Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Systems

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Influence of Key Player Detection and Removal on Efficiency and Performance of Covert Networks using Social Network Analysis

Aisha Ahmad, Anam Shahjahan, Wasi Butt, Qamar Usman
Terrorist network is particular type of social network with prominence on efficiency and performance. In order to propose successful approaches for terrorist organizations destabilization, identification and understanding of structural properties of network is essential. This paper presents a brief survey...
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An improved Authentication Protocol for SIP-based VoIP

Husnain Naqvi, Shehzad Chaudhry,, Khalid Mahmood,
The SIP being an application layer protocol for signaling has been considered as the most ppropriate one for multimedia applications. In order to detect some collisions and replay attacks, the SIP offers built-in authentication mechanism as per its specification, designated as HTTP digest based authentication,...
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Securing Cloud-Based File Storage System via Homomorphism

Adnan Tahir, M. Khan
Cloud computing is playing a much important role in comparison to other fields of IT, in providing Data storage, Data security, Quality of Services (QoS) etc. Many data security factors have also increased due to the fast evolution of cloud in the IT industry. Therefore many security models and techniques...
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Missing Pilgrims Tracking System Using GPS, GSM and Arduino Microcontroller

Zahida Parveen, Kawther Aldhlan
This research proposed centralize controlling system that can help to track missing pilgrims during Hajj season by using the wide spread GPS, GPRS and Arduino UNO Microcontroller. The system under study is planned to provide the facility to pilgrims, Ministry of Hajj and the law and peace enforcement...
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Using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to Secure Business

Irshad Sumra, Halabi Hasbullah
Safety of human life during journey is one of most important objective of intelligent transportation system (ITS). Potential safety and non -safety applications of vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) also provides safety of human lives and also comfort passengers during their journey. Comfort applications...
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Intelligent Ant Based Solution with Data Mining Analysis

Syeda Rashid, Syed Hussain
This paper presents a study on how nature provides intelligent solutions to complex real-world problems. In this regard we study the intelligent behavior of swarming insect societies with the focus on ant colonies; examining how these almost blind species are capable of providing optimal solutions and...
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Comparison of two variants of particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving flexible job shop scheduling problem

S. Kamel, Souad Boubaker
The Scheduling is one of the most challenging problems faced in many different areas of everyday life. This problem can be formulated as a combinatorial optimization The Scheduling is one of the most challenging problems faced in many different areas of everyday life. This problem can be formulated as...
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New Trends in Learning for Software Engineering

Alaa Hamouda
Software is nowadays a critical component of our lives and everyday-work working activities. However, as the technological infrastructure of the modern world evolves a great challenge arises for developing high quality software systems with increasing size and complexity. Software engineers and researchers...
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Estimation of Project Size Using User Stories

Murad Ali, Zubair Shaikh, Eaman Ali
There exist no concrete models for project size estimation in agile, contrary to traditional projects. In agile, contrasting approaches like standard component estimation, wideband-Delphi or expert consensus and function points technique do not proof much workable for early estimation of size, cost and...
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NEWSD: A Realtime News Classification Engine for Web Streaming Data

Urooj Mohiuddin, Hameeza Ahmed, Muhammad Ismail
News Explorer for Web Streaming Data (NEWSD) is a GUI based text mining tool developed for the classification of streaming web data. It provides a platform to perform text mining on news updates extracted from various selected online newspapers. Initially, the text based news data is fetched from social...
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Arabic Script based Digit Recognition Systems

Saeeda Naz, Saad Ahmed, Riaz Ahmad, Muhammad Razza
There are a lot of intensive research on character and numeral recognition for some of popular scripts such as Roman, Arabic, Persian/Farsi, Chinese and Indian. Unfortunately, there is less work on the Urdu language which is used by ¼ population of the world. In this paper we present a review on numeral...
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Assistive Technology for Disabled Persons

Aslam Muhammad, Warda Ahmad, Maryam Tooba, Sidra Anwar
Assistive technology aims to serve the disabled people, who are unable to do their daily routines with ease. Despite the emphasis on mechanics and the rapid proliferation of modern devices, little is known about the specific uses of such gadgets introduced now-a-days. Guardians of fully/partially sighted...
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Feed Forward Neural Network Training Based Interactive Shopping for Blind

