Proceedings of the 2nd Global Health and Innovation in conjunction with 6th ORL Head and Neck Oncology Conference (ORLHN 2021)

The Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC) is biannual event that dives deep into bold ideas, transformative innovation, and responsible global engagement. We bring together those who are creative, curious, talented, and passionate. We are innovators, thinkers, collaborators, and doers. We think differently, we have deep conversations, and we are collectively transforming organizations and inspiring communities. This conference is a biannual international conference held by the faculty of medicine, University of Mataram in collaboration with the Indonesian Publication Center (IPC) which is a professional organization in the field of publication and conference management. Now, the conference is the second event and this year the conference is in conjunction with the 6th ORL head and neck oncology conference. Although different from the first conference which is held directly in Lombok, this event is held virtually. Despite the virtual conference, the participants become from several countries, including UK, Japan, Australia and Indonesia.

Continuing the success event of the Global Health and Innovation Conference 2019 in Lombok, Indonesia and the cardinal effect of COVID-19 pandemics in all aspects of life, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mataram proudly presented the 2nd Global Health and Innovation Conference with the theme “Challenges in health services and resurgence of tropical diseases on the COVID-19 pandemic era”. Global health and tropical diseases are “neglected” due to focusing on pandemic management. Furthermore, it is very important to perform a systematic conference to discuss several innovations on health services and tackling global health problems, including tropical diseases and COVID-19 itself. Although the conference could not be held directly on the beautiful island of Lombok as the previous conference and must be done virtually, we do hope that the conference will produce substantial recommendations on global health and innovation. Six invited speakers from 4 different countries including Japan, Australia, and Indonesia will contribute to this conference. In addition, several papers and poster presentations that have been accepted from all over the world will also be presented.

The committee has worked hard to organize this conference. This conference would not be possible without the dedicated and coordinated efforts of the committee members. We thank all of you for making this a reality. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported this conference. Our great thanks and appreciation also to all presenters for the parallel sessions, who come from various countries, universities, and different scientific disciplines in education and social sciences. Thank you very much for your participation. Hopefully, the conference will provide a meaningful international forum for sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Our thanks also extended to the editors, reviewers, proofreaders, for the feedback and recommendations for the improvement of the paper qualities and to the Atlantis Press for helping in publishing the conference papers.

Mataram, January 2022
Chairman of Committee