Proceedings series

Atlantis Highlights in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences


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Aims and Scope

The proceedings series "Atlantis Highlights in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences" aims at publishing high quality peer-reviewed proceedings from international conferences. The scope of the series includes proceedings from conferences in both experimental and theoretical results on various disciplines of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. Research areas covered but not limited to:

Topics covered by the series

organic chemistry / medicinal chemistry / natural products / inorganic chemistry / physical chemistry / materials science / nanoscience / catalysis / chemical biology / analytical chemistry / supramolecular chemistry / theoretical chemistry / green chemistry / photochemistry / drug discovery / biomolecules / chemoinformatics / combinatorial chemistry / drug delivery / bioconjugates / prodrugs / High throughput screening / imaging techniques / in silico experiments / lead optimization / Omics / pharmaceutical analysis / scale-up / structure-activity relationships / biosensors / chemical synthesis / hit identification / pharmacology

Editors (alphabetically):

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Volumes published in this series