Farzana Jabeen, Aslam Muhammad, Martinez Enriquez
Today shopping markets pay attention towards customer needs and services. Unfortunately the blind and vision impaired person are still incapable to access these environments without reliance. Assistive technology is trying to sway the living style of the blind by introducing support systems for routinely...
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A Group Awareness System for Blinds in Web Co-Authoring Environment

M. Waqar, Aslam Muhammad,, Talha Waheed, Martinez Enriquez
Generally, it is seen that the disable people most commonly blinds in our society are not encouraged to work with normal community due to lack of vision, communication, and understandings. Fortunately, this is no longer a big issue. By use of modern technology and tools we can develop flexible environments...
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IoT Based Health Care System for Elderly and Disabled People

Khalid Aloufi
Different organizations and governments are working toward publishing their data on the web to achieve a variety of goals. Published data facilitate transparency and cooperation. Currently, most of the data available on the web are not easily accessible, which limits their aplication. The Semantic Web...
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IoT Framework Based Health Care System for Elderly and Disabled People

Syed Misbahuddin, Humam Orabi, Ryan Fatta, Mishary Al-Juhany, Azzam Almatrafi
Approximately 15% of world population faces some sort of disability which effects their social life and make them overly dependent on the others. Similarly old aged peoples’ cognitive, physical and psychological health is negatively affected due to aging. To increase the disabled and old aged peoples’...
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Light Fidelity (Li-Fi): Is it Possible to Replace Wi-Fi?

Rabie Ramadan, Ahmed Khedr
imagine you are walking in your company or a hospital and instead of trying to connect to an access point to reach the internet or downloading a file, the data is coming to you through the hospital or your company lights. Also, imaging that the data transfer rate is increased multiple times. Isn’t great...
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Subtleties: Some Challenges in Achieving Second Language Fluency using Computer-Aided Translation Tools in Education

Dianne Excell
At every level of education, from early years to postgraduate, students can arrive in the UK (or US) classroom with little or no English language ability. It is impossible for teachers to have knowledge of every first language that students bring into the classroom and thus they may rely on a computeraided...
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The Cultural Impact of Diffusion of IT Innovation in World Society

Maaruf Ali, Mahdi Miraz
A focused description of how culture affects the permeation of technology in world society is described in this paper including the use of diffusion of innovation theory. The factors tending to the diffusion of innovation are elucidated. It is concluded that sensitive adherence to culture is key in the...
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A supervised Multi-Spectral Image Classification for Remote Sensing Data

Akram Zeki, Muhsin Zaid
With the advent of photography equipment and techniques combination to revolution of computer and digitalization in both hardware and software, it takes another dimension. This research shade some light on the Multi-Spectral Image Classification and the importance of this field in Image processing. The...
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An Optimized Watermarking Technique Using Wavelet Packet and Singular Value Decomposition

Bashar Ahmed, Sahar Saleh, Khaled Mahar
This paper exploits the characteristics of both wavelet packet transform and singular values decomposition to propose a high capacity and robust watermarking technique. From the wavelet packets, the best wavelet sub-band, in the sense of evaluation metric, is found by using the particle swarm optimization...
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Parallel Implementation of Morphological Image Processing Algorithm for GPGPU

Kamran Shamim, Muhammad Ismail, Saad Khan
Morphological Image Processing also known as Morphology is used as a tool for extracting image components that are useful in the representation and description of region such as shape, boundaries, skeleton etc. Morphological techniques are also used for pre- and post-processing of given data for morphological...
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User Profiling Through Browser Finger Printing

Murad Ali, Zubair Shaikh, Muhammad Khan, Taha Tariq
The modern world is changing rapidly. Now a day the use of internet is categorized as essentials for a common man. Everything is put on the web as it is bringing ease of access to the user. The web usage is doubled by the paradigm shift i.e. the smart phones. Online shopping has become a basic and ease...
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Social Accessibility: Issues , Standards , and Tools

