Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science and Social Research (ICSSR 2013)

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Construction and Research of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Practice Platform for Students of Industrial Design

Qiulei Du, Liai Pan
In the paper, the construction and measures of innovative and entrepreneurial practice platform for the major of industrial design have been studied, and it have been introduced comprehensively and detailedly how to how to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial abilities. According to the teaching...
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The Structure of Executive Compensation, the Choice of Accounting Policies and the Value of Corporation

Xing Wang, Fengping Wu, Quen Wang
In this paper, the new standards division of listed corporation financial assets of the accounting policy choice as an opportunity makes an empirical study of the relationship between executive compensation structure and firm value. This paper selects the number of 2819 listed corporation annual report...
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Research on the Influence of Group Dynamics Mechanism on Individual Performance in ESL System

Yifei Weng
In this thesis, group dynamics mechanism in ESL teaching and learning system is researched. First of all connotations and significance of ESL are introduced. And then group dynamics mechanism of ESL system is qualitatively analyzed from the views of system, psychology and behavior, with main viewpoints...
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Research on Cost of Fine Coal Enterprises Management

Ming-e Cheng, Yang Tang
The elaborating management, is through the rules of systematization and refinement, standardization, standardization, digital and information technology, make the organization and management units accurate, efficient, collaborative, and continue to run. Cost of fine coal enterprises management will change...
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Strategies and Marketing Situation on Agricultural products in Western China ---Based on Coffee beans in Yunnan

Jiyan Xu
In 2012, the sale of coffee bean was not very good in Yunnan of China. The purchase price has been declining, and there have been poor sales in some places. The main reasons are expanding of planting area, reduced quality of coffee beans, inadequate processing, and inaccurate market expectation of growers...
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The Connotation of Informal Communication and its Application in Long Distance Vocational Education

Qiong Xu, Xiaoping Li
Informal communication has been suppressed and marginalized ever since H.Mchzel and Mikhailov emphasized the importance of paper publications and formal communication. However, informal communication is everywhere in long distance vocational education. It plays an important role in people’s study, work...
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A Study on Talent Training Mode in Practical English Language Teaching

Lu Kang
The rapid development of China’s economic promotes the demand of the society for applied talents in English, especially in international trade, tourism management, hotel management and other businesses. The expansion of the demand of the society on the applied talents in English not only promotes the...
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A study on the influence factors of the university library service image based on SEM

Jinhua Xuan, Mengqing Ding
In this paper, we have discussed and analyzed the impact on the university library service image using questionnaire data of the college students in Zhejiang Area based on the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The determinants include the service time, the service consciousness, the service space and...
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Application of Web and Multimodality to Linguistics Teaching

Yu Liu, Yan Ma
Kress pointed out the multimodality theory on the base of Halliday’s Functional System Grammar. Through the aid of web multimodality teaching method may increase the teaching result by stimulating students’ auditory sense, the visual sense by color, sound and many other symbolic sources.
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Research on Distance Education Media Based on Movie and Television Courseware

Zhenghong Wang, Xiaoping Li
Through combining the advantages of art of movie and television, movie and television art education and educational technology, movie and television courseware has boarded the educational arena with overwhelming superiority. Thanks to its audio-visual integrated , comprehensive space-time and the combination...
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Practice and Thinking about Building Technology Innovation Education

Yanyan Huang, Xiaobiao Lv, Yiquan Zou
The development of the situation has raised new requirements for the architectural designers, but traditional education about building technology is insufficient. The purposes of the adjustment of building technology course structure, implementation of interdisciplinary construction technology teaching...
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Study on BIM Technology Teaching Under The Background of Three-dimensional Design

Xiaobiao Lv, Yanyan Huang, Yiquan Zou
In the past 20 years, computer-aided design (CAD) technology enabled architects and structural engineers getting rid of manual drawing, greatly improved work efficiency. In recent years, as the emergence and popularity of informational architectural design, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology...
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The City Competitive Analysis of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone Based On AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process

