Proceedings of the 2015 4th International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials

This volume records the accepted papers of 2015 4th International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials (ICSMIM 2015) which took place in Shenzhen, China, 27-28 December, 2015. The conferences bring together contributions from scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industrial establishments, and therefore provide an excellent opportunity for these communities to present and discuss the latest results in the field of sensors, measurement and intelligent materials. Specific topics of interest include: Sensors and their Applications; Measurement Methods, Technologies and their Applications; Remote Sensing and Telemetry; Smart Materials, Design, Processing and Smart Structures; Intelligent Expert Systems and Intelligent Application Systems; Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Computation Methods and Their Applications; Mathematical Methods and Information Technologies in Industrial Engineering; Data, Text, Sound, Image, Signal and Video Processing and Technologies, and Their Applications; Testing, Detection, Measurement, Monitoring Technologies and Instruments; Mechatronics, Industrial Robotics, Automation and Control Technology; Computer Networks, Communication Technology and E-Commerce; Modern Electronic, Circuit Technology, Electrical; Software Applications and Development, etc. All papers included in those volumes have already passed the strict peer-reviewing by 2-3 expert referees and been accepted for publication. The total number of submitted papers is 606 and 229 are accepted.

We are grateful to the program committee members and the external reviewers for their hard work and expertise in selecting the program. We hope you find the technical program and all talks enjoyable and very beneficial. We hope that ICSMIM 2015 has been a memorable conference and an enjoyable experience for all of its participants.

The Committee of ICSMIM 2015