Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Sensors, Mechatronics and Automation (ICSMA 2016)

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The simulation of transient braking force effects for disc brake caliper bench test machine

Ming-Hsiung Ho, Chih-Yi Chang, Pin-Ning Wang
This study analyses a disk braking caliper bench testing machine under braking conditions, to testify its structure characteristics. The analyzed objects include rotating axes and six counterweights. The first step is to use the design software SolidWorks to build axis and counterweights models. Next,...
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Evaluation Model of Urban Land Use Efficiency Based on Super-Efficiency-DEA

Yingying Qiu, Jia Sheng, Xiaoyu He
With the accelerating of urbanization in China, the urban land use efficiency has relationship to allocation of resources, and has influence on the quality of human life and sustainable development. Aiming at the shortage that traditional DEA model can't make further evaluation on effective Decision...
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Using Origin Software to Study Silicon Effect on Yunnan Building Phosphogypsum

Yihui Yao, Zhiman Zhao, Sichen Quan, Wenjia Zhang, Feng Gao
This paper had explored the effects of different contents of silicone defoamer for time of coagulation and compressive strength of building phosphogypsum. At last, this paper had used origin software to deal with the data of test and verified fitting equation.
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Study on Merging and Optimization Method of Support Equipment Range in the Development Phase

Xiaoming Kang, Shihong Xiang
Two support equipment range merging optimization methods, i.e. direct optimization method and dynamic programming optimization method, were proposed in this paper. Direct optimization method is more suitable for simple systems with only limited types of support equipment, while dynamic programming optimization...
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Research on the applicability of instrument rating test for textile color fastness

Zhilei Yuan, Yawen Zhang, Jiashi Cai
In order to study the applicability of instrument rating test for different types of fabrics in color fastness experiment, spectrophotometer and digital image grading system were used to rate in different conditions for different types of fabrics .Testing conditions include color-different formulas,...
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Experimental Study on Gas Explosive Limits Regularities under Coupling Effects of Temperature and Pressure

Pikai Zhu
Gas explosion is a kind of serious natural disaster in coal mines. In order to prevent gas explosion accidents, it is necessary to study the characteristics of gas explosion under different temperature and different pressure conditions. In this paper the influence of gas explosive limits under coupling...
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Streamline Control Forming Process Research of Key Part Pump Body of Diesel Engine

Chuankai Hu, Feng Kang, Haiqing Ning, Jun Lin
Metal streamline is the organization of fibrous distribution of impurities, compound, and segregation along main deformation direction on macro test block, which is of great influence on mechanics of members, use and process performance. Pump body is the key part of diesel engine which adopts longitudinal...
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Effect of sand percentage on early-age cracking behaviors of concrete

Fangyu Tang, Hengchun Zhang, Xixian Ji, Xiaoqiang Wu
It was analyzed by using flat-type specimens that studied the influence of sand percentage on early-age cracking behaviors. The results showed that concrete early cracking area was decreased first and then increased, while early cracking area was the smallest, as sand ratio of C30 and C50 were separately...
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Study on worn topography of bullet surface based on multi-fractal theory

Bingcheng Wang, Chang Jing, Litian Li
The surface worn date of the bullets shot from three type guns were collected by applying collection instrument, and the worn topography of bullet surface was studied by application of fractal theory, its surface worn show the fractal characteristics. The fractal dimensions about the profile curve of...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Online Reviews Helpfulness--A Empirical Study based on

Xiya Feng
From three dimensions of reviews features,reviewers and readers, an empirical study on 361 valid samples of,to discuss the affecting factors of online reviews helpfulness.The results show that text length, reviewer rating and response number have significant positive impact on review helpfulness,...
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The Eco-transformation of Nanchang National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone under the new economic norm

Xiaoting Liu, Jinwen Zhong
The deep transformation of green development of economic is the trend of the new normal of China's economy. Nanchang National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has developed rapidly, but there are still many problems in the process of its development, which need to ensure the sustainable development...
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Research on business model innovation path

Ying Meng, Xiaoyan Lai
Business model innovation is helpful for enterprises to gain competitive advantage, to create long-term economic profit, more and more enterprise management experts and scholars began to pay attention to and study business model innovation. How can we achieve the business model innovation, and ultimately...
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Study on the Isothermal-Forging of the wheel rim of Aluminum alloy

Feng Kang, Zude Zhao, Qiang Chen, Shuhai Huang, Chuankai Hu
With the development of the lightweight trend, the wheel rim of automobile is always made of aluminum alloy, which put forward higher requirements to the capability of the rim. Because of its big size, complex figure, and material with hard deformation, the wheel rim always take on cracks during the...
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Dynamic sensitivity analysis of CNC machine tools in static state

