Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Systems

User Profiling Through Browser Finger Printing

Murad Ali, Zubair Shaikh, Muhammad Khan, Taha Tariq
Corresponding Author
Murad Ali
Available Online November 2015.
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User Profiling, User Fingerprinting, Cyber Security, User Tracking, Browser Fingerprinting
The modern world is changing rapidly. Now a day the use of internet is categorized as essentials for a common man. Everything is put on the web as it is bringing ease of access to the user. The web usage is doubled by the paradigm shift i.e. the smart phones. Online shopping has become a basic and ease of access unit of the user. Because of the huge traffic on the websites the marketing and the advertisement companies have a huge task of displaying relevant advertisements or products to users. To do this they need to track online habits of users and creating their fingerprints or a persona of the respective user. This research has different examinations on user and web-based fingerprinting. The main concept of browser fingerprinting is to gather the data even if the cookies are cleared or disabled by the user. In this paper, we examine how to track user on the basis of his/her system’s profile. In this research we have extracted different hacks and exploit the browser. We have discussed that how the browser can be exploited to identify the user. The application of this work is in sales, marketing and promotions etc.
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Advances in Computer Science Research
Publication Date
November 2015
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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