Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science and Social Research (ICSSR 2013)

A study on the influence factors of the university library service image based on SEM

Jinhua Xuan, Mengqing Ding
Corresponding author
University Library Service Image Elements SEM
In this paper, we have discussed and analyzed the impact on the university library service image using questionnaire data of the college students in Zhejiang Area based on the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The determinants include the service time, the service consciousness, the service space and the service attitude. And not only that, but this study put forward tactics for the improve university library service image based on this paper's result. Since 1996, China's Cultural Studies Library continues to heat up, many published articles, which greatly enriched the theoretical system of library science, provides a solid theoretical basis on the construction of the library culture and the development of the library. But as personnel training and scientific research base of university library, service should be regarded as its vocation and reflect scientific and social value with its unique diversity of literature books and the richness of data . But now, the image of university libraries in the service can not meet the demand to maintain a competitive advantage and sustainable development so far. Therefore, this paper will start from the basis of the service image of university library factors as the breakthrough point, according to the sample of 200 investigation data of Zhejiang Higher Education Park, 7 colleges and universities to empirical research the elements which will influence the impact of the university service image through structural equation model in the points of perspective of service consciousness, service hours, service space and service attitude.
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