Wei Lu
The establishment of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone is an important measure to protect the Poyang Lake ecological resources, this paper build urban competitiveness index system, using the analytic hierarchy process analysis and evaluation of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone in the city's comprehensive...
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Shaanxi Province low-carbon economic construction of the indicator system and evaluation

Qing Yang, Caicai Zhang, Feng Li
Low-carbon economy is under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, with the foundation of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission, through technological innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means, to achieve a win-win...
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Design Idea and Model of Teaching System for Engineering Leadership

Liguo Wang, Shujuan Wang, Dong Hu
This paper studies the teaching system design and mode of specialty of HIT electrical engineering, highlighting the "research based, individualism, superior and international" engineering leadership training. We combine the theory of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and promotion of...
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Research on Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Dynamic and its Operating Mechanism

Jinzhao Wang, Bin Zheng, Chengbo HU
The small and medium-sized enterprise(SME) innovation is under the influence of various factors, each dynamic has different position and plays different role in different stage of small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus ,it is necessary to made a detailed analysis to these influences that deplore the...
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The reform of course teaching and experimental teaching of “Computer Architecture”

Guang-hui Cai, Yan-yan Yu, Lei Wang, Ying Yuan, Jun Yang
In recent years, due to the problems in the teaching of “Computer Architecture”, its reform has attracted much attention. In this paper, we will strive for the way from course teaching and experimental teaching to innovate and reform the quality education in details. A teaching philosophy based on design...
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Large-scale Manufacturing Enterprises in Technological Innovation Team Building

Bin Zheng, Chengbo Hu
Large-scale manufacturing enterprises in technological innovation team is the main new technologies and new products technological innovation activities, production process innovation activities and product development activities of enterprises are inseparable from the role of large-scale manufacturing...
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The Analysis of Teaching Methods’ Reformation Based on Mathematical Modeling

Jianjun Li, Junjie Zhu
As a basic course, the higher mathematics is very important, but there are a lot of difficulties and problems of mathematics teaching in the higher vocational colleges now. In this paper, the author put forward a teaching reform based on the coalition of mathematical modeling and mathematics’ teaching....
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Research on Educational Curriculum Reform of Medical Nursing in Higher Vocational School

You- ping Zhu
The medical nursing teaching is the most universal and abnormal subjects in the medical higher vocational school. The educational curriculum and the relative reforms were researched to improve the teaching level. Traditionally, the medical nursing education was not adaptive to the development of medicine,...
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Discussion on Integrated Specialty Reform of Communication Engineering

Jun Zhu, Xiao-Hui Li, Yu-Fa Sun
Communication engineering specialty is an engineering practical and very strong applied specialty. Practice teaching plays an important role of cultivating students' scientific thinking methods, scientific research ability and innovation ability. Through integrated specialty reform, we improve the practice...
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Optimization Design of Groundwater Level Monitoring Network Based on the Geo-Statistics

Jing Chen
The current groundwater monitoring network has many problems caused by the history and poor techniques, which has provided incomplete groundwater information and it is adverse to the management of groundwater resources. So it is necessary to optimize it. The writer takes the deep pore confined water...
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Personal Knowledge Management and M-learning in the Learning Society

Shuying Zhuang
Living in a networked and digitalized learning society, people need to study lifelong to perfect their knowledge system and adapt to the development and changes of the society. But with vast amount of resources available, efficient learning is a matter worth studying. This paper first briefly analyzes...
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Bidding Strategies and Equity Auction Based on Social Network

Chengzhi Li, Ping Zhang
Equity auction has advantages in revealing the real equity prices and allocating resources efficiently, and is an important way of venture capital exit. Outside investors can establish link relationship between each other and thus form a social network. This article establishes an equity affiliated value...
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Privatization, Ownership Structure, and Bank Risk Taking: the Case of Commercial Banks in China

Shun-Ho Chu, Haitian Chen, Shuo Yan
After opening financial market for foreign institutions, commercial banks in China have been encountered foreign and domestic competition seriously. The results of this study are that bank assets have a significantly negative relationship with total risk and bank-specific risk, whereas non-director shareholdings...
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Way to Foster the Application-oriented Talents in Civilian-Run Colleges

