Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Sports, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (SAEME 2018)

Views on the Cultural Invasion

Yuanyuan Zhang
Corresponding Author
Yuanyuan Zhang
Available Online June 2018.
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cultural invasion, traditional culture, influence, countermeasure.
Cultural invasion is not an unfamiliar word to us now. So, you will find your life full of the foreign culture, and the cultural invasion is around you constantly, therefore, it is reasonable for us to think over the cultural invasion in our country. Under the threat of being substituted by the foreign culture, we must realize the relationship between traditional culture and the world culture is that the culture of a nation belongs to the culture of the world; however, the culture of the world does not belong to the culture of the nation. During a period of time, the national culture must have some outdated factors, in another way, one culture cannot always be the most advanced one, the culture development is a promoting process, especially in the time of informational globalization, mixing together of all the different cultures is the final tendency. Of course, this kind of fixing together needs communication among different cultures; what we should pay more attention is during the process of communication with other cultures; we should not get into the trap of hegemonism and lost in the parochial nationalism. Instead, we should take great advantage of the economic globalization and our getting into the WTO, make good use of the communication system, in order to quicken the pace of broadcasting our traditional culture and widely absorbing the world advanced culture. Only in this way can we reconstruct our great and flourishing culture.
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June 2018
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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