Proceedings of the Second International Nursing Conference "Nursing Profession in the Current Era" (INC 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ahmad Rayan, Nidal Eshah, Ghada Abu Shosha, Latefa Dardas, Kristin Wainwright
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Critical Care Nurses’ Research Utilization and Competence Levels

Feras Mohammad Abuerwak, Mohammad Alsadi, Mohammad R. Alosta, Najlaa Mohammed Alnayef, Abdul-Monim Batiha, Mohammed Albashtawy
Nurses’ competency at critical care units is necessary to build their capacity in clinical decision making in the presence of life-threatening conditions. One of the major contributors to nurses’ competency is research utilization (RU). It affects their evidence-based decision-making, empower them and...
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Supportive Care Needs of Jordanian Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatments

Raya Yousef Al-Husban, Rogia Salaam Maabreh
Living with breast cancer and experiencing a wide range of issues necessitates supportive care (SC). SC provides the necessary services for those affected by cancer to meet their physical, psychological, informational, practical, and spiritual needs. Therefore, this study’s objectives were to identify...
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The Relationship Between Self-leadership and Job Performance Among Staff Nurses in Jordan

Murad Saed, Raya Alhusban
The demand for high-quality care requires nurses to have self-leadership skills to improve their existing workforce and job performance. This study explored the relationship between self-leadership (SL) and job performance (JP) among nurses working in governmental hospitals in Jordan. A descriptive,...
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Body Image Satisfaction as a Psychological Reaction to Age-Related Developmental Changes Among Middle-Aged Women in Saudi Arabia

Rnda I. Ashgar
Middle-aged women (40–65 years old) experience several bio-psych-social changes that may impact how they feel about themselves. The desire to achieve the perfect body image may make women go through several physical and psychological problems, such as experiencing an eating disorder, having low self-esteem,...
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Jordanian Nurses’ Job Satisfaction and Associated Factors

Kawther Dmaidi, Ghada Abu Shosha, Islam Oweidat
Background: Globally, nurses’ satisfaction is getting greater interest from the healthcare system. Nurses are the spine of the healthcare system and consequently; ensuring their satisfaction is very crucial to deliver safe and high care standard for patients. Purpose: To assess the perceived...
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University Health Students’ Challenges and Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Integrative Literature Review

Lina Almadadha, Leila Gholizadeh, Suzanne Sheppard-Law
Background: This integrative review is aimed to explore the COVID-19-related challenges among university health students, explore the strategies that students developed to cope with the pandemic-associated challenges and explore the support and benefits gained from the universities to their students...
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Assessment of Perceptions and Barriers of Nurses in Using Electronic Handover Information System

Fatimah Ibrahim, Ahmad Sshada Baker, Lina M. Obaid, Febee Rose Obdamen
Introduction: The handover process between the healthcare providers is one of the essential parts of the healthcare system as it will focus on exchanging information pertaining to patient conditions and treatment plans, furthermore, the handover process among nurses needs to be at a higher level of quality...
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Strategies Combating Workplace Incivility: An Integrative Review of Literature

Amal Saleh, Waleed Sarhan, Ahmad Jabri, Mohammad Amin, Tareq Awadi, Nidal Eshah, Ahmad Rayan
Workplace incivility can be likened to an insidious disease that has infiltrated healthcare settings worldwide, leaving a trail of destructive consequences. This is a spotlight of concern as there are many unfavourable consequences of workplace incivility, including increased medical errors, reduced...
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Effectiveness of an Evidence-Based Practice Educational Program on the Knowledge of Adolescents and the Parents of Children with Type1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Huda Atiyeh, Noor Al-Shorman, Manal Kassab
There is a growing prevalence of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) worldwide. T1DM is one of the most common chronic and challenging children and adolescent diseases requiring the patients or their caregivers to be familiar with the different dimensions of treatment protocols. This study aimed to assess...
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Midwives’ Knowledge and Practice Regarding Immediate Care of Newborns at Khartoum State Hospitals 2022

Kawther Mohammed Mokhtar, Foauzi Mohmmed Farah, Alam Aldin Mohamed Ibrahim, Ahmed Awad Ahmed Alagabna
Most newborns breath and cry at birth with no help, and immediate care after birth is simple but important. This study aimed to assess midwives’ knowledge and practice regarding immediate care of the newborn. The study was conducted on 116 midwives in three hospitals in Khartoum state. A descriptive...
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Psychological Impact and Fear of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Frontline Registered Nurses in Jordanian Hospital: A Cross-Sectional Study

Nawar Abualbasal, Reem Abualbasal, Hesham Almomani, Ahmad Rayan, Nidal Eshah
By the end of year 2019, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has emerged. Psychological distress among frontline nurses in response to COVID-19 pandemic was a serious health concern. This study aimed to assess the level of psychological distress among Jordanian nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. A cross-sectional...
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Factors Related to Nurse Manager’s Job Satisfaction: An Integrative Literature Review

