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The proceedings series Advances in Physics Research aims to publish proceedings from conferences on the theories and methods in fields of physics and their applications. Read full Aims & Scope

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Proceedings of the Soedirman International Conference on Mathematics and Applied Sciences (SICOMAS 2021)

Editors: Dr. Bilalodin; Sri Maryani, Ph.D.; Dadan Hermawan, Ph.D.; Prof. Wahyu Tri Cahyanto, Ph.D.; Uyi Sulaeman, Ph.D.; Bambang Hendriya G, Ph.D.; Đỗ Ngọc Sơn, Ph.D.; Dr. Wolfgang Bock; Dr. Oliver Tse; Dr. Sangeetha Gnanapragasam; Wahyu Satpriyo Putro, Ph.D.;
Volume 5, June 2022

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