Proceedings of the Conference on Natural Resources And Life Sciences 2022 (NRLS-BIO 2022)

Conference: Proceedings of the Conference on Natural Resources And Life Sciences 2022 (NRLS-BIO 2022)
Date: 24-25 August 2022
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia (Online)

The 4th International Conference on Natural Resources and Life Sciences (NRLS) 2022 marks a significant continuation of the scholarly dialogue initiated by its predecessor, NRLS 2016. Organized by the esteemed Faculty of Biotechnology and Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Surabaya, Indonesia, this conference epitomizes the essence of “Multidisciplinary Science for Better Achievement,” echoing the theme of the inaugural NRLS. In the ever-evolving landscape of life sciences, molecular biology stands as a transformative force, leaving an indelible impact on research and product development. As we navigate the intricate realms of Biotechnology and Pharmacy, the 4th NRLS emerges as a beacon, providing a conducive platform for the exchange of valuable insights among experts and enthusiasts alike.

The advancements in molecular biology, symbolized by sophisticated techniques and a burgeoning flow of interdisciplinary knowledge, have paved the way for revolutionary discoveries. With a theme centered around “Biotechnology- and Pharmacy-driven Research and Product Development”, the 4th NRLS seeks to delve into the heart of these advancements, fostering an environment where over 100 researchers from diverse countries and regions can converge, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, Germany, England, and South Korea. From over 49 abstracts and presentations, 21 papers are selected to be published in Advances in Biological Sciences Research (ASBR), which belong to Atlantis Press, representing the themes of 2022, that is, food biotechnology, plant biotechnology, healthcare biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, clinical & community pharmacy and pharmacology & toxicology. All 21 manuscripts in Advances in Biological Sciences Research have been reviewed by the experts from Friedrich-Schiller University, University of Groningen, Chulalongkorn University, Chalmers University of Technology, the Bridge Biofoundry, Arontier, and University of Surabaya, Indonesia. The reviewing process involves experts having professional editing background from eight countries (Indonesia, Thailand, England, Panama, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and South Korea).

This conference, scheduled for a virtual rendezvous on August 24–25, 2022, followed by an onsite workshop on August 26, 2022, embodies the spirit of collaboration and exploration. Like its predecessor, NRLS 2022 aims to publish selected papers, symbolizing the culmination of rigorous reviews conducted by experts from renowned institutions globally. This edition, selected papers are published in Advances in Biological Sciences Research (Atlantis Press).

Tjie Kok
NRLS 2022 Chairman