Sultan Jabata, Waleed Debis, Musab Abdullah, Ahmad Qudah, Noura Ismail, Malek Khalil, Nidal Eshah
Nurse managers have a bearing on the quality and safety of healthcare services, therefore understanding the factors that influence their job satisfaction can help healthcare organizations retain nurse managers. This study aims to develop an understanding of the factors that shape nurse managers’ job...
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Barriers Associated with COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Among Participants in a Religious Mass Gathering Event

Ali Aziz Jubair, Hasan Alwan Baiee
Background: The high contagiousness of coronavirus and the significant impact of the disease on the health system of the various countries including Iraq, this made the need for vaccines essential to prevent and control of this epidemic. Objective of the study: To assess the overall COVID19...
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Violence Against Health Care Workers in Health Care Services: A Literature Review

Samer Ayyash, Elham Ruziqat, Ayat Alsmadi, Aya Melhem, Nidal Eshah, Anas Khalifeh, Dawlah Helou
Background: The healthcare sector is a complex and demanding sector, with workplace violence being a serious risk to healthcare workers. Aim: The current literature review to understand the frequency of workplace violence against nurses and how it relates to stress at work, job satisfaction,...
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Lived Experience of Women Living with Breast Cancer in the Maldives: A Case Study

Salma Hassan, Nazeera Najeeb
Breast cancer affects the lives of women, and this isalso the most common cancer for women in the Maldives.This study aims to understand the lived experience of a Maldivian woman undergoing breast cancer treatment. A single case of breast cancer was purposely chosen among the women receiving chemotherapy...
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Epidemiological Profile of Stroke in Patients Admitted to a Teaching Hospital, in Babil Governorate, Iraq

Tuqa Ali Talib, Hasan Alwan Baiee
Stroke was considered as a high priority public health problem especially income countries including middle and low income Iraq. To investigate the epidemiologic characteristics of confirmed stroke patients admitted to Al Sadiq reference hospital in Babil governorate Iraq. This was a descriptive cross...
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The Consequences of Employing Electronic Health Records in Daily Nursing Practice: An Integrative Literature Review

Moath Abedrabbu, Alhasan Almahrouq, Rami Ibrahim Najjar, Tariq Mkhaimer, Belal Alblowe, Nidal F. Eshah, Mohammad Alsadi
Background: Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are digital versions of patient health records that are stored and managed in a computerized format. EHR systems have transformed the way healthcare professionals manage patient data and deliver care. The implementation of EHRs has become increasingly...
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Evaluation of the Knowledge of Nursing Student for Burn Care

Stela Dyulgerova, Strahil Strashilov, Eleonora Mineva-Dimitrova, Pencho Tonchev
Introduction: Burn injuries are of great medical, social, and economic importance, as they have a severe impact on the life of the victim, his family, and society. They are accompanied by severe pain at the site, skin damage of varying degrees and areas leading to impaired function in the affected body...
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Effectiveness of Blended Learning Approach in Achieving Clinical Competencies of Health Professions Students: A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies

Gideon Victor, Erika Sivarajan Froelicher, Abel Jacobus Pienaar
Multiple challenges to clinical education have occurred during and post-COVID-19 pandemic era. Blended learning is well-known for cognitive development. However, the role of blended learning for the development of clinical competencies is not clear. This review aims to evaluate the studies focusing on...
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Effects of Structure Debriefing on Procedural Skills and Satisfaction of Nursing Students in Low Fidelity Context: A Pilot Study

Bushra Sultan, Khairunnisa Dhamani, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Shamsul Huda
Structured debriefing is a critical component of skill-based learning. Effects of structured debriefing on procedural skills and satisfaction of nursing students in low fidelity context. A pilot study was conducted in a private nursing college in Islamabad, Pakistan. Out of 51 approaches, 34 students...
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The Impact of Nurse-Physician Collaboration on Critical Care Nurses’ Autonomy

Shayma’a Abu Hattab, Mohammad Alsadi, Ghada Musleh, Nidal Eshah, Manar Bani Hani, Mohammed Albashtawy
Critical care environment is challenging where nurses and physicians should work with the highest degree of collaboration to achieve better outcomes. That comes in along with maintaining the autonomy of healthcare professionals. Nurses, the largest workforce in healthcare systems, struggle to maintain...
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Assessing the Job Engagement and Organizational Commitment of Bedside Care Nurses

Shatha Elayan, Nidal Eshah, Ahmed Rayan
Background: For nurses to be efficient and effective, job engagement and organizational commitment are crucial, and these concepts are connected to a number of performance outcomes. Understanding these professional aspects of nurses’ lives would therefore benefit and help improving the work environment,...
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Knowledge and Practices of Nurses Regarding Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection in Tertiary Care Hospitals of Pakistan

Uzma Majid, Daizi Jafar, Kanwal George, Anees Younus, Aisha Khan
Healthcare-associated infection is one of the main risks to patients’ safety. Worldwide, the most prevalent hospital acquired illness is catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). These healthcare facilities frequently use catheters, and many patients are catheterized for extended periods of...