Chunshan Yang, Xiaofeng Li
Construction of talent training mode in civilian-run colleges should be closely combined with the running mode and operation characteristics, and must comply with ability of student. Learning consciousness of the student in civilian-run colleges is generally poor, but they have strong ability of social...
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The Effect of OFDI Reverse Technology Spillovers from ASEAN on China's Economic Growth

Xianfeng Chen, Yan Li
Based on the panel data of Chinese outward foreign direct investment(OFDI) to 26 Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN)countries from 2003 to 2010,Using Integration, error correction model, impulse response function and the GLS method,this paper analyzes the effect of OFDI reverse technology spillovers(RTS)...
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The influence of OFDI on economic growth: A quantitative assessment for China and EU

Xianfeng Chen, Yan Li
Based on the panel data of Chinese outward foreign direct investment(OFDI) to 26 EU contires from 2003 to 2010,Using Cointegration, error correction model, impulse response function and the GLS method,this paper analyzes the effect of OFDI reverse technology spillovers(RTS) from the European Union on...
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Study on the Practice of H3C Networking Academy in Applied Colleges and Universities

Xiaoqi Yin, Xiaofeng Li
In order to adapt to the requirements of local or regional urban-rural construction and economic social development better, the applied colleges and universities should cultivate advanced applied professional talents who are equipped with the basic theoretical knowledge, professional skill and professional...
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Reform and exploration of Independent college computer specialty personnel training mode

Yi-zhuo Guo, Xiaofeng Li
This article is aimed at the mode of existence of curriculum system similar to computer talents straining independent school, the teachers strength is weak, professional knowledge lag, lack of practical problems in practice, based on the school-enterprise cooperation "Cheng-dong college years trying...
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Situation and promotion of Young teachers scientific research of Independent college

Xuemei Wang, Xiaofeng Li
Young teachers in independent colleges occupy larger proportion. The high ability of scientific research is crucial for the improvement of teaching quality and sustainable development of the college. The questions of independent college scientific research faced are less scientific research funds, unreasonable...
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Discussion of Water Pollution Control Engineering teaching at expanding professional sustainability innovation capacity

Shuqin Zhang, Li Wang
Environmental engineering education has been the focus of much attention in recent years. Teaching methods of water pollution control and sustainable teaching innovation and creation was explored by many scholars, and the majority of workers engaged in teaching the course. The development and future...
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The Nature of Currency is "Credit"

Shangming Wang
It has long been a debate about the nature of currency without a consistent conclusion. From the aspects of the generation, purpose, and form transformation of currency, this article discusses that currency’s basic function is "exchange medium", and points out that "credit" is the nature of currency.
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Research on Job-Oriented Practical Talents Training Mode ——Civil Engineering Major As an Example

Qiu-lan Guo
This text begins with the social employment demand on graduates major in civil engineering, elaborates the connotation of cultivation mode of practical talents, and discusses the construction of practical talents training mode system from the perspectives of training objective and training standard,...
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Study on the Landfill Technology of the Rural Living Garbage Ecological Sanitary

Xiaoyi Zhang
At present sanitary landfill method is used in most towns and cities to handle the garbage . The technology is relatively simple, reliable, economical and easy to operate and manage. Ecological landfill is a new method of the landfill based on the development of foundation. This paper aims to explore...
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Construction and Research on the Teaching Effectiveness Model of Undergraduates' Social Practice Based on Matrix Theory and Vector Analysis

Ru Dai
the primary content of institutions of higher learning in our country is social practice, which is not only used to train graduates, but also it is one of the main ways of improving the students' theoretical knowledge. This helps students to understand and realize the theory, which is related to practice....
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Research on the Application Mode of Computer SimulationTechnology in the Study of Economic Law

Hui Wang
Economic law is an important course of economic management related professions. With the increasing development of economy, the occupation level of this industry has a more and more stringent requirements. How to quickly and effectively learn the economic law is an issue of concern. This paper mainly...
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The Color Application Research on Environment Art Design Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Songxia Zou
As one of the elements of art design, the color has strong expressiveness and influence, and through the visual sense the people gradually generate a series of similar physical effects from the physiology to the psychology, the physical effects make people's subconscious constantly generate rich association...
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The Application of Physiology Rules in P.E. Research Based on DEA Model of Secondary Relative Evaluation in Operational Research

