Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Systems

Towards a Federation of Smart City Services.

José Angel Carvajal Soto, Otilia Werner-Kytölä, Marco Jahn, Jaroslav Pullmann, Dario Bonino, Claudio Pastrone, Maurizio Spirito
Corresponding Author
José Angel Carvajal Soto
Available Online November 2015.
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internet of things; smart city; federation;
The emergence of the Internet of Things has accelerated the development of smart cities. Currently, an increasing number of smart city applications comprising various scenarios and use cases is being deployed and tested. However, to realize a smart city, it is necessary to have converging solutions as opposed to niche, detached solutions. Smart city platforms need to take into account existing services and infrastructures. Furthermore, in the context of a smart city it is important to account for various kinds of stakeholders with a variety of requirements with regard to data ownership, legal and organizational frameworks as well as commercial interests. We present the ALMANAC Smart City Platform as a solution which handles the described heterogeneity. Firstly, the platform allows the development of smart city applications by creating interoperability among devices and services. Secondly, the platform is deployed in a de-centralized, federated way that allows to map the organizational requirements to the deployed city systems. We introduce the concept of federation for smart cities and describe its implementation in the ALMANAC Platform through a case study which simulates a scenario in the waste management domain. This scenario models realworld requirements of a waste management company and the municipality of Turin.
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Advances in Computer Science Research
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November 2015
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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