Proceedings of the 9th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC 2020)

The Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention was issued a registration certificate by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China on September 12, 2003, and was announced in Beijing in August 2004. It is a national academic organization engaged in multidisciplinary risk analysis research in China. Extensively unite risk researchers from all walks of life to raise the burden of risk analysis and management in China.

With the rapid development of China 's economy and society, all walks of life are facing increasing risks. Some gradually evolved into disasters, resulting in a certain loss of people 's economic and property, and having a great impact on economic and social development. For example, this year 's sudden coronavirus epidemic not only poses a huge threat to people 's lives and health, but also has a huge impact on China 's economic and social development, at the same time, has a major impact on the world economy, and this impact is continuing. How to effectively identify risks, control risks, prevent risks, resolve risks, and carry out effective risk control is the major responsibility of risk researchers and managers in China. In order to continuously promote the development of risk analysis and risk management in China, the professional committee of risk analysis of China Disaster Defense Association has successfully held eight annual sessions in 2004 in Beijing, 2006 in Chengdu, 2008 in Guangzhou, 2010 in Changchun, 2012 in Nanjing, 2014 in Hohhot, 2016 in Changsha, 2018 in Xi'an, and the ninth annual session was held in the beautiful metropolis-Tianjin in October 2020. This annual session was hosted by China Civil Aviation University.

Civil Aviation University of China is a college directly subordinate to the Civil Aviation Administration of China that trains advanced civil aviation engineering and management personnel, is a co-sponsored college of China Civil Aviation Administration, Tianjin Municipal People 's Government and Ministry of Education, is one of the second batch of “excellent engineer training program ” universities of the Ministry of Education, is Tianjin High-level Characteristic University Construction University. The University first selected national college students innovation and entrepreneurship training plan, national new engineering research and practice project, Tianjin outstanding engineer training plan, is an education member of the International Aviation Accreditation Committee, an official member of the International Civil Aviation Organization Updated Aviation Training Program, a presidency of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools and a member of the CDIO Engineering Education Alliance. It is a university that has the qualification of recommending outstanding undergraduate graduates to study for postgraduate free. There are more than 2000 teachers and 28,000 students in the university; There are 23 teaching units, 34 undergraduate specialties and 6 specialties ; There are 12 provincial and ministerial laboratories, including the Key Laboratory of National ATC Operation Safety Technology Center, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Intelligent Signal and Image Processing, Airworthiness Certification Technology and Management Research Center, Civil Aviation Information Security Management and Evaluation Center, and Civil Aviation Key Laboratory for Thermal Disaster Prevention and Emergency Response. It is an important base for the cultivation of high-level talents in China ' s civil aviation industry, which has 1 first-level discipline doctoral authorization point, 11 first-level discipline master authorization points and 6 professional degree master authorization points.

The theme of this annual meeting is: intelligent risk analysis and crisis response. Scholars, experts, engineering technicians, government officials and entrepreneurs engaged in risk science research, risk system management, risk technology development, crisis response and emergency management actively responded to the meeting. They actively contributed and participated in the meeting, and focused on the application of intelligent risk analysis in earthquake disasters, meteorological disasters, chemical park risk investigation and natural disasters Academic exchanges were carried out in risk analysis, risk assessment methods and models, environmental and ecological risk analysis, public health risk analysis and financial risk analysis. A total of 80 abstracts were received. During the conference, eight keynote reports were organized, and 80 academic reports were organized in four sub venues. This conference gathered the latest progress in basic research and practical application in the field of risk analysis in recent years, and a group of excellent scientific and technological workers in risk analysis and research emerged, demonstrating the outstanding achievements in the field of risk research. Now 40 papers which have been submitted and strictly reviewed are included in the proceedings of this annual meeting.

Taking this opportunity, we sincerely thank all the authors who submitted the papers of the current annual meeting and all the reviewers who participated in the review of the papers ! Express heartfelt thanks to all those who care and support this annual session ! The active participation and dedication of everyone ensured the quality of academic papers at the current annual meeting, improved the academic atmosphere of the China Academic Seminar on Risk Analysis and Management, strengthened the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements in risk analysis, and promoted the development of risk analysis and management in China. Finally, we should particularly thank Professor Hu Xiaobing and Dr. Zhang Xiuyan of Civil Aviation University of China, Dr. Li Tiefei of Institute of Geophysics of China Earthquake Administration for their hard work in organizing this annual conference and editing conference papers.

Thank you!

Sen Qiao
Xiaobing Hu
September 26, 2020