Quan He
This paper researches the sports teaching psychology law based on the operational research secondary relative evaluation theory. It establishes secondary relative evaluation DEA model based on the reaction time, instantaneous velocity and body CP consumption in the - meter race. It analyzes the physical...
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Research on Value Orientation of PE Teaching Material of Higher Traditional Chinese Medical University Based on the Method of Network Evaluation

Yali Xu, Kaihua Xu
The teaching material is the carrier of human knowledge and wisdom, and it must contain the value orientation of the direction of social development. However, at present the PE teaching material of higher traditional Chinese medical universities of our country has the value orientation of traditional...
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The Construction of Physical Education Curriculum Assessment System Based on Computer Evaluation Technology

Haixia Li, Ruiyun Zhang
With the development of computer technology and the improvement of physical education teaching evaluation method, evaluation of sports courses can be realized by the computer. In the background of new education reform, teaching methods have undergone a lot of change. Physical education belongs to the...
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Training Students’ Innovation Capacity Based on Building Practical Teaching System

Yun Du, Guozhuang Liang, Suying Zhang, Yongchun Liang
In order to achieve close docking between graduates and enterprises, three-dimensional, multi-level practical teaching system was built for application-oriented talents training of electric and information specialty in this paper. Four levels including ‘time throughout’, ’deepness hierarchies’, ’form...
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The Research and Practice in Bilingual Teaching Mode of Automation Major Courses

Zhijun Chen, Zheng Li, Xiaomei Shang, Zhihong Wang
Based on analyzing the problems and basic modes of current bilingual courses teaching, reforms on automation major courses bilingual teaching are necessary and effective. The proper conditions with detailed measures and practice experience of Hebei University of Science and Technology are given and have...
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Discussion on Bilingual Teaching in Biomedical Engineering

Yilin Zheng, Yu Wang, Zheng Li
This article discussed the rationality of the bilingual teaching in biomedical engineering, explored the possibility of employing foreign original textbook and utilization of multimedia technology to improve the quality of bilingual teaching, proposed a target on student’s individualization, emphasized...
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Reflection on the Spiritual Value of Network Poetry in the Information Age

Yi Ren, Guo-en Chen
The Information Age has spawned the network poetry's prosperity in mainland China. It takes human nature more creation resonance for the purpose, to show a complex pattern of interpersonal relationship between good and evil; to spiritual freedom in virtual space as the aim, publicity of sentient beings...
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Analysis of Main Factors Affecting the Construction of Harmonious Campus and its Coupling Law

Silin Liu
The construction of a harmonious campus is an important part of building a harmonious society. It has an important role in promoting the construction of harmonious society. Harmonious campus construction is a premise to provide a reliable guarantee of teaching and education, and key support for the contemporary...
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Does Host Countries’ Institutional Environment Affect China’s Foreign Direct Investment

Xiaoyun Xu, Shuangqin Liu
The panel data of 152 countries from 2003 to 2009 has been selected to investigate the influence of host countries’ institutional environment on China’s FDI. Static OLS and SYS-GMM methods are used to test the full sample. The SYS-GMM method is designed to verify the developed and developing countries’...
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Application of Fair Value Measurement in China: Problem and Prospect

Xuexin Liu, Jiayi Yuan
Fair Value has been taken very seriously around the world since its potential high relevance. China has widely introduced the measurement attributes to the new measurement methods. Large amount of enterprises went bankrupt or suffered capital decrease during financial crisis because of the utilization...
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An Exploration About Practical Teaching of Design Courses of Colleges

Rong Fan, Yan Xian
Recently, with the rapid development of cultural creative industry, there is an expanded size of recruitment of students in design professions in colleges. And there arises a fashion of studying art design. But the employment situation is severe, resulting from the teaching system putting less emphasis...
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African textile design and fabric arts as a source for contemporary fashion trends

