Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science and Social Research (ICSSR 2013)

Research on Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Dynamic and its Operating Mechanism

Jinzhao Wang, Bin Zheng, Chengbo HU
Corresponding author
Small and Medium-sized Enterprise(SME); Innovation;Innovation Dynamic Mechanism; Operating Mechanism
The small and medium-sized enterprise(SME) innovation is under the influence of various factors, each dynamic has different position and plays different role in different stage of small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus ,it is necessary to made a detailed analysis to these influences that deplore the dynamic of innovation and development of SME and promote the rapid development of SME.SME innovation, it is not a simple superposition of the different factors, but relates these factors together organicly. It is integrated together by the internal –external dynamic, an effective operation dynamic and development mechanism to form a continuously circulation of value-added.
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