Xuchu Jiang, Xinyong Mao, Caihua Hao, Huanbin He, Chao Qin, Bin Li
This paper mainly discusses the tool condition monitoring based on dynamic sensitivity, and explores a method for characterizing tool condition characterization. Firstly, the sensitive directions and components of different orders low modes were analyzed in the static state. Modal parameters and the...
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Research and Application of Dispatching Misoperation Prevention System for Integrated Dispatching and Controlling

Yuanshuai Dong, Jian Cheng, Bin Peng
The possibility of dispatching misoperation under integrated dispatching and controlling and the defects of the existing dispatching misoperation prevention system were analyzed. A method about the integration between real-time data from dispatching SCADA system and data from substation misoperation...
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A Research on Innovative Design Method of Modern Furniture Based on Without Thought

Wenyin Dong, Jiamin Huang, Xiangdong Dai
In the age of the flush creative products, products with the idea of Without Thought can always agree with users' preference, which makes them occupy a good market. By studying product design method based on Without Thought, this thesis will try to explore the innovative design method from different...
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Study on the Sensitivity Analysis of Cost Index:A Case of Flue-cured Tobacco Production

Dongbing Huang, Yin Wang, Zehua Ying, Junfang Liu
To effectively manage and control the cost of flue-cured tobacco has a strong theoretical significance and practical guidance. Firstly, the concept of the sensitivity of tobacco production cost index is introduced, and the sensitivity analysis model of tobacco production cost index is established. Secondly,...
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Application of Anti-misoperation system based on UHF and LF RFID combined with sensor network in the substation

Hao Yu, Jin Huang, Ningkai Shi, Qingwei Zhang
This paper explains and demonstrates a Anti-misoperation system based on UHF and LF RFID combined with sensor network, which can avoid the vices of the current system in the substation. It introduces the principle, framework, hardware design and main functions. This system has improved the reliability...
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A New Grating Displacement Measuring Method for Improving Resolution

Lun Shi
A new method for improving resolution of displacement measuring system is developed in this paper. The core parts of the system is a grating interferometer and a phase-shift device. Moving the photoelectric sensor, between the two interference fringes, the signal phase of the interference fringe will...
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Effect of Mass Ratio of Solvent to Solute and Pressure in Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Coal Tar

Wen Ji, Hengbo Huang, Yongfei Zhao, Shaohua Zhan, Zhaoxiang Yu
Coal tar sample was extracted by supercritical n-pentane. The mass ratios of solvent to solute were researched in different pressures and the extraction yields were explored in 4-12MPa at 215 . The results show that, the mass ratio affects extraction yield distinctly and the extraction yield increases...
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Analysis of the textured surface morphology of electrical discharge machining

Yang Yang, Wenliang Qiu, Dong Cai
The morphology of work piece surface obtained by electrical discharge texturing (EDT) is systemically analyzed in theory in this paper. By using negative electrode, graphite electrode and different electrical parameters (peak current, pulse width, pulse interval) experimental method to machining Non...
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Development of intelligent unlocking key management system

Jin Huang, Ningkai Shi
In the electric power system, the traditional unlocking key management method has many drawbacks, such as inconvenient examination and authorization, troubled operation, inaccurate records. An intelligent unlocking key management system is presented, which is based on network centralized control. This...
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Study on the Technology of Combined Seal of Magnetic Fluid Seal and Mechanical Seal

Shanshan Zhu, Xiaoxue Yang, Yuting Huang, Deliang Yang
A kind of combined seal of magnetic fluid seal and mechanical seal was designed in order to improve the capacity in the magnetic fluid seal for sealing liquid for the performance of increasing saturation magnetization and magnetic field strength was not satisfied. It mainly indicates the pressure-resistant...
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Enterprise Financial Early Warning Model Based on Comprehensive Risk Monitoring

Yansong Cai, Siming Chen
According to the shortcoming of current financial early warning model, a early warning model considering the overall risk in the production and operation of enterprises was built. By comprehensive risk analysis, this early warning model can mining the fundamental problems existing in the company. According...
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Investigation into Bearing Capacity of Composite Bolted Joints with Different Shim

Guoqiang Gao, Luling An, Wei Zhang, Yishen Yun, Xuande Yue, Ning Han, Qilin Jiang
The mechanical behaviors of composite bolted joints which are typical connection units of aircraft structures might change due to the application of liquid shim or laminated shim with different thickness. In this paper, the bearing capacity of composite bolted joints with different shim are studied numerically...
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The Application Research Of A New Superhydrophobic & Anti-Corrosive Coating On Crude-Oil Pipeline