Debeli Dereje, Jieyuan Liu, Jiu Zhou
Textile design and arts in Africa traced back to thousand of centuries when some ethnic groups were started producing clothes for multi-purpose uses. Their design creations and arts were known to be having geometric patterns graced with wonderful choice of colors which were primarily bright in that sense....
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Research on Ideological Change of Management of College Teachers based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Liyun Liu, Guofei Feng, Yan Wang
Management of teachers of colleges and universities is very important in education. Traditional teacher management focuses on the quality the teachers, and the purpose of education is training good students. However, teacher is the key part in education, and we should take the culture of teachers themselves...
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Highway Operation Management Mode Of New Ideas

Wenqi Yang, Guan Liu, Tao Chen
The highway in our country starts relatively late. But with the rapid development of economy, the development of the highway is also growing. Its total mileage reached 65000 kilometers, the second largest in the world. However, rapid development cause several operation management problems and become...
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Quality technical talent development status quo and development trend analysis

Xianghong Hu, Shanlin Yang, Weiguo Hou, Zhangyong Xie
Quality and efficiency has gradually become a new era, one of the key foothold to promote economic development at home and abroad. It is an important objectives and strategic initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of China's economic advance along the road of scientific development, and it...
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Risk Analysis And Management Of Track Construction On Running Railway Line Of High Speed Railway For PDL

Teng Zhao, Xin Liu, Wenqi Yang
Along with the large-scale construction of the high speed railway for PDL, track construction on running railway line of high speed railway for PDL become more and more. Compared with the ordinary railway’s construction safety management, the track construction on running railway line of PDL has its...
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Study on the Enneagram Model of Brand Personality

Zhiwei Xu, Jing Huang
Focusing on the study of brand personality, this paper combines enneagram and marketing, and forecasts the buying propensity and brand choice of people with different personalities using the enneagram. It shows through experimental verification and SPSS software analysis that Models H1a, H2a, H2b, H2c,...
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An Information Decomposition based on DSS--- The Example of Manufacturing Employment Growth

Yibing Wang, Dan Wang
This paper uses the data between year 1998 to 2011 of 31 provinces and cities to analyze the difference in the employment growth of manufacturing industry in these provinces as well as in eastern, middle and western regions. The results show that industry structure and regional factors have different...
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The Build of the Framework of Financial Risk Evaluation System in International Engineering Contracting

Juncheng Zhang, Xiuping Li
International engineering contracting is a comprehensive international economic exchange activity and an international cooperative approach of economy and technology, the projects of which always have complicated and a wide range of contents, a long cycle, and a great amount of involved investment that...
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Memory Cooperation Optimization Strategies for Multimedia College English Teaching Methodology

Fenxiang Zhang
This paper introduced the spontaneous regulation and global regulation based more collaboration virtual machine memory management structure for the multimedia teaching in college English teaching, analyzed the most important assurance for dynamic deployment and security isolation for the infrastructure...
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Research on the Influence of Complex Training on the Explosive Force of Adolescent Athletes

Ling Xiong
Young athletes are the reserved force for the sport development in China, and they are China's long-term future stands in the world,which plays an indispensable role of sports in powerful nations. Among them, the explosive force is used to evaluate and improve the sport level of the athletes as an important...
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Research on the Construction of Personalized Service System in the Library of Higher Vocational College Based on the Environment of Internet of Things

Hui Xu
Traditional library service system in higher vocational school, who is on the limitation of laws and regulations policy and the technology, makes the whole library's service scope and object in contain state to a certain extent. Based on Internet of Things (IOT) library personalized service system is...
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A Research on Constructing College Teaching Mode Based on IT Multidimensional Interaction

Zhentong Fu
With the implementation of the new educational reform, many universities begin to explore new teaching modes. teaching is the foundation course and the important content of teaching reform. The new teaching model focuses on the innovation of teaching methods of teachers and innovation of thinking of...
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A Simple Model of “Creativity” and the Transformation of Economic Growth Mode

Yi Chen
From Adam•Smith to Samuelson, the economic theory is adapted to the industrial economy. While the era of knowledge economy comes, the traditional economic theory has no longer met the requirements of the knowledge economy. As in known to us, in the traditional economics, the classical function of production...
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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Enterprise M&A Risk Based on AHP