Mahreen Nasir, Reem Alzoubi, Ahmed Khedr, Ahmed Altamimi, Jamal Aqib, Ahmed Khder, Rabie Ramadan
nowadays, social accessibility became a science that needs to be studies. There are many standards that already being in place to enhance people’s accessibility to web or any other application. Some of these standards as well as recommendations are already part of the new websites and new applications....
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Development of a low-cost reliable indoor localization system targeted to older users with mild cognitive impairments

Carlos Velasco, Yehya Mohamad, Alan John
The “Web of Things is about extending the Internet of Things [Ashton, 2009] concept beyond the connection of things and considering issues like heterogeneity, scalability and usability with respect to progressive computing” [Mayer et al., 2013]. By introducing web technologies, the concept overpasses...
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Linked Data Services for Internet of Things

Jaroslav Pullmann, Yehya Mohamad
In this paper we present the open source “LinkSmart Resource Framework” allowing developers to incorporate heterogeneous data sources and physical devices through a generic service facade independent of the data model, persistence technology or access protocol. We particularly consider the integration...
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Pervasive Crowd Mapping for Dynamic Environments

Hugo Paredes, Hugo Fernandes, Andre Sousa, Vitor Filipe, Jo˜ao Barroso
There is a demand for new models of computation intelligence for the recognition of the environment and the obstacles in each moment and the sharing of this information with other users providing temporary dangers notifications, which can enhance blind navigation experience and autonomy. We identified...
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Towards a Federation of Smart City Services.

José Angel Carvajal Soto, Otilia Werner-Kytölä, Marco Jahn, Jaroslav Pullmann, Dario Bonino, Claudio Pastrone, Maurizio Spirito
The emergence of the Internet of Things has accelerated the development of smart cities. Currently, an increasing number of smart city applications comprising various scenarios and use cases is being deployed and tested. However, to realize a smart city, it is necessary to have converging solutions as...
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Secure Calls and Caller ID Spoofing Countermeasures Towards building a Cyber Smart Societies

Junaid Chaudhry, Chaudhry Shafique
Caller Identification (CallerID) is a service provided by the service providers that enables the receiver of the call to know who is trying to call him. Now a days, the caller ID service is used by many public and private organizations to contact their customers in order to exchange private information...
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Estimating Diabetic cases in KSA through search trends and Creating Cyber Diabetic Community.

Yasir Javed, Adnan Khan, Basit Qureshi, Junaid Chaudhry
Saudi Arabia is fastest developing nation enjoying stability and high per capita income, thus highly influenced by urbanization inviting huge investments from international brands especially in food and clothing sector. Changes in life style have made Saudi society more prone towards disease like diabetes...
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A Survey of Alternative Authentication Methods

Robert Rittenhouse, Junaid Chaudhry
The traditional and most common authentication method employs usernames and passwords composed of alphanumeric text possibly combined with some symbols. This method has proven to be insecure in practice as passwords that can resist attack are difficult or impossible for users to remember. This paper...
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Smart outlier detection of wireless sensor network

Sahar Kamal, Rabie A. Ramadan, Fawzy El-Refai
Data sets collected from wireless sensor networks (WSN)are usually considered unreliable and subject to errors due to limited sensor capabilities and hard environmental resulting in a subset of the sensors data called outlier data .This paper proposes a technique to detect outlier data base on spatial-...
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Towards an Intelligent Web of Things

Nafaâ Jabeur, Hedi Haddad
Although it is an important subset of the increasingly popular Internet of Things (IoT), the Web of Things (WoT) did not attract enough research and development attention in academia and business, worth of its value. We believe that this is due to its numerous challenges, especially when it comes to...
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RDF Resources of Saudi Open Data

Khalid Aloufi
Different organizations and governments are working toward publishing their data on the web to achieve a variety of goals. Published data facilitate transparency and cooperation. Currently, most of the data available on the web are not easily accessible, which limits their application. The Semantic Web...
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Swarm Intelligence Based Reliable and Energy Balance Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

Fatma H. Elfouly, Rabie A. Ramadan, Mohamed I. Mahmoud, Moawad I. Dessouky
Energy is an extremely crucial resource for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Many routing techniques have been proposed for finding the minimum energy routing paths with a view to extend the network lifetime. However, this might lead to unbalanced distribution of energy among sensor nodes resulting in,...