Jianwei Zhou, Zhe Liu, Shengjie Tian, Hao Li, Jianghua Xiao, Wenshu Tang, Chunman Li, Fajie Yang, Weichun Chang, Haifeng Guo
There is much condensate water formed on the surface of the pipeline carrying low temperature crude oil in Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture,because of the coefficient of the high relative humidity and the difference in temperature between the pipeline and air. In this article, a new superhydrophobic & anti-corrosive...
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Simulation Study on the Static Stresses of an Diesel Engine Block Based on Different Experimental Physical Model Cases

Xiuwei Cheng, Guoying Wang, Changzhen Liu, Man Wang, Hongli Wang
The 3D solid models of two different testing physical model case of a diesel engine block are established. Based on those two cases, a static analysis on the preload working conditions and explosion working conditions are conducted for the engine block structure. The results shows that the stresses of...
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Molecular Dynamics Study of the Tensile Deformation on Aluminum nanorod

Yongli Liu, Dongkai Shao, Yuntao Zeng, Weike Wang, Mingqi Lu
To study the deformation behavior of the nanorods and further explore the deformation difference among nanorods, nanowires and bulk materials, the uniaxial tension of aluminum nanorod under different stretching rate was conducted by the molecular dynamics method. The effect of stretching rate on the...
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The Analysis of Postal Express Customer Satisfaction In Shanxi Province

Xin Li
In the period of China's express delivery market rapid expansion, the postal express business has declined in Shaanxi Province. Improving customer satisfaction has become the important tool to maintain and increase market. after analyzing postal express logistics business situation and competitors in...
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The Overall Design of Science and Technology Management Information System based on B/S Structure

Xiangling Lei, Linying Xu
The revolution of computer and network technology forcing the science and technology departments to realize the science, standardization, modernization of science and technology management. According to MIS system model, this paper did the overall design of science and technology management information...
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Research on control system of automatic welding robot for space intersection

Kekuan Wang, Mingzhu Liu, Bin Long, Ruibin Duan
Based on the typical T joint full position automatic welding, the mathematical model of the saddle shaped trajectory of the intersection line is established, and the drive system of the multi dimension and multi degree of freedom is designed. The control system uses the distributed control mode, based...
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Study on the roof-pillar rheological collapse of goaf based on H-K model

Haitao Ma, Hongguang Ji, Min Zhang
The existing time could be years or even decades for goafs formed in mining. The rheological property of pillars may cause tensile failure in roof, and finally induce goaf catastrophic accidents which put serious threats to people underground and buildings on ground. Previous studies on goaf safety involving...
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Inland Ship Modernization Index

Jing Liu, Fangfang Jiao
Considering the process of inland waterway transport modernization and the practice of Chinese government "Inland ship standardization project" in recent years, this paper aims to study on the index system of inland ship modernization, which can be summarized as "safety, efficiency, green, and advance",...
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Comparative Fatigue Life Study on the Indentation Levels of Resistance Spot Welds with Dual Phase Steel

Zhenzhen Lei, Juan Liu, Changxiang Wei
This project is focused on the critical parameters affecting nugget formation through both electrical-thermal analysis and thermal-mechanical analysis during resistance spot welding (RSW) process. The object of this study is three stacked up sheets instead of conventional two sheets assemblies because...
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Research on fault diagnosis method of distribution transformer based on MFCC and HMM

Hao Qin, Wenyou Zhou, Minzhi Zhang, Pengxiang Liu
The acoustic signal of the distribution transformer contains a much of information about the state of the transformer operation. Therefore, the fault diagnosis method of distribution transformer based on MFCC and HMM is proposed. The acoustic diagnosis process of transformer fault can be divided into...
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Application and Outlook of In-situ Combustion for Developing Heavy Oil Reservoir

Xishun Zhang, Chunqing Lin, Liming Gu, Yinghu Xia, Zhaoxia Guo, Junfeng Shi, Ruidong Zhao, Xin Zhang, Shiwen Chen
As the most potential development method of heavy oil reservoir, in-situ combustion has the maximal recovery factor due to its multiple displacement mechanisms. The paper presents the enhancing oil recovery mechanism of in-situ combustion through analyzing the combustion principle of crude oil in reservoir...
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Brief Introduction to Ceramic Material Application in Modern Bamboo Furniture Design

Jiamin Huang, Wenyin Dong, Shuhang Zhang
Based on the application of ceramic furniture and material in traditional furniture design, analyze the probability of ceramic material application in modern bamboo furniture design and further search the methods of such application.ÿIt can enrich the design content and pattern of manifestation of modern...
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Formation and the effects of the thermo-residual stress on mechanical properties of the thermoplastic composites

Changchun Wang, Guangquan Yue, Jiazhen Zhang, Jianguang Liu, Jin Li
The thermoplastic composites have widely regarded as high property structural materials for aerospace field for the excellent advantages, which were usually procured based on the moulding process under the high processing temperature and cooling rate. The thermo-residual stresses of the composites will...
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Analysis and Study on the determination results of compaction degree of foundation treatment

