Proceedings of the International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed and Fuel (ICTAFF 2021)

The world has been changing rapidly, and major issues surrounding agriculture have evolved as well. In fact, over the last several decades major shifts have occurred in the thinking on and practice of agricultural development. In addition, the sustainable agriculture plays a vital role in the economies of all countries. This role is more vital for agricultural countries. The first task is to achieve a state of food security for all the population through sustainable agriculture. Moreover, the sustainable development of agriculture, including livestock, is essential for poverty reduction and the achievement of food security and nutrition. For this reason, we use a theme “The Sustainability of Tropical Agriculture in the Changing World” for our second International Conference on Tropical Agrifood, Feed, and Fuel (ICTAFF) 2021.

This international conference was aimed to connect the ideas in resolving problems and bring together scientists, researchers, professionals, and students from multidisciplinary agriculture-related field to share the latest findings or ongoing research activities. Through this meeting we would like to achieve many personal contacts, ideas, agricultural-environmental problem solve sharing and fruitful discussions in order to save the earth together. The objective of this conference was formulated in relevance with the commitment of Unmul in developing and utilizing tropical natural resources wisely. We are really grateful and thankful that the participants who are interested to joint with are from the Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This year, the committee has received 60 articles and furthermore 39 full papers has been submitted to this proceeding after reviewing process. These 39 papers cover subject fields of Agro-ecotechnology, Agri-business, Technology of Agricultural Products, Animal Sciences, and Bioscience.

We would like also to thank to Agriculture Faculty Mulawarman University, for supporting the conference. The big remarkable applause is also going to our committee members who are giving their excellent hands for keeping the conference running on schedule. Last but not least, we have a big hope that a real excellent networking in the future may arise from this event.

Thank you and best regards.

December 20th 2021
Conference Committee