Jing Ma, Xueqiu Zhan
Enterprise Merges and Acquisitions (M&A) achieves the target of rapidly expand and increase asset scale, promote industrial upgrading and optimize resources allocation within the community as well as improve scale economic value of enterprises by transfer and reconstruct existing resources in the economic...
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Five-layer Web Development Model Based on J2EE Architecture

Zhenghong Wang, Xiaoping Li
Currently ,there commonly exists some inadequacies such as Low degree of reusability tedious Maintenance work weak Program contingency etc. in Multi-tier web architecture. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the efficiency of the development , selection of the optimal technology for stratified...
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Research on application of Gaming learning mechanism

Chunliang Zhou, WeiQing Qu, Ping Cheng, Yanfei Zhao
With the popularization of computers, games remarkably effects the cognition, life & learning style of college students, more and more educators begin to interest themselves in applying such entertainment to students' practical learning. Educational games inherited the characteristics of traditional...
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On Procurement Management in China's Big State-owned Enterprises

Xuexin Liu
In China’s big state-owned enterprises the system of procurement for project was firstly adopted since 1984, which has made solid progress in establishing a construction market with the principles of openness, fairness and justice. The Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China was passed in 1999,...
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An Improved Hybridizing Biogeography-Based Optimization with Differential Evolution for Global Numerical Optimization

Siling Feng, Qingxin Zhu, Xiujun Gong, Sheng Zhong
Biogeography-based optimization (BBO) is a new biogeography inspired algorithm. It mainly uses the biogeography-based migration operator to share the information among solution. Differential evolution (DE) is a fast and robust evolutionary algorithm for global optimization. In this paper, we applied...
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Innovation of Web-based Courseware: Web-based Movie and Television Courseware

Xiaona Tian, Zhenghong Wang
Web-based movie and television courseware is an innovation in web-based courseware, which is committed to realize the optimization of teaching resources’ construction and enhance the network teaching effect in a small cost within the framework of educational technology by utilizing movie and television...
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Preparation of a Kind of Bee pollen Effervescent Tablets

Jiewei Zhang, Zeyuan Huang
[Objective]The aim of the research is to develop a kind of bee pollen effervescent tablets. [Method] With bee pollen power and pregelatinized starch as main raw materials, the matching accessories are chosen by the orthogonal test to select the production technology of the bee pollen effervescent tablets....
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The Study on the Development of Physical Education in China

Juan Wu
In the past, China’s physical education experienced a development process of growing out of nothing, and from imitating to mirroring. Up to now, it has found a right road of development embodied with China’s characteristics, and the development theory of sports education has been gradually mature. The...
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The Promotion of Regional Economic Cooperation to the Process of the Marketization of the National Economy

Jun Gao, Heping Guo
Due to the influence of historical and regional complex factors, China's national economy and regional development are not balanced. In order to speed up the process of marketization of China's national economy, it must strengthen regional economic cooperation; synthetically plan the regional economic...
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Research on the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Energy Enterprises

Diyun Meng
In recent years our country has introduced various preferential policies. This made Chinese new energy industry developed vigorously. A variety of new energy enterprises not only focus on domestic energy market and continue to form alliances with foreign company to become a multinational group. The company's...
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The Analysis of Application about English Original Films in Oral English Teaching

Hui Li
In today's domestic and international environment, learning English along with the extensive use of the English language is more and more popular. In a wide variety of English learning methods, the method of promoting English learning by appreciating original film is one of the priorities. In order to...
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The Application of Internet Security Technique in Point Source Information System of Geology and Mineral Resources

Rui Wu
Point source information system of geology and mineral resource consist of three major parts including reconnaissance data management, reconnaissance data processing and geological mineral source appraisal. Its structure lies in the combination of technique methods and application models. The core of...
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The Current Situation and Strategy about Teenager-football Training in Sichuan Province