Xunguo Zhu
Determination of compaction degree is an important method in the foundation treatment, especially in the foundation quality detection after the replacement of crushed stone. According to the basic engineering, foundation treatment and other relevant theoretical knowledge, to calculate the degree of compaction...
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Study on the residual stress of bar with straightening by two rolls

Yufeng Wang, Junkai Fan, Cai Liu
The 42CrMo bar has been widely used for its outstanding mechanical performance. Before bar leaves rolling factory, the straightening process should be used to keep bar's straightness. However, the residual stress is also generated simultaneously, which largely affects the bar in using. In this article,...
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Complementation of Aquatic Trade between China and ASEAN: GL Index and BL Index Analysis Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

Xiaofei Luo, Yonghui Han
Since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by Xi Jinping, the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area has been increasingly upgrading. In this background, this article thoroughly analyses the complementation of the aquatic trade between China and ASEAN based on the HS classification, by calculating the Grubel-Lloyd...
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A Robust Unstructured Mobile Peer-to-Peer Files Sharing System under Higher Peer Churn Rate

Xin Zhang, Yinghu Xia, Chunqing Lin
In the unstructured Peer-to-Peer systems, a core operation is efficient location of resources. Conventional informative searching algorithms, however, always cannot perform well under peer churn rate network environments. In this paper, we designed a robust unstructured peer-to-peer files sharing system....
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Research on Preparation of Sm-Fe-N Anisotropic Magnetic Powder by Nitriding Melt-Spun Sm2Fe17 Fine Columnar Crystals

Guobiao Lin, Chuangxin Jin, Wenlong Bi, Xiaoqian Bao, Maocai Zhang
The Sm2Fe17 fine columnar crystals ribbon was obtained by melt-spinning at 6m/s surface rotating velocity of Cu wheel and in suitable thickness of ribbon. Preparation process of its nitride powder was primarily explored by means of XRD, SEM and the measurement of magnetic properties. The columnar crystal...
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Study on Compression Moulding of Continuous Long Quartz Fiber-reinforced PEEK Composite Bar

Baotong Zhuang, Fenglei Liu, Shengru Long
The moulding process of 3D-braided PEEK/LQ prepreg is studied by optical microscope, scanning electron microscope and tensile testing machine in this paper. The mechanical property of composite with different fiber content is analyzed as well. The results show that a better impregnation of moulded PEEK...
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A Type of Web Content Extraction Algorithm Based on Adaptive Threshold

Guang Zheng, Xianghui Hui, Xin Xu, Lei Xi
On the basis of the text extraction based on the density of text, the Web page text extraction algorithm based on the adaptive threshold was proposed and applied in the new rural community employment information service system for the employment information fetching from the related government affairs...
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Experimental Research on the Connection of Light Composite Wall Panels and the Steel Frame

Jiuyang Li, Lihua Liu, Bingbing Wang
In this paper, the bearing forces and anti-seismic properties of the wall panels and connection through the experimental research on the two connecting modes of the two composite wall panels with the steel frame are obtained, which provides the theoretical reference for the development and popularization...
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Experimental Investigation of Punching Shear Behavior in RC Flat Slabs Strengthened with Micro Polypropylene Fibers

Mu'Tasim Abdel-Jaber, Anis Shatnawi, Khair Al-Deen Bsisu
This research is presenting a strengthening technique for increasing punching shear resistance in reinforced concrete two way flat slabsusingdifferent concrete mix with different ratios of high performance micro polypropylene fibers as an additive.Sixteen experimental testshave been performed for the...
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Experimental Investigation of One-Way Shear Behavior in Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs Strengthened with Micro-Polypropylene Fibers.

Anis Shatnawi, Mu'Tasim Abdel-Jaber, Khair Al-Deen Bsisu
This research is presenting a strengthening technique for increasingone-way shear resistance in reinforced concrete flat slabs based on addingmicro polypropylene fibers during concrete mixing. Concentric loading is used in this research for studying the influence of different ratios of fiber on the behaviorof...
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Finite Element Model of Shear Behavior of R.C. Flat Slabs Strengthened with Micro-Polypropylene Fibers

Khair Al-Deen Bsisu, Mu'Tasim Abdel-Jaber, Anis Shatnawi
Experimentalresults offlat slabs cast with concrete enforced with micro-polypropylene fibers showed increased shear strength; this was attributed to increased tensile strength associated with the added fibers. It was also observed that the mid-span deflection at ultimate load increased for concrete strengths...
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Finite Element Analysis of Loader Lift Arm

