate (NFFZP) is very important in electromagnetic field. In this paper, an NFFZP which has been designed to focus a spherical wave at a spot is measured, and the formula for the steered near-field spot of the NFFZP versus frequency is presented and proved. Furthermore,...
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Plant Protection Robot Row-type Guidance Technique Based on Laser Radar

Yongze Zhang, Changsheng Ai, Delin Wu, Linhao Yang, Wei Zhang
The research objective was to achieve local path planning of plant protection robot in row-type plants like vineyard. To acquire the robot pose (yaw angle and lateral offset) in row-type plants, laser radar was used as a single sensor to detect the row-type plants information, fitted row boundary line...
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Research On Business Model Innovation Of Internet + Agricultural Products

Ying Meng, Xiaoyan Lai
"Internet +" refers to the full play of the Internet in the allocation of resources and is a combination of the Internet's innovative achievements and the industries in our country, to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and creativity of various industries, and to form a wider range of new economic...
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Study on Remote Monitoring System of Subway Central Air-conditioning Systems Based on Internet of Things

Lingyun Wang, Wei Zhang, Linghong Xu, Peng Ni
This paper proposes a scheme for remote monitoring system of central air-conditioning systems of subways based on the Internet of Things technology after analyzing the characteristics of such technology and the function requirements of the system. The general structure of this scheme, which includes...
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The Study of Data Copies in Cloud Environment

Zhong Zong
The redundancy of data copies is the key problem of replica management for the storage of copies of data in cloud environment. This paper proposes a tactic of dynamic copies redundancy based on the heat of document. The heat is calculated by the access frequency in different period. The redundancy of...
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Research on Automatic Steering Control System for Plant Protection Robots

Wei Zhang, Changsheng Ai, Delin Wu, Weixin Li, Yongze Zhang
Aiming at the problem of agricultural robots such as being difficult to adapt to the complex operating environment in field ,highter cost for promotion and application ,designed an automatic steering system based on the steering wheel angle-sensor and the steering motor ,formed a closed-loop control...
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Grey Wolf Optimizer based on Nonlinear Adjustment Control Parameter

Wen Long
Grey wolf optimizer (GWO) is a relatively novel stochastic optimization technique which has bee shown to be competitive to other methods. However, the control parameterof GWO is decreased from 2 to 0 over the course of iterations. Inspired by particle swarm optimization (PSO), a novel nonlinear adjustment...
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Design of Polymorphic Network Architecture Based on Integrated Operation Gateway

Ligang Li, Jinchao Xiao, Zhongfeng Wang, Jianlong Huang
In order to meet the diverse needs of equipment on-line monitoring, process monitoring in process industry, this paper designs a polymorphic network architecture based on an integrated gateway. It can easily adjust the network operation mode according to the change of application requirements. It provides...
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All-optical switch based on nonlinear photonic crystals ring resonator

Yonghua Yuan, Zhengbiao Ouyang
An all-optical switch based on nonlinear ring resonator in a photonic crystal is proposed in this paper. The size of the structure proposed is 18a 18a, where a=0.609 m is the lattice constant of the device. Graphene is used as the nonlinear material and wave absorbing material. The optical switch has...
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Digital Image Multiple Encryption Algorithm based on Compressive Sensing

Zhan Yu, Changlun Zhang, Hengyou Wang, Nan Ning
We propose a new method for the efficiency and the security of digital image transmission, termed digital image multiple encryption algorithm based on compressive sensing. Compressive sensing is utilized to compress and encrypt a digital image with the random measurement matrix as key, Arnold transform...
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Modeling Student Relationship in Class: A Social Network Evaluation

Sui Huang, Donghua Zhan
Relationship status contributes uniquely to student's emotional adjustment and academic performance. We use a half anonymous survey tool to establish favorite and exclusionary social relationship in class and aim to develop a model to evaluate holistic relationship status personally. Social network centrality...
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RV Reducer Dynamic Performance Test Bed Design in Closed Power Flow

Wenbo Fu, Changsheng Ai, Chenglong Tang, Yongshun Yang, Guoping Li, Honghua Zhao
On the basis of the comparison between the open power flow pattern and the closed power flow pattern, a dynamic performance test bench of RV reducer with closed power flow is proposed. It is used to test the RV reducer dynamic performance, such as wear test and fatigue test. Test bench structure uses...
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A kind of Secure and Energy Conservation Routing Algorithm based on Trust Recommendation in Ad Hoc Networks

Aobo Ben, Mingming Zhang, Li Du
Because of the open wireless channel, the dynamic change of network topology and the large energy consumptions, Ad Hoc networks are more vulnerable to security attacks and energy is easy to run out. In order to solve these problems, this paper proposes a kind of Secure and Energy Conservation Routing...
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A Compact W shape Snow Fractal Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications

Zhen Yu, Jianguo Yu, Xiaoying Ran
A novel compact W shape snow fractal multi-broadband planar antenna is proposed for mobile handsets in the paper. W shape two iteration fractal structure is combined with hexagonal monopole radiator, a nested concentric hexagon slot and coplanar waveguide (CPW) feed structure. The antenna can cover more...
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Research on Semi-supervised Classification with an Ensemble Strategy

Zhanhao Han, Shiqun Yin
The classification approach based on semi-supervised learning, which is based on small sample sizes marked on the sample by means of a non-labeled improve the classification performance. In order to improve the ability of semi-supervised learning, this paper presents an approach based on the basis of...
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Research on selective disassembly sequence planning for Repair