Hang Li
The essay regards the current situation and strategy about teenager-football training in Sichuan province as the study object, and draws a conclusion which indicates the main reasons of low efficiency of football training are that lack of the ways of teenager-football training and the ignorance of the...
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Discussion on food security monitoring and improving mechanism in universities

Wenpu Chen, Rui Shan
Nowadays, food security has become a nationally primary problem. Also, the universities canteen food face the same problem. At this paper, I will give you my opinion with the problem of the college canteen food safety, and the construction of food safety guarantee system, and the basic idea and guarantee...
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Compiling Principles and Standards of ESP Course Books -------Taking English Course Books of Textile Foreign Trade as an Example

Rugang Zeng
The paper studies the existed problems of English of Textile Foreign Trade being compiled, finding out the differences between ESP course books and professional English course books. ESP course books focus on the comprehensive capacity of English practical use in order to use language skills effectively...
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Pragmatic Bachelor’s Course Teaching Revolution and Practice of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

BiGeng Zheng
Electronics and Electrical Engineering is a basic technological course for non-electrical majors, through which non-electrical students are able to know and master an amount of useful knowledge in the daily life, expand and improve their ability structure and strengthen their comprehensive quality. This...
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Study on the Integration of Computer Networks and College English Teaching

Rugang Zeng
The research for computer network in University and college English curriculum integration has developed rapidly, but the specific research for vocational Public English related is minimal. Aiming at the Higher Vocational English Teaching problems, we take "Basic English + Industry English" course teaching...
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Multi-outlet network load balancing solution

Liang Wang
Due to the current number of domestic Internet access provider (ISP), backbone operators and distributed in different regions, which leads to a different ISP access speed between slow. Meanwhile, various colleges and universities have to adapt to this network access network access environment, and use...
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Research on the Developing Environment of Management Consulting Industry of Liaoning Province

Jing Chen, Hongliang Liu
Beginning with the origin of management consulting, The development history of management consulting was introduced, the developing actuality of the management consulting enterprises of Liaoning province was analyzed from the data, type, and area distribution, And then the survival environment of management...
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Analysis on The Internationalization Risk of Chinese Household Appliances Enterprises and It’s Valuation

Jing Chen, Hongliang Liu
Based on the internationalization background of Chinese household appliances enterprises, all kinds of risk factors were analyzed, and the risk evaluation index system were set up through 20 observation indexes of four type risks. Then the analytic hierarchy process was introduced to evaluate the internationalization...
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The Analysis of the Current Situation and Prospects for Tourism Real Estate in China

Lijun Liu, Jing Wang, Yuanyuan He
Real-estate for tourism is an extension of timeshare in China market. The real estate and tourism initiative created this new format in terms of economic growth an environmental change. Real-estate for tourism in China has undergone more than two decades of development, in the great achievements made...
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A Data-driven Approach for Cross Transformation Between Mongolian texts

Yidemucao Dawa, Niyazbek Muheyat, Amantay Ayjarken
This paper discusses a data-driven approach to transforming different graphic texts of Mongolian. Using the proposed approach, it is possible to transcribe or translate texts between similar languages such as Mongolian graphic texts used in different regions and countries, as well as the Altaic family...
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Management and utilization of uninhabited islands

Rui Li
With the economic rapid development and the natural resource shortages, the state promote marine development strategy which make the management and utilization of uninhabited island becomes more and more important. Depending on the characteristics of uninhabited island's development and management, this...
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Ways to raise revenue commercial properties

Rui Li
With the development of market economy and more refined labor division of the real estate, the commercial property has become a special property whose building area just after the residence in the cities. However, China's commercial property development and management has been the weak link in the real...
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Research on KPA of Quality Management System--in the view of carbon emission and cloud computing

Hui Ma, Lina Chen, Yina Wu
With the development of technology and quality management, quality management has become a comprehensive subject, and the field it involved is more complicated. Environment has be considered in quality management. And carbon footprint has become the hot topic in the quality management. This paper aimed...
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The Study of pathway to Increase the International Competence of Zhejiang SMEs