Fangqin Pan, Huqi Wang, Yupeng Yin, Aixia Yuan
With the continuous development of science technology and society, machinery industry got the unprecedented development. Among them, the loader played an indispensable role. As a core part of the loader work, loader lift arm has the effect of bearing and transmission power. The loader lift arm often...
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Numerical simulation and optimization of hot stamping and quenching processes of automobile anticollision beam

Zezhong Chen, Xi Su, Xueyuan Li
LS-DYNA and ANSYS software are adopted to simulate hot stamping and quenching processes of M-shaped 1038mm*1.85mm B1500HS automobile anticollision beam. Different stress distribution are obtained among different start temperature as 800 , 850 , 900 , 950 and different stamping velocity as 25mm/s, 50mm/s,...
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Influences of thermal excitation on volcanic activity and mechanism of rich-silicon IOTP

Beixing Li, Fengshou Tang, Zhigang Zhu
In order to study the influences of different thermal curing methods on volcanic activity and mechanism of rich-silicon iron ore tailing powder (IOTP), different specific surface area and curing conditions of IOTP were tested, at the same time, the strength, pore size distribution(MIP) and the structure...
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White organic light-emitting devices by employing dual sub-monolayer

Lishuang Wu, Huishan Yang
White organic light-emitting device have been fabricated by using highly blue fluorescent dye 9,10-di (2-naphthyl) anthracene(ADN) and 4- (dicyanomethylene) -2-t-butyle-6-(1,1,7,7- tetramethyljulolidyl-9-enyl)-4H-pyran (DCJTB), together with well known green fluorescent dye 10- (2-benzothiazolyl) -2,3,6,7-tetrahydro-1,1,7,7-tetramethyl-1H,5H,11H(1)-benzopyroyran-o...
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The Design of Smart Education Environment and Its Implementation

Hongkai Lin
We generally try to understand the concept of smart education from the perspective of ecology. The so-called smart education is a sort of education information ecology, whose operation should be backed up by modern information technology, including the Internet of Things and cloud computing etc., and...
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Research on Big Data Application in Smart Education System

Zhifeng Hu
Smart education system, an advanced form of modern educational informatization supported by technologies like cloud computing, Internet of things and mobile Internet, builds ubiquitous network environment, cloud computing data center, sensing system of multidimensional Internet of things and all kinds...
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Parallel Hybrid Car Power System Design and Optimization

Zhonghua Huang, Ya Xie
Structure and working principle of parallel hybrid car power system were introduced. Design method of power system parts, such as engine, motor, gearbox and battery pack were proposed. A parallel hybrid car power system design was introduced as an example. Power system performance simulation model based...
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Study on Handling Stability of AHVs Based on Closed-loop System

Lian Xu, Yang Sun, Jie Tian, Ning Chen
When articulated heavy vehicles (AHV) are turning or under the action of lateral force, a serious swing and folding often occurs owing to the interaction between the tractor and the trailer. In order to solve this problem, the AHV is simplified into two parts, i.e., tractor and trailer, then the dynamics...
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K0.5Na0.5NbO3 piezoelectric ceramics and its composites fabricated from hydrothermal powders

Chunyu Jiang, Xiaoxiao Tian, Guodong Shi
NaNbO3 and KNbO3 powders were prepared respectively by the hydrothermal synthesis method. The obtained powders were mixed with the molar ratio of 1:1 and dry-pressed, the (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 (KNN) lead-free piezoelectric ceramics were obtained by sintering at 1060-1100 øC at normal atmosphere. The effect...
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Coarse Tracking System Identification of Compound Axis Control System based on the Measured Operation Data

Sen Bu, Shengli Qu, Bo Qian
The coarse tracking system of compound axis control system has been determined. But the deep understanding of the coarse tracking system can only be analyzed by the measured operation data. Thus the linear model of the coarse tracking system can be identified only by the measured data. In this paper,...
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Problems and countermeasures of the transformation of traditional industries based on tea industry

Ying Meng, Xiaoyan Lai
In this era of rapid subversion of the Internet, China's traditional enterprises are experiencing unprecedented transition pains. Based on the tea industry business models, analysis of tea industry's traditional business model, as well as new business models, and as a basis for further analysis of problems...
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A Low Power Implementation Strategy for SOC

Yiru Fu, Xu Huang, Xin Lei, Luncai Liu, Yingtai Li
Low power consumption has become an extremely important design goal for system-on-chip(SOC). This paper analyzes the impact of power consumption on the digital chip and the composition of power consumption in the circuit, and then proposes a low-power implementation strategy for SOC system with embedded...
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Sound source separation based on time reversal technique in room

Jinfang Zeng, Lintao Xu, Yicheng Zeng, Bing Bai
Sound source separation (SSS) is a very important processing in room with multi-source. Common methods for SSS do not perform well in reverberation room. Time reversal technique (TRT) has many advantages to provide a solution for room acoustic problem. We propose a novel method of SSS based on TRT (TRS)...
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Simulation Modeling of Coarse Tracking System in Composite Axle System Based on Measured Operating Data

