Proceedings of the 19 th Otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery national congress (PERHATIKL 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 19th Otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery national congress (PERHATIKL 2022)
Date: 27-29 October 2022
Location: Bandung, Indonesia (Virtual)

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we present the proceedings of the 19th PERHATIKL National Congress, a momentous event that brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries. This conference, held on 27–29 October 2022, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of knowledge exchange and professional growth. The 19th PERHATIKL National Congress aimed to foster a platform for dynamic discussions, cutting-edge insights, and innovative approaches in the realm of marketing.

In the face of marketing proposals becoming an indispensable skill, the conference sought to address this critical aspect, emphasizing the importance of establishing strong connections with prospective clients through impactful presentations. Participants were encouraged to make striking first impressions that captivate interest and highlight their strengths in meeting the marketing needs of their clients.

The conference deliberations revolved around showcasing achievements, setting ambitious yet attainable goals, identifying target markets, outlining effective methodologies, and conceptualizing potential campaigns. These fundamental components serve as the backbone of any successful marketing proposal and were explored in depth during the conference sessions.

The 19th PERHATIKL National Congress included three distinct and comprehensive sessions that provided valuable insights into different areas of specialization: Allergy Immunology, Bronchoesophagology, Community PERHATIKL, Facial Plastic Reconstruction, Larynx Pharynx, Neuro-otology, Oncology, Otology, and Rhinology. These specialized sessions allowed attendees to delve into the latest advancements, research, and practices in each respective field, fostering a deeper understanding of their intersections with marketing and communication strategies.

Adapting to the times, the 19th PERHATIKL National Congress was organized with utmost consideration for accessibility and inclusivity. We are proud to mention that the conference provided a virtual platform, allowing participants from diverse geographical locations to come together seamlessly, transcending physical boundaries. This virtual setup enabled broader participation and enriched the discussions with diverse perspectives, making it an enriching and enlightening experience for all.

As the organizers, we recognize the power of visual media in effective communication. Throughout the conference, we emphasized the integration of visuals, advocating the use of multimedia elements, mockups of campaigns, and vector illustrations to augment the clarity and impact of presentations. We encouraged presenters to strike a balance between content and esthetics, ensuring their slides remained reader-friendly and esthetically pleasing, thus enhancing audience engagement.

This proceedings volume encapsulates the essence of the 19th PERHATIKL National Congress. It brings together the wisdom, knowledge, and innovative ideas shared during the conference, serving as a valuable resource for all marketing professionals seeking to elevate their proposal-making skills.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the presenters, participants, sponsors, and organizing committee members whose dedication and contributions made this congress an outstanding success.

May the insights gained from this event continue to propel the marketing industry forward, inspiring creativity, excellence, and enduring partnerships. As we celebrate this successful endeavor, we eagerly look forward to future editions of National Congress, where we will continue to explore and reshape the exciting realm of marketing.

Chairman of Committee

July 2023