Mingxing Deng, Jumei Wang, Qiuhua Tang, Liping Zhang
In order to improve the efficiency of selective disassembly sequence planning for repair, a selective disassembly sequence planning approach based on ant colony algorithm is proposed. Hybrid Precedence Graph(HPG) is constructed to describe the geometric constraints among constituting components and components'...
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Multi-lane Detection Based on RMFP For Self-Driving in urban traffic scenes

Chao Li, Hongzhe Liu, Yongrong Zheng, Hanyu Xuan
The lane detection is important for the autonomous vehicle vision navigation used in the intelligent transportation system (ITS). Several approaches for lane detection were suggested in the past. However, there is still one issue about robustness. This paper presents a robust and real-time multi-lane...
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Method of Fault Diagnosis in Gyrocompass Based on CBR

Yundong Han, Pengshan Du, Changqing Yang, Hongcan Hu, Qian Huang
For the disadvantage of traditional expert system and the characteristic of gyrocompass, a normal process of case-based reasoning (CBR) is analyzed. The advantages of getting knowledge easily, translating clearly and understanding facilely are indicated. Moreover, a method of fault diagnosis of gyrocompass...
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Design of Artillery Operational Experiment Platform Based on the Information System

Jianli Zhang, Zhongwei Guo, Lijian Ji, Qinghua Ni
Artillery operational experiment platform was designed from function and structure based on the information system. The functions of the platform is composed of five parts ,which are role set, Guide and control, Command and control, Evaluation and decision, Multi-level integrated experiment. The structure...
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Design and Research on Universal 1553B Bus Controller Communication Module

Yongshan Liu, Ping Wu, Chengxiao Zou
The software compatibility problems of 1553B Bus Controller system caused by the application of different manufacturers, making it inconvenience to users and reducing efficiency of development of new products. To solve the problem, the paper designs and develops universal communication module for Bus...
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Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation Analysis of the Electro-Hydraulic Actuator in Non-Load Condition

Liming Yu, Hongfei Liu
The objective of this paper is to present how an actuator can be modeled with the Bond Graph method. A complete EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Actuator) is modeled by 20-sim, from the electrical power supply to the rod of hydraulic cylinder. By analyzing simulation results in 20-sim, the accuracy of the bond...
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Production Scheduling with Mould Maintenance in Flow Shop

Lu Shen, Hongbing Yang, Sheng Gao, Jia Fang
Unavailability of mould for preventive maintenance is usually ignored in research on production scheduling, this paper proposes to take setup and maintenance activities of mould into consideration and establishes an optimization model with objective of total weighted tardiness and earliness to demonstrate...
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Quality Research in MOOCs

Bing Wu, Chenyan Zhang
This article focuses on a review of quality research in MOOCs from science citation index expanded (SCI-EXPANED) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) database on web of science, concerning the rapid growth of interest in understanding MOOCs. Research results indicate that (1) the number of citations...
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Software Defect Prediction based on Adaboost algorithm under Imbalance Distribution

Yan Gao, Chunhui Yang
Software defects will lead to software running error and system crashes. Many methods were proposed to solve this problem. However, the imbalance distribution of software defects leads to the major bias and accuracy loss for most software defect prediction methods. In this paper, we propose an application...
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Frequency conversion control method for reducing switching loss of inverter

Shixian Li, Fanghua Zhang
Inverter with sinusoidal pulse width modulation in the operation of certain moments of the inductor current ripple is smaller, still maintain a switch with higher frequency, which will undoubtedly increase the loss of inverter unnecessarily. In this paper, a new control method of the inverter switching...
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Innovation Communities For Business Research

Bing Wu, Chenyan Zhang
This article focuses on a review of innovation communities for business from science citation index expanded (SCI-EXPANED) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) database on web of science, concerning the rapid growth of interest in understanding innovation communities. Research results indicate that...
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Design and Application of Real-time Database Model for Smart Residential Quarter

Chenlu Tian, Shaolin Wang, Guiqing Zhang, Jiajun Luo
With the development of smart city and smart residential quarter, there are new data demand of time constraint, heterogeneous and distributed data integration, resource sharing ,global management and coordination and regional autonomy. To meet the demands, this thesis reviews the current situation of...
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A Face Detector Based On Flexible Matching

Guang Chen
Face detector is the first stage for some biometric applications, like face recognition or advanced human computer interaction, which usually needs the face detection step to be efficient and robust enough to achieve better results. In this paper Hausdorff distance is used to search interested region,...
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Study on the oxidation and acid corrosion of the black shale

Jian Li, Ruyu Huang, Xin Liao, Xiyong Wu
The Qingxi Formation black shales which are distributed in Sanjiang region of Guangxi province, China, are studied as the object in this paper. The mineralogical and chemical compositions of rock and weathering product samples were determined by X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectrometer....
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MVDR algorithem for wideband coherent source signals based on data reconstruction

Hui Xia
Minimum Variance Distortionless Response(MVDR) algorithm for wideband coherent signals based on data reconstruction is proposed.Based on the sampling theorem, the output of different array elements at the same time is taken as the sampling of the continuous line array, and the data of the time domain...
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Intelligent Decision Model Based on Optimized Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Hui Xia
Rough set theory can be applied to rule induction.The rough set theory approximates a concept by three regions, namely, the positive,boundary and negative regions.Because of making decision by rough set constructing model, cost of the decision should be considered, we will propose an optimized simulated...