Congcong Liu, Shengli Qu, Haibing Wang
The coarse turntable has been determined. An important prerequisite for designing the composite axis control system and selecting the device for the precision tracking system is to establish an accurate coarse tracking model. Only have a set of measured operating data with non-differentiable nonlinear...
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Automatic Navigation System of Facility Agricultural Machinery Based on ZigBee

Changming Liu, Jie Tian, Shi Luo, Ning Chen
Automatic navigation system of the facility agricultural machinery (FAM) is designed to realize the operation accuracy, production efficiency and using security, so that the farmers can be liberated from the heavy and monotonous field work. According to the indoor working characteristics of facility...
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Vibrating Wire Sensor Signal Denoising and Analysis based on HHT

Xue Deng, Tao Wang
Vibrating wire sensor has advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity, easy to long-distance transmission, etc. However, currently only used for static testing technique, in geotechnical engineering and other fields. In order to make the advantages into full play, expand its application...
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Application of multimedia in individualized teaching of urology

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Yang Gao
According to the characteristics of teaching of urology, teaching can be applied individually in accordance with students' aptitude in the teaching of urology. By switching the teacher-centered class to the learner-centered discussion, we can build multidimensional learning environment, guide the students...
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Research on Anti Impact Simulation of Sensor Electronic Equipment

Kai Li, Yan Han
This paper analyses the mechanism of impact vibration on electronic equipment of the sensor and the vibration isolation, as well as buffering mechanism of cushioning materials. And for the impact environment of electronic equipment of the sensor, the design of the structure against the impact of high...
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Establish clinical practice network platform for medical students

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Yang Gao
Medical students through a variety of forms of pre-service training, can eliminate the strangeness of the internship, fear, have confidence in upcoming internship. Realize the transition, strengthen the practice of the students' ability to adapt and their sense of mission and sense of responsibility....
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Application of multimedia technology in the doctor-patient communication in kidney transplantation department

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Yang Gao
According to the characteristics of diseases of urology, doctor-patient communication can be applied individually in accordance with patients' comprehension. Improve the understanding of diseases. The development of multimedia technology makes the isolation ward is no longer isolated space, use of multimedia...
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The light-weight design of tower for under typhoonÿwind turbine based on the typhoon control strategy

Yongshui Luo, Qi Chen, Danyuan Ren, Xueping Li, Yuanwen Liao
Aiming at the light-weight design of tower for under typhoon wind turbine, the typhoon environment load cases and control strategy were researched. Based on the conventional design of under typhoon wind turbine and GB/T 31519-2015 wind turbine generator system under typhoon condition standard, a developed...
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Lateral-directional Attitude Under-actuated Control Strategy of Hypersonic Vehicle

Yike Niu, Chunzhen Sun, Yimin Huang, Xin Wang
Research on lateral-directional attitude under-actuated control of the hypersonic vehicle with only the aileron, a new lateral-directional control strategy based on the idea of cascade was proposed, that can realize the roll angle control and guarantee the stabilization of the sideslip angle. Using the...
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Modeling and Simulation of Hall Voltage Sensor Based on Physical Modeling Environment

Chunming Li, Yan Xu, Tian Ma
Hall voltage sensor is one of the most widely used sensors in the field of today's electronic measurement. It can completely replace the traditional transformer and shunt, and with the advantages of high precision, good linearity, wide frequency band, fast response, strong overload capacity and without...
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Considering prevision driving behavior in car-following model

Junjun Hu, Yu Zhang, Ruiyu Zhao
In the paper, we develop a new car-following model considering the prevision driving behavior on a single-lane road. The model's linear stability condition is obtained by applying the linear stability theory. And through nonlinear analysis, a modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equation is derived to describe...
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Research and Development of the Conceptual Design Methodology for Battery-Powered Mini-UAV

Hui Chen, Xiangming Zheng, Yuan Wang
The present study develops a conceptual design methodology for battery-powered mini-UAVs. The methodology is adapted to address the peculiar characteristics of battery-powered mini-UAV and rewrites master and sizing equations which are related to the airframe weight and weight portions of battery and...
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A model test for acquiring input excitations from dynamic response of pier under collision force

Kunpeng Cui, Yupeng Wang, Chaoyi Xia, He Xia
A model test is executed to verify a reverse derivation method for acquiring input excitations from dynamic responses of pier under collision loads, upon the train-bridge system test platform. A dynamic strain is measured at the bottom of pier under collision, and then the corresponding collision forces...
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Cryptanalysis of a strong authentication scheme with user privacy for wireless sensor networks

