Publishing Services

Atlantis Press, through its subsidiary Atlantis Press International, offers journals publishing services to third-party STM journal owners such as learned societies and academic institutions. While retaining full ownership of their publication, this enables our customers to take advantage of Atlantis Press resources, systems and expertise to maximize a journal's visibility and further development.

Our standard journals publishing services package consists of the following service elements:

  • A dedicated journal homepage on the Atlantis Press website.

  • Hosting of journal content on the Atlantis Press platform, including a permanent archiving arrangement in the electronic archives (e-Depot) of the National Library of the Netherlands.

  • Automatic data feeds to all indexing databases where the journal may be indexed.

  • Access to an editorial system for managing online submissions and peer review of articles submitted to the journal. Atlantis Press currently offers Editorial Manager developed by Aries for this purpose.

  • Access to an automated similarity checking and plagiarism detection tool for the articles received for publication in the journal.

  • Production and typesetting of journal content leading to a PDF-version and a full-text XML-version of each journal article. This includes DOI-registration for all articles to allow immediate citation on publication and linking of references compliant with CrossRef (of which Atlantis Press is a member) to allow cross-publisher citation linking.

  • A dedicated Production Manager that will handle all production-related issues for the journal.

  • Optimization of journal and article metadata to ensure visibility and high ranking in online search engines.

  • A dedicated Publisher which is there to give advice on steps to be taken to support the further development of the journal. This service is equivalent to our full-scale journal consultancy package and includes the provision of bi-annual journal performance reports with recommendations for development (to be presented to the main Editors of the journal) plus ongoing support with regard to the implementation of these recommendations. This includes support in getting the journal ready for acceptance in indexation databases (or to improve its metrics for databases where the journal may already be indexed), support in the application process to these indexation databases, support with the implementation of editorial and publishing ethics policies and standards, internationalization of the journal, etc.

In addition to the standard package above, there are also a number of optional ancillary services which can be selected for a journal. These include:

  • Conversion and hosting of journal backfiles on the Atlantis Press platform.
  • In-house editorial office services to be provided by Atlantis Press.
  • Language editing services for all articles which have been accepted for publication in the journal.
  • Printing and distribution services for journals which have a print version.
  • Author workshops to be provided by an Atlantis Press Publisher and/or Publishing Consultant.
  • Editor workshops to be provided by an Atlantis Press Publisher and/or Publishing Consultant.

Note that a journal services package can always be customized to the specific needs of a journal and/or a journal owner's available budget. In order to tailor our proposal accordingly, an Atlantis Press Publisher will conduct a brief assessment of each journal (based on inputs to be provided by the journal owner) to determine and agree on the required services. For more information about our journals publishing services and the procedure for enrollment, please contact our publishing team.