Songyan Zhang
In the process of economic integration, in order to reduce the market risks and keep the sustainable development, enterprises must improve their competitiveness. Zhejiang SMEs play an important role in economic development of Zhejiang Province. In this paper, with the nine-force analysis model, we analyze...
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Countermeasures for Risk Management of Supply Chain Finance

Lihong Chen
As a new type of service product provided by bank, supply chain finance is of large development potential compared with non-supply chain finance. There exist risks such as the moral risk of the core enterprise, the internal operating risk of the bank, the pledging risk of the logistics enterprise's warehouse...
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Incentive Mechanism Design Based on Repeated Game Theory in Security Information Sharing

Qiang Xiong, Xiaoyan Chen
In addition to the security investment, security information sharing among firms has been proved to be an effective measure. In order to enhance the level of information security and improve the social welfare, this paper studies how to promote sharing through a certain reasonable incentive mechanism....
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Research on Individual Privacy Information Protection in Process of Information Resources Commercialization

Xiaoming Meng, Song Liu, Haiying Hua
Defined the concept of information resources commercialization, depicted commercialization process of information resources, analyzed the driving factors of information resources commercialization. Realistic cases and survey results show that the security situation of individual privacy information during...
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Research and analysis on the construction of e-commerce intelligent decision system of logistics enterprise

Yong Zhu, Shaowen Zhang
This article systematically analyses the requirements on e-business intelligent decision system of logistics enterprises and the technical path and method of constructing e-commerce intelligent decision-making system of logistics enterprise from the database system module, data mining system module,...
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The Characteristics Analysis of the Stock Network Based on Weighted Relative Values :an example of information service industry

Ping Hu, Jie Qi, Bingqing Wang
Based on the data of the information services stock network in Shanghai A-share and Shenzhen A-share, this paper established a matrix according to the correlation of the stock price fluctuation. Because China's stock market is "starting late and immature” compared with global stock markets, the market...
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Financial Interpretation of Risk Decomposition

Xiaodan Zou
Risk decomposition is very significant for portfolio risk allocation as well as risk monitoring. However, the validity of risk decomposition has long been questioned because it does not have a solid financial interpretation. This paper summarizes and modifies the financial interpretation of risk decomposition...
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The Applied Talents Training Mode of Trinity and Its Practice

Xitang Zhou, Run Li, Zhengnan Xuan, Zhiqiang Guan
The applied talents training mode of trinity was presented on the basis of analyzing the experience of reform about the applied talents training in recent years. The basic situation of applied talents training in our university is made known by three trinities based on cultural object, system and process...
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Study on the Relationship between Human Resource and Technology Innovation

Shujun Wang
This article analyses the relationship between human resource and technology innovation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas, using stationary test and co-integration analysis. Result of study has found that the correlation between the two is positive no matter in the long or short term, and R&D’s...
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Econometric Analysis on the Relationship Between RMB Exchange Rate and Real Estate Price by VAR Model

Yachen Liu, Shuai Zhang
Since the exchange rate reform of China, except for a short-term price fall, the real estate price rose rapidly and reached a record height. This paper chose the monthy data of exchange rate and real estate price from July 2005 to December 2012, and conducts an empirical analysis on the correlation effect...
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Agricultural Marketing Issues and Strategies in Western China

Jiyan Xu
Agricultural products in Western China are rich and various, the quality is very good, but not all agricultural products sell very well in market, some products have encountered marketing problems. Such as slow-moving, volatile price movements, lack of awareness on brand marketing and so on. To solve...
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Research on Financing Risks of Low-Rent Housing Based on Fuzzy Quality Synthetic Evaluation

Yachen Liu, Siqi Niu, Jian Ma
Financing risks of low-rent housing are influenced by many factors,and there are different levels of risk factors in different stages of development of the project. The index system of Financing risks of low-rent housing has been constructed in this paper where a index system of 5 criteria and 16 indicators...
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A rough set-based supplier evaluation method

Wenpeng Wang, Junhong Liu, Xinning Yu
In order to overcome the subjective and inefficiency of the traditional supplier evaluation and decision methods, it adopts rough set theory as the tool of supplier evaluation method. It established a rough set-based supplier evaluation procedure according to the sequence of data acquisition, attribute...