Chengbo Xu
Authentication and key agreement scheme is an important mechanism for legal users to access the services of wireless sensor network. However, the design of authentication and key agreement schemes in WSNs is still quite a challenging problem. In this paper, we analyze a strong authentication scheme with...
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On Neural Network Modeling of Main Steam Temperature for Ultra - supercritical Power Unit with Load Varying

Xifeng Guo, Jingtao Huang, Lijie Wang, Jia Zhang
In order to solve the problem of accurate modeling of main steam temperature in ultra-supercritical (USC) unit under variable load conditions, the BP neural network model was established based on the field operation data. Considering the operation mechanism of the process, combing the relevant analysis...
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Magnetic Flux Leakage Nondestructive Testing Technology of High-Speed Rail Defects

Haixia Zhu, Wenbo Liu
To ensure the security of high speed railway, the basic principle of MFL detection was analyzed. The absolute peak value, the peak-peak value and the peak spacing are selected as the MFL signal features. The relationships between the defect geometry parameters and the MFL signal features are researched...
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Experimental Study on Brillouin Optical Fiber Temperature Distributed Sensing System

Yinqi Feng, Yuan Li, Yingjie Zhou, Minshuang Huang, Zhihong Liu
Based on a temperature measurement principle of Brillouin optical time-domain fiber sensor, an optical fiber temperature distributed sensing system was established. Brillouin frequency shift temperature coefficient of the system is calibrated by measuring the Brillouin frequency shift spectrums of the...
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Experiment study on the wireless sensor networks with 2.4GHz for underground communication

Xiaoqing Yu, Zenglin Zhang
Wireless underground sensor networks (WUSN) are an emerging research area that promises to provide communication capabilities for buried sensors. The main difference between the WUSN and the terrestrial wireless sensor networks is the aspect of wireless underground sensor networks which communicates...
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Position inner loop impedance control of flexible link and flexible joint

Shanshan Ren, Ming Chu, Qingxuan Jia
When space robot arm implement the task, there was a certain requirement to tracking and contacting force in order to ensure the accuracy of the mission, and the structure of the robot arm was also affect the controlling effect. For this reason, we took considering the effect of the flexible joint /...
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Design of Farmland Image Acquisition and Transmission System based on ZigBee

Zhongmin Yao, Hongyan Meng, Fusan Guo, Hongbo Yu
Combine ZigBee and GPRS communication technology to design farmland image acquisition and transmission system. The system is composed of JN5139 ZigBee communication network and remote server monitoring software. Use JN5139 ZigBee chip to control the camera module with serial port to collect farmland...
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A new path planning method for multi-robot formation in three-dimensional space

Quan Zuo, Ming Chu, Yukun Ding, Long Ma, Hanxu Sun
Aimed at the formation of multi-robot in 3D space, a new path planning method was proposed based on the market auction method and tangent circle method. This method makes use of the market auction method to allocate tasks so that the robot can obtain the coordinates of each task in the low energy consumption...
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Design of a new intelligent temperature-controlling fan

Tiebin Wu, Yunlian Liu, Qiaomei Zhao, Xinjun Li, Hang He
A new intelligent temperature-controlling, speed-regulating electric fan was designed. Environment temperature and human body surface temperature were separately detected by using a temperature sensor DS18B20 and a non-contact measuring transducer for surface temperature. On this basis, fuzzy expert...
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The Study of Food Safety Information Platform Construction

Dehai Shen, Jian Hou, Xu E, Longchang Zhang, Qi Yan
Food safety events continue to emerge in China, which exposures the issues existing in food safety supervision and food safety information service. We should explore and research the rational solution to track the process of food production and circulation of the chain, to release and collect information...
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Research on Design Schemes of 500kV Convertor Station Grounding Grid

Wei Chen, Yong Sun, Zihan Chen, Tong Wang, Youping Fan
With the development of HVDC, transmission capacity and transmission voltage level are both increasing. Under this situation, designing reliable grounding grid is more demanding. For areas with high soil resistivity, the grounding parameters can hardly meet relevant requirements. To solve this problem,...
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SSVEP Recognition using Wavelet Canonical Correlation Analysis for Brain Computer Interface

Shaobo Liu, Fuchun Sun, Wechang Zhang, Chuanqi Tan
Canonical correlation analysis (CCA)-based methods have been widely applied to frequency recognition in steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based brain-computer interface (BCI). However,it is hardly to obtain optimal recognition accuracy from electroencephalogram (EEG) signal mixed with variety...
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Design of intelligent Bicycle kit

Qian Wang, Zhexiang Zou, Weijie Tang
Under the influence of environmental problems,there are increasingly large scale fitness group puts forward higher requirements on the bike.At present, there are various form and pecifications of the bicycle. The recombination of bicycle when unpacking the case affected the the trend of the development...
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Dynamic Analysis of the Walking Process of Parallel Foot - Wheeled Robot based on Kane Method

