Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science and Social Research (ICSSR 2013)

Strategies and Marketing Situation on Agricultural products in Western China ---Based on Coffee beans in Yunnan

Jiyan Xu
Corresponding author
Yunnan; coffee beans; unsalable; planting area; quality; strategies
In 2012, the sale of coffee bean was not very good in Yunnan of China. The purchase price has been declining, and there have been poor sales in some places. The main reasons are expanding of planting area, reduced quality of coffee beans, inadequate processing, and inaccurate market expectation of growers and so on. For coffee beans industry in Yunnan, we should optimize planting layout, control proper planting area, and make efforts to improve the quality of coffee beans. In addition, we can develop deep processing industries, strengthen international cooperation, and expand sales channels.
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