Jiangbo Zhao, Shuanglei Wang
A research has been carried out on the dynamic analysis and simulation of parallel robots due to the situation where parallel robots tend to break down on account of large stress during movements. In order to study the force condition of the robot on the move, a mathematical model, based on the Kane...
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Optimization of the Tolling Level and Tolling Period for Bottleneck Road

Hualing Ren, Shubing Li, Ying Xue
This paper mainly optimizes the level and period of congestion pricing in single-step-toll method on a bottleneck link. Firstly, Greenshields model is applied to obtain the queue length and the speed of the moving part at a stable state. Then, the bi-level programming model is established, in which the...
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Design and Implementation of Three-phase Electric Parameter Acquisition Module Based on STM32F103 and ATT7022E in Intelligent Street Light Control System

Yimin Nan
To meet the need of electric power parameter acquisition in intelligent street light control system, STM32F103 as main control chip, ATT7022E for electric energy metering chip, three-phase power parameter acquisition module is designed. This module has the instantaneous voltage and current, active and...
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Optimization Design of Ultra-low Frequency Electromagnetic Transmitter Coil

Xiaoxu Ji, Tao Zhang, Yining Yan, Qingkai Mo
Ultra-low frequency electromagnetic transmitter is typically used equipment that tracking position in the pipeline. Effective receiving distance which is determined by the emission field strength is one of the most important performance parameters of such equipment. Moreover, transmitting antenna coil...
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A Simulation Study for the attenuation correction of Respiratory Motion with the PET/CT Gating data

Lei Fu, Yu Hong, Yunhai Ji, Jianfeng He
Objective To investigate the effect of attenuation correction on the gating data based on the true coincidences event of detector ring with the application of PET/CT.Methods Use the software GATE that can simulate the imaging of PET/CT to do the pixel phantom simulation in order to simulate the respiratory...
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Design and Optimization of Front Suspension of FSAE based on ADAMS Simulation

Canyi Du, Baochai Zhu, Hengbo Wang, Xingye Mai, Taixing Qin
Making a virtual design and optimization of Front suspension aimed at FSAE. Based on parameter calculation and design of front suspension and use the ADAMS/Car to make a simulation analysis to get the unreasonable function parameters as the objectives basis of the optimization. Determine design variables,...
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Kinematics Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Wheeled Mobile Robot in Round Pipe

Yuxia Zhao, Yiqing Hua, Jiejian Di
Micro in-pipe robot is a kind of mobile robot, which is suitable for small caliber pipe. The mobile mechanism is one of the important research contents in the field of robot research. ADAMS software is used to simulate the 3D solid motion of the six wheeled robot, and the kinematic model of the constrained...
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The Temperature Field Pattern of Small Caliber Automatic Gun

Da Xu, Ye Luo, Wenbo Fan
To study the temperature distribution characteristics of small artillery barrel under different shoot conditions, this article first establishes the propellant gas temperature equations during the interior ballistic period and the aftereffect period, based on which the initial conditions of heat transfer...
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The 1:3 Internal Resonance of Landing Gear Nonlinear Vibrating System

Yanying Zhao, Fanggui Yu, Dunke Song
In this paper, a two-degree of nonlinear vibrating system of landing gear is studied. A delayed velocity feedback is applied to suppress the vibration of the landing gear structure. The dynamical behavior of landing gear system is investigated when the 1:3 internal resonance and primary external resonance...
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Intelligent CAD system for the Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

Jinwei Bai, Guang Li, Junqiang Wang, Weiguo Gao, Wentie Niu
In order to improve the design efficiency and quality of hydraulic manifold blocks, architecture of intelligent CAD system for hydraulic manifold blocks was proposed. A component layout rule library and an oil circuit connection pattern library were established to integrate empirical knowledge, design...
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High-efficiency fluorescent organic light-emitting device with double emissive materials

Huishan Yang, Lishuang Wu, Zhiwei Wu
A fluorescent non-doped white organic light-emitting device (WOLED) with double emissive layers was fabricated. The yellow and blue dyes, 4- (dicyanomethylene) -2-t-butyle-6-(1, 1, 7, 7- tetramethyljulolidyl-9-enyl)-4H-pyran (DCJTB) and 9, 10-di (2-naphthyl) anthracene (ADN), can be realized by blending...
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A Complex Neural Network Algorithm for Computing the Largest Real Part Eigenvalue and the corresponding Eigenvector of a Real Matrix

Hang Tan, Xuesong Liang, Liping Wan
In this study, we propose a novel complex neural network algorithm, which extends the neural network based approaches that can asymptotically compute the largest or smallest eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices, to the case of directly calculating the largest real...